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< / p > < p > three days ago, lu lingqi cut the CAI children's tongue, originally is not what a big deal, this is the rich family is not prior, if not their own a little bit of skill, is not to be fang qiangna back?"Yo ~""Let the text follow." Lv bu smiled.Burn when Lao wang died, these former generals under Lao wang who also refuse to accept who, want to serve as a new generation of burn when qiang king, but prestige is not enough to convince the public, at the moment is panic, see no threat, for a time also can not rise to the idea of revenge for Lao wang, are guessing zhang liao's intention.

Jizhou, yecheng.The clew of all of a sudden, let be in barrack the lv bu outside the idea is sober a few.

Not smile is good, this smile, that part of the bleak force let a person have a kind of snake stare at the feeling.

"General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little."Be!" Tanu agreed to a sound, hurriedly even roll with climb out of the order.

Yuti king not stupid, I know this is lyu3 bu4 tougher for him, even without his moon people, lyu3 bu4 can still hetao, not cooperate, the tu each king, today may be the king of the moon people tomorrow, and the moon people if not lyu3 bu4 backing behind, even lu bu not to play him, before the three the example of teamed up to attack the front end, why the Wolf qiang qiang and zero sum to give gifts? Not how severe, but because lu bu came, the two groups do not want to provoke lu bu, this truth, after the three together to attack, the king of the yue see very thoroughly."Your excellency will go."The people in nanyang did not continue to move north, but when the disaster came, the situation in xiliang was not too serious, and many things were saved. Otherwise, zhang liao might not be able to transfer the food and grass for lu bu."Wild! When I dare not kill you?" Zhang he got angry and grabbed his bow and arrow and shot it into the vast sea."News, wang! The henchman came in excitedly, his voice full of excitement.

< / p > < p > three hundred people in a double ride, lv bu also found a horse, specially responsible for the consignment of their weapons, ghost side halberd weight of 108 jin, lv bu can not bear red rabbit overload, so in daily life is riding another horse, only in wartime, will ride red rabbit."Have you chosen a better day?" Lyu3 bu4 nods, to marry princess, he is not too resistance, before the delay is not willing to marry, also is because of diao cicada pregnancy, although diao cicada has never had half a complaint to oneself, but lyu3 bu4 also want to take care of the feelings of diao cicada.

Chapter 49 military disorder"No, Lord, when he comes back, he will take care of it. Chen gong shook his head with a smile, but there was no trouble. He followed lu buduo, but he was clear about the big lady's temper. Although some nonsense, his disposition was not bad, and he also knew the military law.

"Eldest brother although say, we burn block qiang people is the most important commitment." Qiang people young hurriedly chest assured way.Hey law law ~

Let there be an illusion that the han people are the leaders and the huns should be used as slaves or killed. Women here are also a kind of resource, a tool for procreation.This sword is longer than the ordinary sword, only one side is opened, which is good for chopping. Some of it is like the bonobo sword in later times, but it is different and thicker."Do not need from the chaos, presumably that lu thief also know their actions have been angry, will strengthen the general house defense. The old man known as jian gong was named sima phong, the head of a prominent family in Hanoi. At that time, lu bu entered Hanoi, because Hanoi was too far away from chang 'an, and he was out of the control of lu phu. Therefore, he brought back all the people in Hanoi together with the family and prominent family.

Night, Addis with a help of satiated with food and women, under the guidance of pang tong, quietly touch about new item, new item city is not big, but the terrain is very important, in the pang tong surprised eyes, looked at a group of women wearing black strength, like civet cat under the moon, quietly climbed up the wall, easy to ChengTou defense system, the city of new item has five hundred defenders, overnight, so be quiet.

Literati wine, especially in this kind of weather, can warm the body, lu lingqi and the party with the wine is not much, is usually saved to drink, pang tong greedy can only share a little, at the moment Keats will drink hard into the man's mouth, naturally some uneven.Chapter 48 the great defeat of the hunsLv bu was standing under the city, completely within the range of archers' shooting, but at the moment, everyone looked at xiang Yang, no one started.

"Go!" Gently relieved the chest of a knot of gas, ma chao pulled the REINS, let the army stand by, he took ma dai and the north palace away to meet.'it's late! Lyu3 bu4 sneer 1, fang tian4 draw halberd forward one touch, halberd tooth hook the neck of each king of tu, pull back, whole head be easily pull down.Later dong zhuo moves capital chang 'an, follow lu bu to kill dong zhuo, arrive wang yun to be in power again, xi liang army is rebellious, when lu bu fails to go guan dong, the situation is too disorderly, Yang ding did not choose to follow lu bu, stayed in chang 'an however, became li ilens subordinate.

