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paulSEO999  Lyu3 bu4 look at the giffin, with a little to explore the color, giffin smiled and stood, not taboo lyu3 bu4's eyes.

The land of Hetao, Originally north county, There was a brief prosperity in the Western Han Dynasty, then Guangwu resurgence, national strength compared with the Western Han Dynasty, but attenuated, the southern huns attached, in order to enhance national strength, give up the border large areas of land, the border people moved in, but the land of Hetao was assigned to the southern huns recuperation, but also in order to use the southern huns against the northern huns, the northern county also moved out of Hetao."I remember, before the ambush flags are not Wei Yen flags can be right? Zhong yao heart rise an ominous hunch, looked at the marquis, sink a voice asked."Young general wise." D behind, many west cool martial arts clap horse way."Killed!" Xiongnu warrior anxious way.

Hua tuo smell speech zheng, some touched nodded: "wen hou heart of the world, hua tuo admired, willing to do a little for the world, a contribution."

Gudu ~

"Oh?" Cao Caowen speech eyes a coagulation, put down the wine, motioned to small school letterhead, spread letterhead, at a glance, face gradually become gloomy down.Pound on horseback, inform the routed troops in front of bypassing d's army, in the rear array, at the same time brought back a candidate army general.

"West cool army crisis is solution, don't take it lightly, text." Seibel nodded, looking at xu sheng.Just, if that Mr. Li dare to incriminate, big deal a beat two scattered!Cao cao didn't say anything, just handed the freeze letterhead, at this time, from lyu3 bu4 big break west cool army, harassing hanoi has been more than half a month, intelligence is lurking in changan area of detail sent back, detailed will be the current situation of the three auxiliary place, including zhong yao soldiers defeated captured, lyu3 bu4 defeat west cool and migrated to hanoi."Brute courage!" Korea hence eyes flashed a sneer at disdain, again ordered the arrow, at the same time when the old king also began to gather his soldiers to help."A flat wife?" Lyu3 bu4 nodded, this is a political marriage: "according to the text and said."

"Han Sui old dog, also don't bring the head!" D a gun will be three qiang fling away, flushed back, red eyes fell on Korea hence, all over the body more furious, suddenly sent out a thunderous roar, sit down like a whirlwind toward this side.Outside Xinfeng County, Wei looked ugly at the head hanging above the gate, That is his subordinates, but also his confidant, in lyu3 bu4 command to convey, he immediately sent his confidant to both contact with zhang, even if not close, wei also didn't think the other party will be so directly cut off his head, also hung on the wall in such a humiliating way.

"The defenders of the city listen, zhang is not benevolent, unprovoked kill my messenger, insult my military power, immediately open the gates, surrender zhang both, otherwise, when the city is broken, chicken and dog do not stay!" Wei yan's face showed a ferocious color, regardless of what he has, the city, Lao tze to set!"Lu Xiong saw the god day general!" The general is a qiang warrior, although Korea hence subordinates, but the horse father and son in qiang people prestige is quite high, especially d, when he was young with knife to kill, when he was a teenager has vertical and horizontal battlefield, to now, in the qiang people's prestige, hidden has covered his father marten potential.

D didn't speak, eyes are still left with blood, eyes with a little sad, under the gaze of the people, quietly on the ground before two steps, suddenly push jade pillar fell on his knees in front of marotta.

Han De smell speech sighed, For five days, With 5,000 men, He annihilated forty thousand Huns, In Hand's view, It's a miracle, But if you hurt a thousand, you will hurt eight hundred, Even if there is lyu3 bu4 such a superhero led, after the huns life alert, began to encircle lyu3 bu4, even though the soldiers have the heart to die, but three days and three nights of battle, also will the army close to the edge of collapse, at least in the view of hande, can play to the present, there are more than two thousand people alive, has been a miracle.In the river, Zhong yao, who was almost on the other side of the river, turned his head and looked, But saw the jun in patches without cover, Killed mercilessly by the thief's arrows, Blood dripping from my heart, The five thousand jun is almost mobilized changan and even luoyang this generation of all forces, Cao cao is now actively preparing for a decisive battle with lombardi, in the future for a long time, will not be able to mobilize a soldier to the three auxiliary, the five thousand soldiers, is the last barrier of the three auxiliary, now the barrier is gone, is not representing more than three auxiliary, even nationalities, also completely exposed to lyu3 bu4's iron hoofs! ?MiaoShang even have a kind of impulse to immediately pack up and walk away, stay, I'm afraid to be zhong yao and lyu3 bu4 so scared to scare to death.

