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paulSEO999  "General, XiaGuan toast to you." Zhang Gu a face of elegant smile, if not know the man secretly poisonous hands, anyone would be difficult to see this quite some Confucian scholar demeanor of middle-aged people, associated with a for their own fame and fortune, regardless of a city of people dead or alive cruel people.

From murong gui and TaBaJi powder, and then to a series of battles, happened in a very short time, QinBing coby can bring didn't react, don't know why don't deal with the temuzhen, their three heads leading infighting, until coby can head to the ground, his QinBing just react.Looking at Stephen, Quetzon said coldly, "Only when these men are dead can we trust them.""I am your grandfather!" Male broad sea looked at He Yi's corpse, said nothing, swung up the stick and smashed toward zhang he.Lyu3 bu4 silence for a moment, sink a track: "please khan mourning, step root treat me like a brother, if not for his day don't care about mo postscript tribe, perhaps I temuzhen already died, if khan can trust me, would like to rate military forces, step root revenge!"

Say that finish, then want to cross the sword commit suicide, but was guo figure, every ji rushed up to block, lombardi ugly, also know some of his words said heavy, just at the moment to change his mouth, but it is difficult, cold hum 1, wave a way: "today should have beheaded you, but now is the war, kill you in morale, today and mailed in the item, expelled from the camp, will not be hired!""What are you doing?"

"Ah?" Sentence suddenly lost to lyu3 bu4, puzzled way.

"Zhang he is more than defensive, but not aggressive enough, Master can leave a member of the general led a cavalry stationed here, and zhang he confrontation, if zhang he don't move, don't mind him, if he led the army out of the city, then set heavy troops and wipe out, the thirty thousand troops, trapped in mayi city, master rate the main force to subdue all sides of the city, with zhang liao, seibel to wipe out high dry, after the master annexation bing, mayi naturally!

A rocket shot into the void, in the residual sun, not noticeable, he cadre fell, and not many people noticed the rocket, even if someone noticed, also did not care too much.The weather has changed, Daxi new never have the heart to send troops directly against, but east of xianbei king's court he has been planning for a long time, since qian man was excluded from the position of khan's successor because of his young, he has begun to plan this day, now qian man has grown up, daxi new never ready to take the name of qian man, the king's court annexation, become a new khan.Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head handsome account."Yes!" Step root took a deep breath, can't use temuzhen, look at the whole xianbei king's court, also only he has this ability, now stood up, to the kui head solemnly a gift, then looked at others, sink a track: "This matter is so decided, let's go first.""A cornered beast will still fight!" Kirby can look a cold, do not flicker to meet step root.

"Rumble ~""Come, Lord Chang has done a good job of offering the city. Give this glass of wine to Lord Chang, and we'll thank you for it!" Lyu3 bu4 will wine war handed Zhou Cang, smile let patronage suddenly have a chilling feeling.

Kui head, lan zhan looked at lyu3 bu4, cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold, then turned into a burning heat."Zhou Cang." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Zhou Cang one eye.

"Monseigneur temuzhen, khan, please." Lyu3 bu4 ready to go back, a maid came over, bow down.These jun are following cao cao's conquest, A brave, eyes a stare, xu togeher a few home will no longer be lombardi allocated to his Euphorbia, although also calculate tough, but rarely on the battlefield, which have seen such momentum, for a while have some retreat, only xu togeher is calm, is the dress, proudly looked at them: "tell cao", old friend xu togeher to see, don't come out to meet! "

"Here!"Since Xu Rong led the army into the Western Regions, in the Western Regions, The Han family's power soared, Add north palace from, Addis and zhaoyun three general assistance, under the dispatch of cioffi, even the thirteen cities in recent days, plus Addis lay before the six cities, has taken a small part of the western regions, at the same time, xianbei people's forces also began to fight back, as for the intelligence has not come, but giffin forecast, the standoff will last for a period of time.These hussars but lyu3 bu4 training for a year, More experienced a lot of world war ii elite elite, once formed at the moment, Yuan Jun is much, for a while, unexpectedly can't help but this three hundred hussars guard, instead was killed many people, male broad sea block in front of, left axe right stick, close to Yuan Jun was smashed fly is chopped head, not long time, around a pile of corpses.

In the crowd, a young man holding a wolf-tooth gun, fast horse, see Liang Xing, distracted and stabbed.

It seems that the voice of the HeGan clan leader attracted his attention, after killing a few HeGan warriors, twist a head, a pair of eyes, with a violent kill, looked at the HeGan clan leader chest smothered, holding the rein of a loose hand, a standing instability, lying on the horse's back."Wait a minute." Lyu3 bu4 sat up and looked at Ho Man. "Bring him in," he said. "Maybe he'll get something.""Zhongde, you let a person tell cloud long, I am recently for lombardi and headache, this matter, after I beat lombardi, say again not too late." Cao cao sink a track.

