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paulSEO999  "Seriously!" D stood up and looked at marotta, eyes flashed a glimmer of excitement, lyu3 bu4 ability he has seen with his own eyes, at the beginning of two thousand cavalry, with small fight big, not only destroyed the candidate twenty thousand troops, even nearly died in each other's hands, now identity change, lyu3 bu4 personally out of the news, is overjoyed.

Looked at again was driven down the wall of the west cool army, Korea hence helplessly issued a sounding order, fu ping in seibel guard, can be said to be watertight, let Korea then want to do everything possible to countermeasure, the other side is like a rock, difficult to break."No!" Candidate although not very heart, but finally not a straw bag, shook his head and said: "If so, the enemy into the virtual reality, directly hit up? Tell the men to be careful, in case the enemy to attack again, if only drums and gongs harassment, then don't pay attention to, if the other side to attack, then bow and arrow back to the enemy, don't have to go to war, early tomorrow morning, withdrawing troops ten miles!""Roar ~" Scouts issued a wild animal-like roar, waving sabers like a wounded wolf to the middle-aged scribe.As if there is a flame burning in the chest, the trust alone, has been enough to eliminate wei yan heart because of rumors and gave birth to the slightest bit of hostility, determined to wholeheartedly assist lyu3 bu4.

"Clatter ~" "clatter ~"Lyu3 bu4 sitting in his seat, and not in a hurry to ask for an answer, although the war is urgent, but this time, he can afford to wait, this time anyway, he will take away the moon people's eight thousand elite, if the moon people's king really refused to cooperate, then change to a moon people's king!

Mu Ma Po, Korea hence after returning to his camp, then found the burn when the old king, after both sides discussed, overnight to pound camp launched an offensive, no temptation to attack, from the beginning, is to press the whole line of forces, let pound and others don't even have a chance to breathe.

The decision was undoubtedly very much in keeping with the circumstances, Only 200 years later, Things have changed, North Xiongnu, who once flourished on the prairie, after a brief glory, Now has been gradually replaced by xianbei, South Xiongnu had no meaning of existence, Had the strategy been adopted at that time, we should move back to the mainland, to carry out sinicization, Thoroughly wipe out the name Xiongnu in history, Unfortunately, the han dynasty, At that time, it was no longer possible to use force abroad, The huns don't produce, when the Han dynasty was strong, Can also bow down, but with the outbreak of the yellow turban uprising at the end of the eastern han dynasty, the han to the huns deterrence is constantly reduced, the huns began to become uneasy, from dong zhuo into Beijing, to now, in a short period of ten years, the south huns almost years south, let the suffering of the warlords of the han people, qiang people is even worse.

Andy general, is marten, two people are brothers with different surnames, but the brothers with different surnames to put it bluntly, is a political alliance, this point Korea hence the brother in the mind is very accurate."What is sincerity?" Withdraw his eyes, lyu3 bu4 asked with a smile.On the wall, looking at d before the army left the cold eyes, liang xing only feel a cold, suddenly a regret in the heart, he will d offended too dead, just things have come to this point, regret has been useless, for now, must cut the roots!Huns crowd, there are a few huns smell speech face a change, the south huns naturalization for many years, in the tribe, nature, someone can understand Chinese, at the moment listen to the han Chinese generals so despicable speech, a few huns tacit understanding of bow their heads, don't let their angry expression let these han people see."Calm down!" Xun yu four people chorus, can't play, more can't push lyu3 bu4 to the opposite of cao cao, even if can't draw to their side, also can't let lyu3 bu4 stand in lombardi.

Xu Rongwen, can not help but sigh, looked at the side of the north palace from: "The general is prepared to deal with the north palace from?"

Cao cao over there, lyu3 bu4 nature is impossible to clearly, although also want to establish a perfect intelligence agency, but now the west is cool, guanzhong governance has just begun, there is no spare to build an information network."Wen He!" Marotta frown at giffin, angry way.

"Master, these are my white water qiang most elite athletes, each is a loud man, also hope master can be kind to them." Yang wang to lyu3 bu4 hand way.Liang Xing sitting on horseback, looking at the direction of the far fu ping, with a little excitement on his face, d has potential poor force alone, as long as he will occupy the north county, d will be completely reduced to a lone army, most importantly, after the war, Korea hence greatly increased, he liang Xing will become the north county satrap, is also a member of the frontier officials.

"You can 't think of such a plan." Lyu3 bu4 looked toward the north palace, withdrew the party day painting ji, frown way: "Who is planning for you?""Yes!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Moon people in this hetao has been suppressed by the huns, this is an opportunity, even if they don't want to replace what, but who also want to be better? Have the huns in one day, the moon people will always be suppressed, even worry about the huns attack, whether for us or for the moon people, this is a chance? "Lyu3 bu4 looked up and smiled at the people around him. "We only had twenty thousand qiang soldiers when we went on the march," he said. "Look at this now. Leaving aside the military forces and horses left behind to guard all over the country, our army is forty thousand strong. Why?" Is because we are constantly nibbling at the power of Korea hence to strengthen themselves, But now, Korea hence will force contraction in one place, not only increased our chances to continue to use this strategy to strengthen themselves, also want to continue to siege, the cost will be doubled, and Korea hence in wuwei, even if the city, as long as Korea hence not dead, we want to continue to integrate troops according to this way will be much harder. "

"Master, what happened?" People saw Korea hence so expression, hurriedly asked.