"Two thousand? King tu the bit teeth, two thousand people are not afraid, he hands but now there are eight thousand people here, lu bu is the god of war, also can't broke his eight thousand people, two thousand people LaoYing is too important for him, of the eight thousand families are also LaoYing, and the teams from tu all wealth, thirty thousand tu people, no matter what, also will give back LaoYing."Splash ~" a long gun, in the cronies stunned eyes, piercing his chest.Juyan city, the palace.Lyu3 bu4 day didn't nest in the artisan camp, a title of generals in ancient times the training of the guard basically has formed a stable pattern, physical training, combat skills, actual combat, as well as some special training, subdivide out more, but have made a complete planning, even if their and holds is away, the sea cang, begin and He Man, three is enough to cope with the daily training, as for the process of artisan camp, in terms of technology, now whether it was or equip armor, have reached a bottleneck, at least before the beginning of spring, is difficult to make a breakthrough on technology, now or the three hundred guard equipment to improve as soon as possible.These are lyu3 bu4 hands, baby and also enough loyalty, can improve their ability to survive, lyu3 bu4 never stingy, so these days, artisan camp basically stopped in technology research, to the crush equipment, ma sanbao, rhubarb crossbows, wear it out the cloud bow, Tibet and the latest in the fusion of two kinds of metals, more portable, more double XuanJia defense force, to put the three hundred armed to the teeth.'no! Lyu3 bu4 never remember oneself when promised lyu3 ling3 qi4 to let her be a general, afraid is a certain sentence to be misunderstood by her.

Lyu3 bu4 will mind sink into a brain, again see that already had a long time not to see of system face plate.Sure enough, tian feng voice just fell, xu you cold hummed a sound to stand up: "absurd, next early years also had traveled the world, but only know qiang people benefit, never heard qiang people will have loyalty.This has not yet come out from the belly of the child, has affected the hearts of countless people, lu bu no empress, in this era is always a big thing, after all, lu bu is now a vassal, if no empress, lay down again big jiangshan, who will inherit in the future?

Library pavilion the name have what meaning no one can say, literally it is easy to understand, heard had sorted collection of more than four thousand volumes of ancient books, infuriating, these scrolls have been lost in the war, and lu bu will collect books pavilion to jesson care, it is because the jesson have encyclopedic knowledge, can write down mostly, lyu3 bu4 let wen-chi restore ancient books in the library, in order to promote efficiency, also look for the ten women's knowledge of civilization in the feed."Not now." Lv lingqi shook his head: "father said good, if so for no reason to use me as the general, will let people say that his father no one, I should first in the central plains to play their own reputation, and then lose some generals, back, father also need not be difficult.

"Leave? Where to?" < / p > < p > liang xing puzzled to see han sui, gu Tibet has been their last piece of land, no gu Tibet, which way to go next?"Master's talent, the world is rare, we can get out of the cage, thanks to his help, a little girl worship." Nanyang, a deserted village, lu lingqi serious toward pang tong su rong salute.The person of a flock of old and noble family kowtow hurriedly to say thanks, lv bu this time is to knock their backbone thoroughly."Lord, I will take someone to go with you. Recently, people are not very friendly. I'm afraid they will do harm to the Lord." Liang xing hurriedly said.The sound of surging hooves accompanied by the huren roar and roar, broke through the snow curtain, with a violent killing machine rushed towards the man.It was planned by li ru. Li ru knew it naturally, but he could not speak it out so directly. He listened to the words and looked at everyone with a solemn look.After losing their target, they all fell down. Many of them landed directly in the crowd. Then all of a sudden, the camp was filled with screams."Need not go busily government affairs?" Diao cicada don't understand of see lv bu: "must not because concubine body and delay the matter."

Lyu3 bu4 intuitive points out, and will let the justice department definitely write related rights and obligations, the clarity grade, let han superiority, give the next layer of the qiang people and Hu Min can a rising channel, under these people, of course, in a temporarily out to form a pyramid structure is given priority to with han Chinese.For a while, even if lu bu after countless battles out of the heart, breathing at this moment also become a little faster, unfortunately, the reward is random, if the reward in the spirit, lu bu will miss a chance to reach the peak.

"Back to the west cool! Lv bu turned his horse's head and continued to kill him without any meaning. After this battle, xiongnu's reputation or strength was severely damaged, and there was no way to threaten xiliang in the short term."The Lord has no idea." Jia xu laughed and said: "This Qin Hu, can not only be Hu Hua han people, the root cause, can be traced back to the warlords, the first emperor sent general MengTianLing three hundred thousand horses royal xiongnu in the north, is the state of qin is tottering, nor will the military forces to withdraw, the first emperor died later, zhao gao, Reese play politics, age, han ancestors had, had sent people to attract, qin people just refuse to drop, then settled down in the Great Wall, dismissed as Qin Hu, therefore the name of Qin Hu, then the big fellow immigrants solid edge, migrating a lot of people live in hetao, however because of domestic contraction regime, gave up the north, the cloud, residue of the people, is Qin Hu absorb more, the chief of the fathers, It was after general meng tian that year, the family study origin."



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