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paulSEO999  "Wang wang ~"

"What is it?" Liu bao complexion is gloomy way, first zero qiang has 6000 person of control string, this liu bao nature is clear, but also did not think of ha mu son just past drive back come back, still lost many soldiers and horses."This man says he can help us." Lu lingqi shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the ugly young man."There is only one way for soldiers to prove their prowess, and that is military achievements. From now on, I will set up ten shanzhai, and within ten days, one shanzhai will be broken every day. Lv bulang voice way: "today the training is over, tomorrow start, formal selection.""It was one of your generals who asked us to send the leg of lamb to general agouri." The boy shook the leg of lamb in his hand.

"Gong tai, within ten years, I will make guanzhong the center of the whole world, and everyone will be proud to live in guanzhong!" Came to the workshop outside, looking at the huge sails in the wind under the promotion of slow rotation, lu bu thousands of heroic road.< / p > < p > red rabbit horse with lv bu for many years, had been old, but with the emergence of the system mall, almost every day is with channeling licorice to feed, now, almost a year of time, not only no signs of weakness, but the body is stronger.

Although jia xu is quite introverted in daily life, but the literati's inner arrogance, but rarely to praise others, there is a lot of strategic evaluation from jia xu's mouth out probably with guan yu eyes martial arts can be so evaluation.

In the heart helpless, but also did not bother a few lovely wife to appreciate the enthusiasm of snow, there is no need to take these some heavy topics out to disturb the atmosphere of the festival.

The man almost fell off the horse with a black, dizzy feeling. After a dozen days' journey, wounded with arrows and exhausted with strength, he had few enemies in front of him who could easily have been destroyed in their prime. But now he was at the end of his strength, and trying to draw his bow drained the last of his strength."The department of justice... "< / p > < p > in the army, the army of the huns in lu bu's cut gradually divided, many huns began to flee, left, are also looking at the enemy from all sides in despair, as if the other side at a time of several times more troops.Shanzhai YuanMen, two famous mountains thief dozen nap, boring, after all, was not a regular army, and stockade is hidden, while symbolic sent people to wake, but the discipline loose where the mountain thief is willing to perform in this boring things, not to the middle of the night, the lights in the shanzhai hasn't completely extinguished, two famous mountains the thief had already sleep snoring rang."Some thoughts on that." Lyu3 bu4 MUSES: "male, I will rule the population is divided into three classes, wait for the han people, the second is the western people, qiang people, some willing to unconditionally accept our rule and the jurisdiction of the conference semifinals, such as the moon people, Hugh tu and wu huan, third is the huns, xianbei, second-class xiyu, qiang can make enormous contribution, through college or for I wait on ethnic Chinese, have equal marriage rights with the han people, into my efficiencies, of course, the specific statutes, I will let the justice department to formulate a perfect platform for future law over the land of hu."

Lyu3 bu4 smile not language, actually more than is the number plan so simple, not polite of say, it is the horseshoe, saddle and double stirrup appear, just let the cavalry become the real battlefield main force, but not just strange harassment enemy, let the cavalry fighting method have new change."Well!" < / p > < p > liao hua saw this batch of dead people month kill more fierce, continue to entrench, not only the city guard to be wiped out, the general house will be impacted, no longer hesitate, hello, with the city guard and fight and retreat, under the cover of Yang xi, retreat into the general house door.

GuLiYou o see the trend of open to scold, called animal husbandry of the qiang people young hurriedly come forward to two steps, with a leg of lamb blocked the mouth of the p. o, carefully looked around, but see the guards of the han army did not notice here at the moment, just quietly to p. o ear way: "the general, be careful, I hear an important intelligence from the han Chinese, our burn when are the life and death, to tell you, you shut down, don't let the han people suspicious."A group of guards were not going to let this ugly ghost, but this ugly ghost standing at the gate of the secretariat of the government, open mouth gush, don't take a dirty word, allusions, but never the other fathers 18 generations of women members, but also with no repetitive, listen to a band guard something big sheng, have denounced hemming, spat on in front of the secretariat office to Addis is at a side listen to with relish, simply sit on the stone steps, looking at both sides slanging match.

The person of a flock of old and noble family kowtow hurriedly to say thanks, lv bu this time is to knock their backbone thoroughly.Jia xu could see this clearly, so music stood behind the scenes to give advice for lv bu, and therefore, he was deeply respected by lv bu, which even Chen gong, who had followed lv bu for the longest time, could not do.

