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paulSEO999  "Kill!" The death of the robe did not bring too much shock to the guanzhong soldiers, from the first day into the army, has had the idea of death, at the moment pretty soldiers arrived, a group of soldiers quickly pulled out to cut swords, formed a small array, with each other to fight together.

"Kongming if want to come to Deyang overnight, that is very good, you and I have not seen for many years, just hold candle night talk. Pang tong eyes a bright, a face of happy way.His eyes could not help but look at Zhuge Jin. He said with some expectation, "Did Tzu Yu ever say anything about Liu Bei when he went to Jingzhou?""Well, if the other three agree, I'll agree!" Li Hun finally bit his teeth, Although the loss of lyu3 bu4 this financial path is somewhat disappointing, But it doesn't matter, Even if you don't join lyu3 bu4, can also organize caravan traders, just a little less profit, but join liu bei, but can get the ownership of the land, have these things, one is the status of the relationship, the other is also life-saving things, why the family is fierce, put it bluntly, to support a large group of children, once rebellion, mobilized up the force is not small."Shit!" Ma's face changed, harsh voice way: "Quick, with Li Hun, Xie Yun two generals meet!"

"Although there are no elite troops, but we still have hundreds of shu army here, enough to deal with the bore is clear, long elite military forces are waiting to chase the enemy.""Boom ~"

As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Body armor is not ordinary soldiers, but lyu3 bu4 specially please guanzhong craftsmen tailor-made for a general, not only beautiful, but also amazing defense, with lock armor, it is also zhang feili force, for an ordinary general or not with strength generals to come over, at most can only leave a white mark on it.

Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw.""I see." Xie Yun twisted his head and looked out into the darkness. He hesitated and nodded. Just as he was getting ready to order soldiers, a confidant captain hurried up to him. "General," he said, "Wang Shuang came with his men!"

"Yes." Ma took a deep breath, looked at lyu3 zheng, but in the heart is bitter, lyu3 bu4 fierce power is still in, but his son has begun to show lofty."Dream, I..." Ma sneer at 1, is the main idea is words of rejection, but was lyu3 zheng ruthlessly interrupted."How do you... how do you stay?" Wu jin some harsh way."You've already dropped it once. There are rules of the game." Lv Zheng looked at Wu Jin, shook his head and laughed. "You can continue to procrastinate, and I can wait with you slowly. But I'm afraid your family will lose it if I miss the moment."Chapter one hundred and twelve inexplicable victory

"Don't be surprised. Isn't that normal? You've brought so many people here with you. Don't tell me you're here to talk to me." Lu Zheng shook his head: "Although you are dead, but your family I will give them a way to live, since you see me now, don't tell me you still hope that those fools have the ability to protect your family."With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree.

"It seems that neither you nor I can persuade anyone." Pang tong sighed, in the past, when the deer gate, two people often do academic debate, is who can't persuade each other, did not expect today, or so: "then the day down to determine the outcome, if the master of the other day broken xiangyang, I will ask master for your mercy."

After a wick of incense, Just replaced with Li Hun, Cheng Fang, who was preparing to return to the camp, was stopped by a group of people. Head of the people shrouded in a cloak, can't see clearly, behind him, is dozens of soldiers, although wearing the armor of ordinary soldiers, but Cheng Fang can also count as a time-honored battlefield, just a glance, then see these seem to be ordinary soldiers, absolutely climb out of the pile of dead, Chengdu when so much of a team?Ready, pang tong with wei out of the city, a mile away outside the city, is see zhuge liang with zhang fei, there are two hundred armed with rattan shield sword jingzhou soldiers behind.

"There is a military strategy, but only on paper, such as the Warring States period that Zhao Kuo general. Lu Zheng laughed."Unfortunately." Yan yan looked at zhang fei left the direction, shook his head and sighed.Somehow, hear the news, yan yan instead breathed a sigh of relief, if the other party is wei yan department such elite words, don't say one hundred and thirty thousand, even half, yan yan all have a kind of impulse to immediately disarm, that really can't play.

"What shall we do then?" Zhang fei looked blankly at zhuge liang.

Although these three days time, also gave jiangdong army to regain vitality, regroup morale time, but guan yu is not too worried about this.Zhuge liang at this time sent troops to storm, also is helpless, his opponent is pang tong, two people know the truth, and in order to facilitate behind ma, he must put pang tong military forces here as far as possible, as long as chengdu, pang tong will fall into a dilemma, even cut off the hay, that battle, nature can win without a fight."Who dares to move!" Male broad sea suddenly stunned, hand cooked copper stick to the ground.