Soon, the prairie again rattled hoofs, a moon cavalry rushed this way, should be the moon people's troops.

"At the end of the day!" Xu Sheng out of the column, intervened in the salute."Here." Freeze smell speech nodded.Lyu3 bu4 nodded, leisurely sighed: "Those soldiers who died of the war down, after going back, I will gather their families to support, can't let these soldiers died of starvation for us orphans!" Five thousand men on the march, to now, has lost more than half, the battle, also should be over.

"How can the two sisters get up last night when they were making such a fuss?" Not good spirit of white lyu3 bu4 one eye, hesitated for a moment, whispered: "And the two sisters were born in a big family, the status is dignified, I..."Although Sun Ce was a newly rising vassal, But wrist strong enough, also have enough personality charm, his gathered a lot of able people, and there is the changjiang river, no worries, and sun ce has a very aggressive, this, even more than the original lyu3 bu4, if cao cao and lombardi war, cao cao and under the counsellors almost 100 percent sure, sun ce will take advantage of the attack."Xu quit." Giffin to lyu3 bu4 respectfully a gift, with the male broad sea, toward Montenegro.

"Yuan Shao?" Marotta eyes flashed a sneer: "It is sent to send some hay trench, but also sent Hanoi general zhang he station troops on the party."Lyu3 bu4's eyes fell in front of the place not far away, quietly watching."Cheng Yi, tomorrow you take twenty thousand troops with me, Cheng Yin is responsible for guarding the city, I will inform burn when the old king together. Eventually, with his teeth decided, twenty thousand han army, he is confident that move burn when Lao wang with fifty thousand qiang, plus twenty thousand huns, the momentum, is enough."Whew ~""Ha ha, only the dead Cao Peng, but no surrendered Cao Peng." Laughter, the knife in the hand is more fierce.

North palace from suddenly looked up, suddenly looked at lyu3 bu4, suddenly roared up to the sky."Master." Pound came in from outside at this time, smell speech to d bow down a gift way: "master, we can retreat to linjing, at the same time to stationed in sophora seibel for help, presumably lyu3 bu4 also don't want to see Korea hence occupied the west cool, as long as seibel willing to send troops, stationed in the north county, and our army is bemis, presumably Korea hence will fear three points.""Back to the general, the zhong yao seems to see through the general's plan, after a while outside the camp, suddenly withdraw, at the end of the way to catch up, but did not meet." Herman's face was blank.

"The general rest assured.""Count your losses!" Seibel strong support almost take off the body, expressionless face also took a little tired, three days and three nights, west cool army repeatedly attack, soldiers can rotate, but he as the three main, but can't rest.

"Oh ~" Lv Bu shook his head and looked at Chen Gong-dao. "Gong-tai, tell Chang Wen about the price of food in Chang'an today, and let Chang Wen know what can be done in Chang'an with these things sent by Cao Cao.""Wen-you, what happened to the academy?" Lyu3 bu4 did not directly say the princess, but asked aimlessly."Hey, jun's life is life, we xinfeng tens of thousands of people's life is not life?" The garrison smell speech also not afraid, sneer at to county commandant way: "General, Lao tze quit, who love who come."D looked up, looked at the direction of the city, twisting his head doubtfully looked at pound."But today's incident has awakened me." Lyu3 bu4 thought: "Now that Wu Guan has passed, these people have no way back, the next is the problem of order."Smoke billowing, leading to Mei county road, Pound on horseback to catch up with d, sink a track.Lyu3 bu4 looked at the map, nodded, sink a track: "seibel, chen xing, xu sheng listen to command."Last world war I, the man is really unbearable, first retreat, then on the run, afraid of death, unexpectedly more urgent than he went, more importantly, every time I see him, Korea hence will unconsciously think of the death of cheng gongying, two to one, li kan nature is more unbearable.

"Kill!" Korea hence side, a group of QinWei quickly formed a formation, block in front of d, around Korea hence brought military forces also dauntless toward d led by the army to kill.Didn't expect lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly quietly ran to hetao, and look at liu meng their appearance, call hutch springs in lyu3 bu4 hands, I'm afraid, and also attract the moon people...

"The general rest assured." Marotta turned his head to pound, smiled and said: "with the lack of food in the army, can't support for too long, and master there, must also be about to have news, the longer we support here, master there will be less pressure.""The general is careful." Zhong yao nodded heavily, this time, also regardless of what courtesy, hurriedly took the military forces, toward the direction of xinfeng kill.Chapter V Oath to Break an Arrow



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