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paulSEO999  "You'll find out in a moment!" A red-faced man slap come over, Yang ren clap head a burst of vertigo, a double tiger eyes glower around the hanzhong soldiers way: "don't move, obediently wait for me!"

Alkaline saline was found of open-pit coal mine after years without mining has loss in human lives, has enough reserves to maintain the winter heating demand in northwest China and the ministry of operation, the mainland while in bing, harmony states have found many good coal mine, but lyu3 bu4 did not begin to production, but constantly to the neighboring countries in the form of business acquisition of resources, and lu bu side, is to put all kinds of processing items after sending, the livelihood of the people, also have a large number of luxury goods carry out, not only for lyu3 bu4 to earn a lot of money can be used in the construction and development of the mainland, more in almost predatory manner, Let countries outside the region continuously send cheap resources to the mainland and enrich the national Treasury reserves.Xun yu shook his head: "long and go, there are some things to deal with.""Kill!" Wei yan behind, a bunch of qiang soldiers in succession roar out loud, many people will be on the body of uncomfortable armor to throw away, fierce lunge at a bunch of at a loss what to do in hanzhong sergeant."Just throw it away." < / p > < p > for a long time, cao cao just looked at xia houyuan, an instant, as if a lot of old, shook his head: "first with me to go in."

"No! Zhang liao turned pale and looked at ma tie and luneng. He said sharply, "ma tie and luneng, each leading 5,000 troops and horses, will march out from the two wings to attack with a crossbolt. I will bring my own Chinese troops to battle!""Lyu3 bu4 soldier horse, why can appear in yang2 ping3 pass?" Britons voice, that five years lyu3 bu4, while not apologise to the central plains, but as a neighbor, hanzhong and trade exchanges between changan, for strong guanzhong, britons have experience greatly, however, is as a result, although from last year has been someone to lobby coalition troops, but britons can't move, afraid to annoy lyu3 bu4 scored directly to, unexpectedly came, and occurs outside the YangPingGuan directly.

Lyu3 bu4 glanced at is tracing the cause of an exciting conversation with pang and gu shao, nodded and smiled: "the two people are all a hotchpotch of jiangdong talent, to the whole nature have their own views, if our troops out of the kanto, is jiangdong take jingzhou, with our military confrontation, also must joint other governors, rather than the sun quan and governors internal friction, might as well first league, with the aid of jingzhou liu table against our troops."

"Lord! On the occasion of the public consultation, a guard came in, bowed: "chang 'an academy students to see, Mr. Zheng xuan critically ill, hope to see the Lord side.As one of the dozens of BanTou luoyang city, zhao BanTou at the moment she saw lu bu becomes some bad mood, do not have any lyu3 bu4 prejudices, but the emergence of lyu3 bu4 and intervention, it is proved that zhao BanTou powerless, unexpectedly to disturb lyu3 bu4 to handle a case, lyu3 bu4 probably won't care about, but for zhao BanTou, this isn't a good chance to curry favor with lu bu, but there is one thing goes wrong, the zhao BanTou this year may appear great merit to the assessment of the variables.

"After experiencing the prosperity of chang 'an, if you are willing to mention the alliance, you can ask Yang yishan to try to contact and secretly surrender." Lu bu smiled and shook his head, but also some helpless, chang 'an is prosperous and strong, and is still getting stronger, every year there will be a large number of people from the region of kanto trade, in order to let lu bu step by step economic penetration of the central plains at the same time, also let the central plains princes on lu bu gave rise to the heart of vigilance.With the arrival of lv bu in luoyang, the whole world was attracted by the battle of lv bu in luoyang and jizhou. After lv bu entered luoyang, there was no movement. However, the battle of jizhou was strangely concentrated in the area of yecheng again."No thanks." Lv bu sat up straight and looked at Yang fu: "yi shan, today I was in the ground but see you, you side of the two young people, is it jiangdong emissary?""Why don't the Lord send them in?" Jia xu suddenly smiled.Just as zang ba was preparing to return to the city, lu bu's army under the city had rushed up the wall. When a wave of arrows came over, they shot down one of the soldiers in front of them.

