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paulSEO999  "You'll find out in a moment!" A red-faced man slap come over, Yang ren clap head a burst of vertigo, a double tiger eyes glower around the hanzhong soldiers way: "don't move, obediently wait for me!"

Bright knife light in the moonlight with a peng cold blood, the butler stared at the eyes of the stunned son drooping to the ground, CAI MAO indifferent looking quine home manor, the hand of the knife, blood constantly down the blade dripping, eyes flash a violent killing machine, senran way: "kill, a stay!"The sad and shrilly voice, the command quickly spread out, someone in the gate constantly shaking the torch, the xiangyang soldiers around are unmoved, indifferent waving the order flag: "shoot the arrow!"Chapter 25 disdainBut this kind of person, give lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 all dare not to use, because where appropriate, in which are somewhat wasted, the best position, is to give lyu3 bu4 position free to him, this is lu bu yourself don't have that liu bei drive completely to believe a person, now lyu3 bu4, chan falling in to palace, is responsible for the interior, giffin check for lyu3 bu4 20, foreign, is pang, cao cao is given priority to, do their job, have their own specialization.

When gan ning was at the beginning of the training of the water army in the weishui river, lu bu intended to expand the navy, so he became a general of the horizontal sea and established a water village in liaodong and bohai sea. He gathered local skillful fishermen to form the navy and trained them in baiji.Cao cao would not release the contents of lu bu's threatening letter, which would have disgraced him. Therefore, there is no evidence to prove that lu bu did it, but it does not hinder speculation.

Bright knife light in the moonlight with a peng cold blood, the butler stared at the eyes of the stunned son drooping to the ground, CAI MAO indifferent looking quine home manor, the hand of the knife, blood constantly down the blade dripping, eyes flash a violent killing machine, senran way: "kill, a stay!"

Zhang liao took a look at xia houyuan's receded direction and said with a smile, "this is leading us to attack. He failed to see through the false and solid of our army and dared not attack rashly.Deng zhan was shocked by lu bu's decisive answer and shook his head. "did the champion think I was a three-year-old? Let him go. How can I live?"

"Husband ~" lv lingqi a face of afflictive expression support forehead, see to zhaoyun: "my body suddenly want to vomit, isn't it again?""Nighthawks." Lyu3 bu4 waved to wave, motioned everybody to get up after, toward the corner indifferent way."Shi yuan, tell me the truth, are you really a student of lumen college?" Wei yan looked at pang tong with astonishment. He was also from nanyang and was no stranger to luumen academy. It was a holy place for scholars.Baekje thing, but also from the zhaoyun attack on gongsundu began.

"A total of cao cao?" Lv bu frowns way."Boyan can probably guess what I'm going to say next." Lv bu smiled.

"Yes, there's no evidence of it, but it's the right thing to do as a householder, but you don't see it." "She sighed, shaking her head.With the waving of the flag, dozens of scouts galloped out and galloped around the circular camp. Soon after, the scouts came back and said to xia houyuan, "general, the whole ye city is surrounded by this strange barracks, with partitions blocking it.

"Come here! Zhang fei's face flashed a bad smile. While guan yu was talking, he suddenly made an effort and prepared to make a decisive decision.However, to his surprise, the veteran had some strength. Although he pulled him and moved his upper body to this side for a few minutes, he did not move at his feet. Zhang fei stared at him for a while.Intensive arrow falls and handles the god of war soldiers immediately fell to the crossbow arrows, fortification of soldiers rushed up, began to jun archer, this moment has no distance is, a cluster of arrows rain gathered in the air, many JianCu fell off in the crash, more is toward both sides pour, jun deadly, lyu3 bu4 military side also began to appear serious casualties.

"No problem! Ma tie nodded and turned to look for scattered soldiers in the city.Early the next morning, the north gate of ye city was quietly opened, and zhang liao, who was covered with dust, entered the city and looked at pei yi and said with a smile: "if it were not for your confidence, this general would doubt whether Mr. Pei wants to bury my 30,000 troops alive here!"Liu bei did not immediately attack the city, but let zhang fei and huang zhong each led ten thousand troops to blockade the east and west two doors, with zhuge liang in the north door began to camp."Jingle ~" in a sound of crack, Yang bo both hands tiger mouth crack, long gun off hand but not, face big and terrible, want to adjust the horse to flee for life when, wei yan has caught up, laugh, as carrying chicken general Yang bo picked up, in a group of close guard frightened eyes, directly with Yang bo return to this array.

Changan academy after several expansion, has moved into the chang-an, distance, is a small town too much, inside Confucianism, method, soldiers, and ink, industrial, commercial and agricultural experts have their own a yard as each school of academy, fame may be less YingChuan than universal, deer door two well-known academy, but the number of students is too much, this is the only one, and don't ask, don't just ask qualified college, as long as can pass county, county and township of investigation, can enter the college select their favorite college reading.

< / p > < p > zhao DE heart a sink, although know in zhang liao defeated several support forces, the main force will come, but did not expect to come so soon, the first time, zhao DE did not want reinforcements arrived.Today's bureau, cao cao there had a thorough deployment, even listen to lu bu movements, time and place of lyu3 bu4 inevitable today and even side guard has accurate information, but this has nothing to do with history, and he needed, just target, and then complete the task, it's as simple as that, in order to today, he has prepared for three months, adjust their own state to the peak., zhuge liang some helpless, but also have to admit that this is the most effective strengthen liu2 bei4 status, four big family has become the past, those who follow liu bei's small and medium-sized family although not assigned to the CAI kuai two fields some disturbing, but in fact, liu bei didn't also to their fields, in the situation of jingzhou changes, these small and medium-sized family still belongs to the benefit of one party, but the heart, always not easily meet, zhuge liang is not opposed to liu bei so gradually expand their control, but not it is at this time, because pacify JingXiang, just the first step, zhuge liang plans next, Annexation of shu zhong is zhuge liang plan, to lay the most critical step of liu bei's overlord, only to take shu zhong, and then to be able to compete with lv bu, this is zhuge liang has always advocated the principle, but also at present liu bei's center of gravity, and this, need liu bei under the rule of one mind!

