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paulSEO999  "I am going to call up an army and then go to xuzhou. The Chen family nearly killed their father. I will kill the Chen family first." < / p > < p > lu lingqi eyes flashed a hint of cold, she did not forget that it was the father and son will play when lu bu fool tuantuanzhuan, finally lost the city lost territory, the siege of the city, had to fight for thousands of miles.

But burn off qiang soldiers obviously don't think so much, they only know burn when Lao wang died, and was killed by the han sui, plus before from the han army barracks brought out the news, let all qiang will point at the han sui.The so-called stone furnace is actually a carbon furnace. In this era, coal was called nirvana, but only some rich families could burn coal due to the backward mining and exploration technology.

"It was one of your generals who asked us to send the leg of lamb to general agouri." The boy shook the leg of lamb in his hand.Look at the month, under the leadership of lv bu, almost cross the river set, no one dare to provoke, but lv bu a walk, but by the slaughter of each, Wolf qiang, first zero round of bullying, an excellent commander, for a force's combat effectiveness effect is too big, must be in lv bu reaction before, first put down the first zero.

"What's your plan for the future?" Pick eyebrow, although zhaoyun said is not wonderful, but she can follow lv bu li to fight, especially in xianbei people chase after kill, can run all the way here, and can see, zhaoyun is all the way to kill the power to almost be killed by xianbei people, white horse righteousness from the middle, have such characters unexpectedly?

No matter who wins or loses, lu bu must take the land of the two states and order wei yan to leave the town of heluo. Only in this way can he blockade the checkpoints with a small number of troops.Expanses of the earth, the two men apart the thousand step distance, is relative and thirty thousand, under the command of the huns fighters in dostie formed ten big ride array, desolate horn with passionate war drums, xiongnu soldiers' blood is a little bit of boiling up, pairs of eyes in this kind of atmosphere gradually become hot, like to selection and beasts of autophagy.

Yes, no matter what the cause of the matter is, but lu lingqi after the action is equivalent to hit the face of the largest family in jingxiang CAI family, which in jingxiang shi, it is natural to come to find fault, not make trouble is what.A title of generals in ancient times the general office, the fighting raged, outside the door was struck, five hundred dead and more than a dozen dead and desperate rushed into the house, trying to gain a foothold, but be ready Gideon commanded, dozens of spear body will die and scored, xi bow arm in arm, continuous shooting to turn it over from the wall of the die, the general house back yard, big Joe cole anxiously watching a bunch of midwife into busy busy, but can't help you get started, only listened at the door outside the throats of heart secretly anxious."Oh?" Jia xu looked at fa yan and said, "brother zhongli has the same family?""Don't cover for her, soldiers have been trained, long skills!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1 way: "can know her to go where?"That there is a strange thing, but it is at this point, since Korea hence dare out of the city, after there is no reason to let him in his own good so blatantly with thirty thousand troops to run road, immediately nod a way: "meng a general rate one thousand light came in first, remember that if the enemy back to attack, is given priority to with cruising the one enemy, not with the enemy, hold with, when I get to do things with a great army then!"

In a different world, although it is a reversal of space-time, or two space-time is not on the same line, but these things are not important.Zhaoyun with pang tong looked at each other, silently nodded, Addis this action not only shocked bamboo king, even some consternation, zhaoyun and pang tong Addis decisive and by biting, this group of women's reaction speed, even in the central plains of the elite are not necessarily comparable to, and time to hold very well, don't give the chance of bamboo king reaction, the huns angel and his gang pro who has come, the next threat bamboo king were masters, let pang tong involuntary think of oneself, suddenly some lucky, this woman to kill a person can really didn't have any symptoms.

"They withdrew themselves, king." The general looked dazed.'what's the matter? Yueyi wang incredible stand up, rushed to the outside of the curtain, but see before the outside into a piece of felt package, in addition to a mess at the moment, has disappeared."Kill!"

The 5,000 officers and soldiers who followed lv bu to the battle, now there are only more than 1,000, including xiliang and chang 'an. There are not many soldiers that lv bu can really mobilize now. This elite yue family has already played a tacit understanding with lv bu."Men of the city." Lv bu raised his head, looking at the closed door, cold hum a, ride horse came to the gate, lang sheng way: "no matter whether you are forced, now, killed Yang ding, I let bygons be bygons!"

'what? Tu each wang complexion is changed greatly, Wolf qiang king and first zero king is on the face show the look of schadenauer, look at each other, quietly withdraw from the tu each wang's camp, return to their camp."Yuan hao worried too much!" Yuan shao laughed and said, "as far as I know, after lv bu defeated han sui, 100,000 troops disbanded on the scene, and now the sum of xiliang and guanzhong is no more than 30,000. I have ordered zhang junyi to lead the army to cross the river. As long as chang 'an is broken, there are 30,000 troops in lu bu, he can only go to xiliang."Although not together, but lyu3 bu4 still send people to these stationed outside the generals each send a generous gift, and a large number of meat and wine, let those stationed at the border can be a little better this year.

Shaking his head, jun han said with a bitter smile: "drink too much and cause trouble. I wanted to ask li kan who knew that he had been sent by the general early in the morning to oversee the shipment of grain and hay. I think last night I asked you to send something to the general to eat.

"Lord, in the last days of his life, will he be able to avenge his family?" On horseback, ma chao looked at the distance, vacant way.In the shadow, watching kun mu leave, li ru smiled slightly and the fish had been hooked. Next, he only needed to interrogate aguri tomorrow. At that moment, he disappeared into the shadow with the military han.Incredible looking at the soldier, then one, two, three, do not know how many long bayonet over, the trusted man into a beehive.