"Er... "Everyone, including xu shu, shivered and looked at pang tong in horror.

In hanzhong, zhang lu has been having a hard time recently. For some reason, the qiang people from the west flooded in and greatly destroyed the original ecology of hanzhong."So, you at least have to give people the right to express pain, and zheng son you remember, dozen outsiders, that is the ability, but on your own people also by force to fight, that can only prove your incompetence, to the pain of your friends, and revenge. Seeing that some Confucian scholars were looking this way, lu bu hurried to the opposite direction with diao chan and lu zheng.

"This does not matter beforehand, knowable that river east emissary this to chang 'an, what on earth be?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, this matter oneself beyond one's reach, and can't measure factor too much, this woman ranjan other ability have no, but the ability that lie face not change color is to practice come out."That's not necessary." Lyu3 bu4 depend on the general chair, his eyes narrowing slightly, "zhou yu's influence, much more severe than this, and in the end, jiangdong military now in the hands of zhou yu, wars and, by zhou yu's family, all this two people go back, can pour me changan prosperous scene back to jiangdong, not afraid of no one to cooperate with us, jiangdong, don't need is wimp, male table ready for dialing money food and a big battle is inevitable."

"Clatter ~"After a few hundred steps, wei yan could not help but be surprised to see the gate of yangping pass open slowly. He had prepared many words before, and even forced a hanzhong officer to surrender in order to open the gate in a false way.If asked to wild goose cabinet which girl the most red, I'm afraid for over a year ago the nightingale girl, piano chess calligraphy and painting master, voice tactfully, unknowingly fall, although for a long time, are fine gauze covered face, have never seen her face, but in this Xu Changcheng, don't know how many romantic for dumping to celebrities, to see its appearance, regardless of the dream.

Cao cao ignored liu xie, coolly looked at the tiger guard command: "not yet executed!"

Identity?'ten years! Lv bu looked at the crowd and said earnestly, "ten years at most. Within ten years, I will put an end to this chaotic world, so that people all over the world will no longer suffer from war. This chaotic world has lasted for too long! Please help me!"At this moment, in xiangyang city, a fire burst into the sky and spread rapidly around. CAI MAO and kuai liang looked at it unconsciously.

"I have the text and, worry free." Stand up, lv bu let follow shi in the side of the rui son to clean up the checboard, oneself stretched a lazy waist, twist a head to see to jia xu way: "these days busy with official business, but have not gone to see this luoyang restoration how, today just happen to be free, wen and accompany my father and son to walk how?""The ancients cloud, morning, death can be, the old man can in his lifetime, meet the champion hou, very lucky, very lucky." Zheng xuan laughed."Oh." Lv zheng nodded his head and saw that the food in front of lv bu was almost finished. He quickly began to fight against the food on the table. But after a while, he raised his head again and looked at lv bu.

"Kang chenggong was relieved." Lu bu sighed: "a certain will not suppress any one, nor overly support any one, legalism should be used, Confucianism should be used, the rule of law and the rule of virtue, in fact, not all have nothing in common."Liu2 bei4 pro who is Chen to training for him over the years, only five hundred people, but each were selected through all elite, roaring toward the enemy, who is liu bei as a baby, the suddenly set aside five hundred people dedicated to protect the various ge is bright, also can see that liu bei's emphasis on the various ge is bright, the satrap of all stripes lobby, zhuge liang is the liu bei since the first time in the true sense of ideas, liu bei is a complicated Ming in the heart, that is uneasy, and look forward to, also with somewhat worried.In the face of zhang liao side of the terrible arrow rain attack, xiahou yuan dare not again hard touch, can only retreat camp, keep the camp, waiting for the arrival of follow-up baggage.Sun ce during his lifetime, Jiang Dongjun water army is not rich, but with a forge ahead, if sun ce can hand-in-hand with Carthage, established foothold in the central plains, even after confronting with Carthage, with sun ce boldness and skill, also won't be crushed by lombardi, but for now, jiangdong under the guidance of sun quan, conservative, look from jiangdong strategy is also take jingzhou, shu, and then three points in the plan, then maybe not like lu bu to plot the central plains, gave lyu3 bu4 that then forgotten."Unfortunately, if only a few more days, we will be able to push back the cao army of jizhou completely." Zhang liao pity shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., xh had run away, to the first world war and into the whole work is impossible, for, it is necessary to spent to jizhou jun stay, xh but went away with a lot of crossbows, even though these crossbows are main lyu3 bu4 group stepped out of date products, lyu3 bu4 has a title of generals in ancient times around camp now can use five series of crossbows, and range also compares two stone rhubarb crossbows, achieve two hundred and eighty steps distance, these new products are popularized to the army, zhang liao also has a few here, but now the mainstream or three hair even crossbows, if the mass is present, cao cao there is not a good thing for lu bu.