"This... subordinates also don't know, but on the way to see a lot of killed knights, should be begging for fu tribe talent, don't know who was shot."Chapter 53 don't teach hu ma du yinshan"It's the princess of Quebec. I heard it's the princess of your frost kingdom, and she kissed him." Suddenly said.

"Master?" At, country, freeze see cao cao look wrong, hurriedly put together.In addition to the first day into the king's court, lyu3 bu4 this is the second time to step into the king's tent, and did not see Kui Tou, but under the leadership of the maid, directly into the rear of the king's tent.That night, sunset dusk, lyu3 bu4 with five thousand king's court soldiers out of xianbei king's court, bypassing the mountains, disappeared on the vast grasslands."Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp.Will hand on the ink stone, giffin leisurely stretch a lazy waist, as long as harmony cool situation is stable, not up, now more concerned about, or master in xianbei, without the red hare and party day painting ji, only with a longbow, whether there is the ability to look at the world?

"Get out of here!" Hsiung broad sea with He Yi's body in one hand, with a bronze stick in the other hand, saw lyu3 bu4 stop marching, hurriedly called a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers retreat, a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers will be dragged on the body of the robes, have out of the city.Yang Wu, with a huge defeat in the battle of Guandu, Lombardi collapsed, Jizhou, Youzhou, Many cities choose to wait and see, No longer obey lombardi, Lombardi is overwhelmed, Cao Cao took the opportunity to cross the Yellow River, occupied the former Yuan Shaotun army Yangwu, Cao cao at the moment some complacent, guandu battle, not only won victory on the battlefield, but also earned enough political capital for himself, bing at the moment in a mess, YangWu barracks, but is filled with joy, cao cao after occupying YangWu, obtained a lot of trench, surrounding counties also sent a lot of hay.

Qui-head looked at step degree root left direction, mouth corners led up a smile, his hand is really too perfect, not only got a member of the general, but also solved his subordinates, after that, the temuzhen can only die with his own."Qiang ~"

"But make the Dragon City fly in, don't teach Hu Ma to go to Yin Shan!" Cao Cao didn't know how he felt, As anyone familiar with Cao Cao knows, Cao cao's early ambition is not lean in troubled times, but to imitate champion hou, lu hu, yangwei exotic, just born in troubled times, a lot of things were born not by themselves, on the road to hegemony gradually far away, cao cao's attitude to life is also a little bit changed, I don't know how long, have not felt this blood boiling."Something's wrong!" Lyu3 bu4 eyes sink, thought: "He Man, you take a trip to the Taihang Mountains, remember, don't reveal your identity, secretly inquire about tube hai, find a way to contact him, if things can't be violated, then let him back, we'll find another way!""Ordinary people, That's enough, But the magistrate, You can't go out in official clothes all the time, to some celebrity party or something, There's got to be a decent dress, There are county magistrate security issues, county soldiers are paid by the court, but county magistrate side, there must be a few personal, personal salary can't be the same as ordinary officers and men, they are responsible for county magistrate security, want money, always have to have a servant to serve, also want money to support these people, a county magistrate, a dozens of people, expect this point salary to live, enough? Not enough to do, only on the rights of the mind. ""Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo""Step to root, this battle, we must win, in addition to Wang Ting ten thousand guards, you can mobilize thirty thousand military forces, must solve TaBaJi powder as soon as possible. Qui's head was heavy.He Yi swept the two Yuan Jun away with a stick, turned his head and roared, "The gate is still open!"Outside the gate, ma dai leaping horse Yang knife, constantly clamoring outside the gate, but see the gate suddenly open, a general led a huge battle.Lyu3 bu4 silence for a moment, sink a track: "please khan mourning, step root treat me like a brother, if not for his day don't care about mo postscript tribe, perhaps I temuzhen already died, if khan can trust me, would like to rate military forces, step root revenge!"

"Yes." Step root smell speech, promised 1, turned away."Herman?" Watching Zhou Cang leave, Lyu3 bu4 finger tap armrest, thinking: "strategist sent tube hai to Montenegro, also for some time?"

"Don 't try to cut off your tongue in that future!" Coss flushed, almost rushed up to cut people directly, the red-faced man really as disgusting as guan yu!Zhang he eyes a bright, Hurriedly ordered a messenger, Long trumpet sound sounded on the wall, is commanding a dozen strong men ready to rushed to the city wood d heard, but saw a black arrow rain from the city head, gathered into a dense piece of arrow rain in the sky, like a circle of dark clouds toward the ground, face not from a change, harsh voice way: "Quick, call it quits!""Useless, they will not come, and..." Lyu3 bu4 cold glanced at a sudden and upright: "These people, has been useless."



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