"Marten is so careless?" Lyu3 bu4 frown will stationery aside, looked at the giffin way: "d now alone difficult to support, and Taiwan in the name of the general mansion to mobilize seibel, zhang liao out of town north county do very well, let him do, should pay, priority supply, but there is a point to tell the public, must not be introduced into the guanzhong war.""The general to come to the west, in addition to let me qiang people, also hope to borrow troops, hope that all ethnic groups can draw thousands of warriors for general west." Yang Wang looked at them and said, "If there is no objection, please go back and get ready. Send me the Qiang warriors as soon as possible and follow the tetrarch to fight the Korean thieves.""Jump!" Hande flashed a ferocious look on his face, looking at the huns, sadly way.

"Put it away!""Oh?""Yes, that's the way of the king." Chen gong nodded.

Baizhang... Fifty... Forty... Thirty..."Die!" Han De roared, a strong bow of sadness, bow and arrow, will be the huns drop soldiers killed.Zhong yao stroked his beard without saying a word, looking at Li Bao, Li Bao a scalp numb, for a long time, zhong yao slowly opened his mouth: "I don't believe in general Wen Chang, but this is a big thing, that He Yi He Manwu also heard, is lyu3 bu4 military commanders, quite fierce, just in case, or I rate people to go forward, and Wen Chang general, break it together."The twenty-first chapter d to ministerAt the beginning of the integration of three fifty thousand huns fighters, Now played less than thirty thousand, liu meng is seen, the han hence also didn't have a good heart, these days, the most dead is their huns fighters, even if there is no king's court, liu meng also don't want to continue to give Korea hence when cannon fodder, now the king's court, with the reason for withdrawal, of course, liu meng will not stay.

"Kill!" Korea hence side, a group of QinWei quickly formed a formation, block in front of d, around Korea hence brought military forces also dauntless toward d led by the army to kill.During this period, If you want to dominate the world, Families are an unavoidable obstacle, Lyu3 bu4 also know, When you grow up in the future, when marching into the Central Plains, It is impossible to kill off all the families in the world, when he founded Chang 'an College, and then a series of plans, are designed to develop a mechanism that will enable the poor to confront their families, Changan academy is a starting point, after printing and papermaking mature in the future, is really shaking the ruling position of the family, but this mechanism, at present, is still an embryonic form, still very fragile, once there are a large number of families involved in this time, it is easy to completely crush the mechanism, destroyed.YueShi since more than one hundred years ago by the huns after the split, has been weak to this day, plus before the han dynasty court calls, YueShi people are not too willing to fight; But the moon people also understand, as lyu3 bu4 said, unbreakable, if there is no an opportunity, the moon people will be the huns have been suppressed, lingering waiting for destruction.

"I don't know, only know the number is huge, the huns five, I'm afraid all came." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 strive to put the boiling murderous atmosphere in his chest.Everything is difficult in the beginning, many things, the first step is always very difficult, but as long as we get out of this step, the rest of the things will come naturally.

"Lyu3 bu4 how many people?" Roughly listened to each other's explanation, d frown way, first break Mei county, burning granaries, and back to the ambush, array chop hou don't say, the twenty thousand west cool army is not clay pinched."There is no other way!" Marotta helplessly sigh, he once for dong zhuo governance, know the huns fierce, if according to the risk, ten thousand han army enough to block hundreds of conference semifinals, but if on the field, grew up on horseback, good at riding and shooting the huns is too much.West gansu, LinTao, this is lyu3 bu4 captured the eleventh city."The candidate general is dead." Qiang will have no grief on his face, after all, candidate for this kind of inaction, although there are his reasons, but in the qiang people who value bravery, is a cowardly performance, nature can't get the respect of qiang generals."Let's all get some rest." Waved his hand, the huns near were afraid of playing, coupled with a Han De vigil, lyu3 bu4 is not too worried about safety.This month, Is lyu3 bu4 since his rebirth, The most enjoyable month, Also harvest month, lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, at the beginning of the migration, the performance of superior people, or for the magistrate, or for the county commandant, the worst, can also become county officials, more as a reserve of talent, was sent to marotta presided over the construction of changan academy, for further study, as long as can pass the academy's final assessment, after coming out, there will be a career.A group of huns looked at each other, in the absence of leaders, let the huns like scattered sand, under the persecution of the han army, silently put down the weapon."Then there 's Lowen' s worry." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech laughed, this is also a marotta wash white opportunity.

North county, Fuping county, a vast army of west cool toward Fuping direction....

"King, seriously consider, chance! The land of Hetao, According to the regulations, this should be my general west mansion, the Huns did not respect the king, Slaughter of han people, sin in no forgiveness, if the king is willing to help me, don't say take the huns in the future, but the general can guarantee that the future of hetao and even west cool, guanzhong, there will be a place for the moon people, the moon people don't have to under the pressure of the huns, shrink in this small moon lake, multiply, reproduce the past glory! " Lyu3 bu4 laughed, he is not worried about the moon people will reverse, the next decade or even a hundred years, lyu3 bu4 has planned a clear route to cultural integration of the hu, after a hundred years, there will be no conference semifinals said."I don't know in the eyes of general guan, is the importance of false name, or brother's righteousness important?" Coppage smiled.Chapter forty-one cold-blooded



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