"Die!" Tardif see guan yu potential poor force solitary, also so fierce and brave, cold in the heart, step back, bow and arrow, will shoot guan yu."Huh?" Zhang ren, Deng Xian, ling bract smell speech can not help but be dismayed, In contrast to the one-to-two gap in strength, Near total annihilation, but less than 30% of them were damaged, In their view, It's been a life-long battle to show off, Don't say what pretty people are not qualified, in fact, shu in the past, almost all fight with pretty people again, sometimes even lose, but such a record, in the guanzhong army, not only not glory, or even see wei, or a disgrace, it makes them these shu famous general situation? That's a big gap, isn't it?

Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade carries a blade fog, slay hard on halberd front, Dang of a zheng sound, tardif and guan yu at the same time a shock, their wrong horse, then tardif a strange python turned over, hit the back of guan yu, dragon crescent moon knife from the bottom up, dragging a blue arc, two weapons collided in the air, quickly bounce off, rushed out of their respective after several zhangs, rebound to war horse.Looking at Ma Su's back, a few family head suddenly raised a strong worry, the person seems to say the right thing to say, but really started, but so easily confused square inch, was moved, promised him is not some rash?"Wu Chin?" Cheng Fang frowned. "What's he doing here so late?"Guan yu is watching the battle in the array, suddenly a tight heart, years of war honed out of the instinct let him subconsciously hide, only listen to sting a light ring, head a light, but is tassel helmet was shot down, if not he hide in time, this arrow, I'm afraid it will hit his head.

..."I am general fu kou chengdu, wang shuang, xie yun rebellion, already fu zhu, read you and so on is its subordinates, by its coercion, not to pursue, and there is resistance, kill without pardon!""At the end of the day!" Tardif and zhou tai looked at each other, Lin however, after being ordered to turn around and stride away.

After all, is the haughty family background, also has a lot of practical experience, zhang fei quickly made adjustments, to use the length of the spear to suppress the opponent's chopping sword, but the guanzhong army armor also let zhang fei very helpless, small strength of the soldiers a shot in the past can't pierce each other's armor.Ma Su and a family leader, With a group of families gathered in the family home, quickly ran to li hun camp, things surprised him, now, must control the ten thousand defenders in the city as soon as possible, not too much, as long as control of chengdu for a month, I'm afraid the frontline supplies will run out, then, pang tong is able to have all day, then is also powerless.

"Er..." Ma Su speechless, their feelings have lost from the beginning, whether they can control chengdu, the front of hay can't be broken."Military strategist, big thing, how do you so..." A general found zhuge liang look wrong, hurriedly waved, motioned to the people to stop talking, turned his head to zhuge liang."Keep shooting!" Wei Yanshen track."Yes." Ma took a deep breath, looked at lyu3 zheng, but in the heart is bitter, lyu3 bu4 fierce power is still in, but his son has begun to show lofty.Xing Daorong stood under Yuanmen, pointing his sword at Tardif and others and laughing, "Didn't you want us to open the door, Jiangdong rat? Now Yuanmen is open, where are you going?"Tardif see purpose, also ignore guan yu has rode out, hurriedly patted horses, in the cheers of the defenders of qu a, around a circle around the retreating jingzhou army, into qu a."Array of guns! Stabbing!" As the two armies began to contact, shout ShaSheng gradually intense, a pike pierced, but was blocked by the other side's rattan shield, but followed by the screaming arrow cluster after the loss of rattan shield protection, casualties began to intensify, and the front line also with the contact between the two sides, gradually elongated, two military forces began to enter into a melee."Dead!" Zhang fei some incredible, that sand mo ke ability he knows, and he fought, also can support a 40 or 50, wei martial arts is good, but zhang fei estimates that the most also with sand mo ke between bozhong, how can be so quickly killed by wei?

Zhuge Jin shook her head, sighed, and smiled bitterly. "Master forgave me for my sins, but I was incompetent and failed to persuade Liu Bei to withdraw."

"Boom ~""Master, will be at the end of the battle!" Tardif, zhou tai qi qi step out, proudly way.These words alone, has been enough to explain, opposite wei under the army even put aside weapons, armor, is also a worthy of the elite, let zhuge liang worry more, the army into shu, obviously not lyu3 bu4 under any expenditure name of elite.



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