"Noise!JingZhao, now is the political and military center, lyu3 bu4 and harmony of the cold, in the coming year, lyu3 bu4 have to do is keep things artisan battalion of the new developed step by step to promote to the people's livelihood, JingZhao nature is to play a role model, if next year to good crop weather, combined with new tools to improve efficiency, the harvest will be far more than other counties, is this, to further consolidate lyu3 bu4 then itself has a very important role.

In any other place, this single command would have led to rebellion by cao cao and yuan shao, but this was chang 'an. These so-called families were, in a sense, only prisoners.

This group of female soldiers, there are more than 10 from the general house maid picked out, but more is taking every month lyu3 ling3 qi4 give oneself of month offer a little saved.People hear the words have led the life.Lyu3 bu4 this period of time, almost all is taking the city guard to rescue in various places, Chen gong et al also began to allocate some materials to appease the people, should be happy atmosphere, also be so diluted a lot, the people's mind is reduced, almost inevitable.

While speaking, it is a take off the bow, toward the baby eagle is an arrow, the arrow is like a meteor, and the timing is just right, it is the moment the baby eagle hovering in the air.If only it could be reduced to a size and scale that a normal man could bear. Three hundred guards of hussars were now soldiers of the rank of general.

A strong man took the huge horn off his back and blew it with his chin."Shoot him, shoot him!" Yang Ding feel, at the time of lyu3 bu4 say this sentence, soldiers around eyes, with a malicious deeply see toward him, these cities, lyu3 bu4 out of soldiers, just temporarily to his management, as for Yang Ding tunes, except a few around other or break up, into the other camp, or directly into wasteland, before he didn't reveal the disjunctive, once is worried that her rebellion, these people will definitely be the first to kill himself.Zhang liao, not many people at the very most also only then more than nine thousand people, but the force to time is just right, it was soon Korea hence just defeated the qiang people, could rearrange defense, that is, when the military camp defense the weakest was zhang liao enter, away, according to the Ma Zhuang opened YuanMen, force under the condition of the han sui unprepared to advance to the quarterfinals.Probably, a lot of people will die.

See Lao wang?Meiji, the court of the huns."Your excellency atoned, and the subordinates lost their manners." Zhang shook his head and looked at Chen gong dao with a wry smile.

Looking at the leg of sheep in the hand, young eyes suddenly a light: "had, I go to find agouri general!"

"Be." < / p > < p > lu lingqi reluctantly gave up the entanglement, pang tong and wen pin to zhou cang, a group of people is almost zhou cang see pressure over the wu pass.The old man wanted to give up the cattle and sheep at this time, but it was too late, the mighty, as if the endless iron ride, the old herdsman in front of this battle, more than a drop in the ocean.Busy month of December in these trivial things quietly past, in the rich atmosphere of the festival, jian 'an four years, this is an important year of life transition for lv bu, so flat light quietly passed away, without any twists and turns."You immediately take people to first zero qiang, with the first zero wang said, we can let bygones be bygones, but first zero qiang must surrender to my huns. "If not, it will be the first zero race, razed to the ground!""The Lord at the end." Gao shun retreat back to camp, to see lu bu."Those han Chinese won't let us go." The other qiang shook their heads: "even if we find general agouri, he has been captured alive by the han army, it is impossible to run out?"With two shouts of rage, ma chao and pound, who were already waiting on the other two sides of the city, each led 500 cavalry to fight their way out. All the slaughters guarding the city had been gathered to lv bu's side.

"Come on." Sighed, man hardened heart and didn't notice a white horse, but to look at the hoofbeat direction, from the backhand insert silver gun in the snow, the bow and arrow, quietly listening to the sound from far and near, in the snow, even if the other side of the charger is not like a white dragon travelled more than 10 days in a row, expected to run fast, too, want to my life, use more life to add it for you, white horse from righteousness, ever cherish to die!The roar of the night wind blowing moving slightly, torch light in the night wind sway, already summer, even if it is closed (the land of the night, didn't also the chill, soldiers sit together in groups, or enter an item in an early to rest, but more and more people are together chat to play the fart, talking about today's battle, in the career of many soldiers, like this was the first time with less number of combat, many people telling the stopping of zhang liao, or pound.

A platoon of crossbows shot out, quickly changed into a horse-cutting sword, and continued to follow lu bu into battle. The helmet and armor, the attack from the huns, could not break through the defense at all, but the horse-cutting sword in the hands of the hussars could easily break the throats of the huns."Consigliere? Han DE started a little and quickly bowed to salute."Your excellency, look! Just when liu bao was worried about the future fate of the huns, bocan beside him suddenly exclaimed, pointing to the distance.



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