"It is an important and joyful event." Chen gong bowed and said, "princess liu yunfeng has been married to his Lord for several months. Now yongliang is calm, and it is time for his Lord to marry the princess.""Don't mention it again. Keep a close watch on the tao." Zhang he gave a cold hum and waved his hand."The Lord is at ease." Jia xu nodded, chang 'an chaos, so far is over, the next is to appease the people some trivial things, jia xu and Chen gong in, these problems are not difficult.

Agouri looked at the rope tied to his tendon, and looked around at the han army, some pity to kun mu, this child, is not the brain kicked by the horse, you can not run, how can I run like this?, it seemed like plan for burn out qiang people, but in fact, marotta is secretly the differentiation of the qiang people, he came here, is naturally in the idea of chuan burn out qiang, but burn out qiang as the qiang people now one of the highest prestige and strength, its strength and even more than lyu3 bu4 horses added up to now, such a centaurs burn if when the old king was still alive, would be very serious impact on the governance of lu bu.In his hind hind, the 2 qiao that fall to be graceful and graceful also is the vision is blurred look at all these, Yang xi sits boldly on lyu3 bu4's leg.The heavy war horse resounds continuously, ma chao took the long gun handed by his subordinates, looked at the distant battle sound resounds through the sky, silently pulled the helmet below, a thousand xiliang cuocai appeared like a ghost in the rear of the xiongnu, and launched a charge against the xiongnu without any preparation.'what's the matter? Wolf qiang king angrily blunt come over: "again dozen for a while, perhaps can break through month person of big camp, how this time retreat."

"Through no fault of his, the Lord Lord is now committed to integrating the qiang people into our han nationality, and many of these problems are really a headache. A bad solution may affect the Lord Lord's plan, but it is good to take this opportunity to officially launch the department of justice." Jia xu smiled as he sipped his tea."Why is that? Cao cao puzzled to see guo jia, gao shun, zhang liao is lu bu's most elite two troops.< / p > < p > looking at lv lingqi icy eyes, wen bing only feel chest a suffocating, but he had the idea of looking down before, this gun is also used five points of force, at the moment just realized that the woman not only cunning such as fox, the ability is not worse than himself, at the moment put up the heart of looking down, with lv lingqi killed in a place.

"The Lord or quickly go to the bridal chamber, the princess is afraid has been waiting for urgent." The magnificent sea hurriedly way.After meditating for a moment, li ru looked at li kan and said, "are all the qiang leaders who have surrendered familiar to the general?"

"Zhou cang, take a person to return this wench to me." Lv bu black face way: "tell her, this matter, I promised!"At the same time, thousands of miles away in his tribe, the man finally woke up.Ling lyu3 bu4 nodded: "it has to do, but the western land, beyond the waiting, and it is the thing of xianbei inside, let them play, ling yee's side, I'll command far more to support, now I wait for the energy, and unable to stretch to the western regions, then let the girl go to rush yourself, right now, should incorporate the hetao, occupied hetao, though xianbei change, I have everything, camp herald a title of generals in ancient times, go out tomorrow and must win hetao as soon as possible!"The earth, and the figure, like the tide in the line of sight of lyu3 bu4, painting ji dancing party day, with a strong airflow, let lyu3 bu4 ears can't hear voice too much, already at this moment the heavy side day painting ji with arbitrary imposing manner, as if in the crowd up a strange wind, too, by huns is almost rubbed die, to die., in each of the more important the city have a market, planning and construction business, according to the stand or fall of location to collect rent, each merchant aside, some of the northwest of the merchants prefer to rent the shop, for these places, lyu3 bu4 adopts the pattern of shopping malls, selling things as long as not illegal, can be sold in shops, government will not intervene, businessmen can also use two ways to pay taxes.< / p > < p > lu bu established chang 'an academy, and recently prepared county school, although lu bu's plan has not fully launched, but there is no lack of people of insight in the family, naturally see lu bu's intention, it is therefore, let these family children completely unacceptable."Big man messenger, you this is what meaning?" < / p > < p > juyan palace, juyan wang looked at the ugly face almost broke into the lu lingqi.Baby eagle soar in the sky a few laps falls and fall on the shoulders of lyu3 bu4, intimacy with the corners of the mouth in lyu3 bu4 face ceng ceng, one side of the samba envy at lyu3 bu4 on the shoulders of young eagle, compliment way: "the claw is the eagle king of jade, grow up, the body can be as much as three feet, once god, life is not rebellious, most master is the monkey."

Lyu3 bu4 so way, tantamount to the disguised promotion of the status of the merchant, let the merchant have the capital from the family."Kill!" Burn around the qiang people is to guard against han sui, at the moment to see han sui even in the eyes of the public, Lao wang killed, immediately angry, each picked up his weapons toward han sui to kill over.

While in the later known as the battle of guandu, but in fact there is no this war underscored the importance of guandu, cao cao and Carthage in preparation stage, the white horse, branches, hedong and gaotang area, are both sides of the competition for places, lyu3 bu4 and giffin do each party, respectively, the role of Carthage and cao cao, deduction on the possible future directions.Under the inexplicable rise of the chill, ma chao down the hillside, this time out, only with a thousand people, but it is lv bu from the west of the west of the cool army, each of the valiant."My husband, it was my poor health that prevented me from finding out earlier." The hussars rode in the general's house, diao cicada's belly was already high, lv bu accompanied diao cicada to walk in the yard by the side of the small lake, diao cicada apologetically said.



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