But let Chen qun disappointed is, nightingale refused, she does not need pity and charity, Chen qun is not angry, but to such a strange woman more admiration."Mr. Pei yi, almost." Ma tie looked at pei yi and said, "it seems that there are not many soldiers and horses in this district."Lu xun took a deep look at lu bu, did not speak.

Lyu3 bu4 nature is destroyed, more directly to cao cao to plain areas, and is suitable for lyu3 bu4 fight, and compared with liu bei, milan and Sun Quanzhi flow, lyu3 bu4 to cao cao pay more attention to some, but also the population of the central plains, is an important factor lyu3 bu4 covet cao cao, cao cao just to swallowed, lu bu is the real world hegemony.Chapter 19 the title is dead"Lord! "All four of them bowed."Bang bang bang ~""Hum, plot, not a real man, have the ability to fight me!" Yang ren said angrily.

"Well!" Xun yu nodded, although know, even if found out, it is only a few small fish, but if you do not check, for yingchuan Chen is not easy to explain.See zhaoyun ride horse came to the center of the game, waving a flag loudly way: "the battle of the young strike ju, now start, the two sides golfers in position!"Lyu3 bu4 have a world-class city for generations, and as ocean lyu3 bu4 reputation over the years, spread to the entire Asia, lyu3 bu4 actually build a foreign economic system has a strong attraction, now decided to migrate to luoyang, there are some more resources to concentrate in the central plains area will be throughout Asia, if, in the form of troops to forcibly seized, not only time-consuming, and results to pay may not be able to become direct ratio.

Chapter 44 intrigue"Not enough." Yang fu shook his head and said with a smile, "the Lord said, there is a difference between bow and the real confrontation between the two armies. There are rules and restrictions on bow, but the confrontation between the two armies is full of whims. in a short while, when the various departments compete with each other, the two will know the cruelty of bow."

Most annoys cao cao, or the spring waters, hovering in the bohai liaodong area wenhuan seems to give up the interest in paekche, began to harassment, qing xu area before dealing with jiangdong also not feel, but at the moment in the face of the gan ning navy, Cao Caocai really realize water army difficult and unpleasant, even lu bu he also has a defense against cavalry, but in the face of this to no shadow to the trace of the navy, cao cao is a little ways to all have no, can't predict where is your next goal will be to cao cao, at this time already realized the importance of a water army.Cao cao stared fixedly at fu over for a long time before sneering and saying, "did the master of the state say less than one person? In the north, lu bu is in charge of the jackal; in the south, sun's family is in charge of jiangdong; in the middle of the court, there is me, a big and treacherous official."As since the sword master king jumps over, the world a few masters of fencing, history, natural unwilling annihilation in the troubled times, forgotten by the people, so, at that time, every seven years, was summoned, again to the requirement of cao cao, s o not hesitate promised, even if he knows that this is a slippery slope, he also want to in before the end of his life, out of this sword.After all, once herdsmen gather in large Numbers, they are likely to become the next xianbei or xiongnu, which will break away from lv bu's control or even turn against them. Moreover, the resources of the grassland cannot afford to support too many people. In lv bu's plan, it is already the limit to build another city east of yinshan.< / p > < p > the next morning, xia houyuan took liu ye to zhang liao's fortifys outside, under the command of liu ye, small groups of troops into a number of scattered assault, the camp to lure the god of war crossbow arrows, test the maximum range of the giant crossbow, leaving dozens of bodies, only quietly returned to the city."Last time!" Yang bo stepped forward, bow way: "I can be rushed out from both sides of the gate, each lead an army attack enemy lines.""Perhaps exaggerated, but this man has some tricks." Lyu3 bu4 nodded as agreed with the palace, Chen Yang the intelligence in the Yang hand say with smile: "XunYue inside, not only to persuade changsha Liu Pan thoroughly to liu bei, more convincing wuling, lingling two county defections, other counties, though not to surrender, but wait to JingXiang nine county, liu bei has five county, now CAI alone xiangyang, jiangling, rot has now, if jiangdong don't begin, liu2 bei4 rise is inevitable, the person other do not say, but the speed of the ancient shu, yi cheung also.""Wen, until today, I did not know lv bu's terrible. It is hard to imagine that the xiao hu who was playfully handled by Chen hanyu and his son in xuzhou could be so terrible today. Cao cao had some regrets.

< / p > < p > the main will be missing, deputy out of the city to meet, was directly cut down, guanzhong officers and men although there are many, but at the moment which also< / p > < p > heart war, many people directly kneel down to surrender, there is also the beginning of the escape, wei yan ordered people to keep the gate, quickly occupied the city wall, at the same time to send a signal to pang tong.Looking at two expensive frost soldiers carrying a heavy weapon up, xiongkuo sea a stretch of hand, since someone will be his ripe copper rod into xiongkuo sea injured.

"Bang bang bang ~"Zang ba held out two arms that had lost the palms of his hands, his eyes were open, blood was pouring out of his mouth, and his throat was roaring like a wild animal.< / p > < p > Yang ren only felt the whole back is going to split, a dizzy head, want to fight back, the other side has taken out a knife from the waist, cross in his throat, followed by Yang ren came around 500 soldiers surprised, hurriedly forward, surrounded all the people, but Yang ren in the other hand, dare not forward.



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