"No." An old hu monk came out, his hands clasped together, to lv bu a salute way: "just the Buddha door has the rules of the Buddha door, put down the butcher knife, stand on the ground become Buddha, that benefactress already sincere repentance, general why can't be lenient one side?""Good, bearer, send two river east emissary to rest." Yang fu nodded, attracted a maid, will take two people to the pavilion, with the maid before he entered the hall of his ministry of rites."I have something to say, but I can say it." Lyu3 bu4 falling in to smile and look to the crown, was get lombardi died, two doctrines, which spent large jizhou, divided to lu bu and cao cao, after falling to teach but almost suicide, luckily be timely rescue, lyu3 bu4 then visit to the western regions, we sincerely invite falling for his effectiveness, grant nullify the kung fu in March, just calculate falling in to make official loyal to grant, though not confidant, but for to work around the lombardi, lyu3 bu4 but quite seriously.

"They're out of arrows, general?" The deputy general looked at yu ban who had come down from the diao dou, some hope way."Lao fu deng zhan." The old man smiled darkly.

"Lord." A figure quietly appeared in front of lv bu."If a hundred schools of thought contend, we can make progress together. The reason is very simple. The old man is stupid. Zheng xuan took a breath.Think about yourself, pang tong suddenly felt that his experience with lv zheng is very similar, often thought of this, pang tong had a sense of laughter.< / p > < p > a group of monks with sticks looked at each other, this gang official but on the battlefield after training, before the rules, not to tamper with the sword, they also dare to cross, now let go, that kind of imposing manner exudes, where the monks dare to stop.The white horse camp stopped shooting, and at the same time someone blew a horn, and gunning from the riverbank stopped shooting."Well, could there be unrest in jingzhou?" Zhou yu looked at lv meng and was indifferent.It was the first time that cao cao's counsellors died on the assassination, and it belonged to the counsellors that cao cao attached great importance to. Cao cao was pale.Wrestling is a commonly used way between the martial arts, many times the martial arts between the bad direct hands, and want to test each other's weight, will use the way of wrestling to test each other.

The goose pavilion is the largest and most famous brothel in the city of xuchang. Even cao cao occasionally entertained guests there.First of all, chang 'an was in the west, and lubu ruled the east and west. However, the prosperity under lubu's rule now was in the west, and the control of youzhou and jizhou in the east was a little weak. At the moment, moving the administration to luoyang was more conducive to the development of the east, and more in line with the development concept of economic and cultural invasion of lubu.

CAI MAO's heavy breathing, he is unwilling, CAI's words are very right, but the tone of indifference, but as a thorn in his heart.Follow the earliest lyu3 bu4 sable cicada is very clear, in particular, the original is because the lyu3 bu4 ambition gradually destroyed, not the heart of enterprising, enjoys a peaceful thinking after get xuzhou, results not soon be cao cao almost uprooted, in this era of would-be, like a stream, not to advance is representing the destruction, so, the sable cicada for lyu3 bu4 attitude has always been with encouragement and support."The report ~"



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