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paulSEO999  "Two generals came just in time, this city of nanyang li yan quite difficult to deal with, Germany is a headache for the matter." After greeting, pound began to introduce the topic to the theme, a nanyang city, but let him shoot sound camp main stiffened here, how much discouraging, wei yan at the moment as a coach, just give the headache to wei yan.

"Wei Yen-hsiao, can you dare to come out and fight the Third Master?" Zhang fei holding zhang eight snake spear, came to the front of the two armies, glanced at the formation of the guanzhong army, the bottom of my heart secretly sigh the guanzhong army at the same time, leaping forward, invited to wei."Er..." Wei Yan and blanc startled look at each other, hurriedly picked up Pound said: "Ming, you and I belong to the same level, why do you do this gift?"Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp.Originally a guanzhong army is also such a thing, Until now, yan yan found his wrong ridiculous, jingzhou army level compared to the guanzhong army, it is like a gap between children and adults, if wei brought not three thousand, but thirty thousand military forces, even if the force is enough, yan yan don't know if he has the assurance to keep the pad jiangcheng.

"This fellow again!" Seeing tardif, in Guan Yu 's eyes, Crop BMW again accelerated, a moment, two horses have met, tardif hand halberd is not as good as before the crescent halberd smooth, quality is poor, a collision, was guan yu a knife cut, frightened in the heart, sideways evaded guan yu split back a knife, easily grabbed a pike from a soldier's hand, dance up and fight with guan yu together."What do you say?" Lyu3 bu4 curious to giffin.

"It depends on master how to choose." Giffin opened his eyes, looked at lyu3 bu4, smiled.

"General, guan yu to withdraw!" Outside the city, he qi has begun to command soldiers into the city, tracing the cause, a few jiangdong generals looked at tracing the cause of excitement.It seems that fighting back to its earliest stages, After entering range, Archers on both sides began firing arrows at each other's camps, Ice-cold arrow cluster skimmed the emptiness, overwhelming fall, and blocked by rattan shield, someone in the arrow fell to the ground, screaming and rolling, around the soldiers but indifferent to walk past, without the slightest pity, see the elite crossbow formed in the clearance of the arrow array, this pure bow and arrow at this time, let a person some not to lift up.

"Shit!" Ma's face changed, harsh voice way: "Quick, with Li Hun, Xie Yun two generals meet!"Zhuge Liang entered Shu to open up a rear area for Liu Bei, not to drag him to his death."Oh ~" Wei Yan put on armor, took the sword sent up by QinWei, sneer at a way: "Then let me see, that Zhuge Liang out of the archery to break my array! Point out of the camp!"At the beginning of liu bei will Wang Yin out, have not broken luoyang, their king's idea, unfortunately, contrary to their wishes, the guanzhong army battle power, until the first world war, he just had a real experience, finally the alliance died, zhou yu break an agreement against huyang, cao cao also unable to continue to compete with lyu3 bu4, back to xuchang."You..." Lyu3 bu4 did not continue to say more on this topic, thought about it: "I heard that Guan Er scored into Jiangdong, Wen He feel, how about the victory or defeat?"

"Don't chase!" Guan Yu looked at Xing Daorong to pursue tardif, cold hum 1, drink stopped Xing Daorong, looked at the direction of tardif left, turned the horse's head, sink a track: "Retreat back to camp.""Not difficult!" Pang Tong laughed and said, "Recall the troops and return to the camp. Withdraw the military forces from the territory of Dianjiang, return to Deyang, let him out, and wait for Kongming to attack."

A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster.Tardif saw that the other side no longer ran away, Heart is a joy, but now see each other issued a fierce growl, even someone constantly with weapons slapping his chest, the momentum, tardif also unconsciously a shiver in the heart, behind the jiangdong soldiers is suddenly burst out of the momentum to startle each other, have stopped.

"You and I have not seen each other for a long time, do not want to see the day, unexpectedly want to so intrigue, really let a person sigh, can let that zhang fei retreat?" Pang tong looked at the eyes zhang fei from time to time to look this way, cold hum a track.Four elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.

"But we have no choice." Zhuge Liang sighed, "He can spend time with us, but we can't afford it. I was going to use the advantage of the city to attract the Scholar Yuan to attack. First, I could consume the local troops, and second, I could wear down the enemy's spirit. After the enemy has been unable to overcome it for a long time, I will retaliate again. However, the Scholar Yuan has clearly seen through our weakness.""Liu bei this person I also know, undeniably, but there is lean posture, but it has lost its timing, location, as for people and..." Pang Tong shook his head and sighed: "Kongming may have never known what the people support, Now in harmony and cool, Almost every family is dedicated to my lord, Lyu3 bu4, while the Saiwai Hu, but also called it the god of war, don 't tell me anything about fighting and keeping the world, Chang 'an is now able to stay up all night unde that rule of my lord, Three years ago, the northwest drought, the people almost no harvest, but under my rule, but no one starved to death, when cao cao sent someone to assassinate my lord, is the anger of the whole country, five states of the people, rushed to sign up for the army, I think that liu bei even if it is really imperial nobles, in addition to that layer of birth, also may not be as good as my lord one thousand. "

"If I take Chengdu, the front hundreds of army is not destroyed?" Ma looked to lu zheng.

Listen to tardif behind the cry, guan yu surface sink like water, with the soldiers continue to rush, but in the heart is silent malicious, wait for him to raise the wound, must kill this fellow personally."Here!" Seeing that Cao Cao 's mind was made up, Xun yu also no longer say much, At present, for that court and even the vassal of the world, Have been not optimistic, such as lyu3 bu4, there are three governors, there are indeed some more, more importantly, not only can't help sun quan, but also often like to drag people back, in this case, quick decision, solve jiangdong, and then integrate jiangdong JingXiang place, although can strengthen liu bei, but now is really not the time to worry about these.

Rescue may not be able to survive, even if live, for a long time, I'm afraid also can't continue to fight, in that case, then simply die!"Put it away!" With the men will be direction debugging, pound commanded, fifteen crossbow at the same time, as thick as a child's arm arrows break out of the air, two hundred steps away as if there is no general, instantly.Ma's face changed and he snapped, "Go inside and have a look! But if there are rebels, shoot them!"

Jiangdong soldiers were killed by guan yu people, at the moment see each other to a veteran, tardif was shot by the other side, famous for the god shot, now see each other's reinforcements arrived, which also dare to fight again, after a cry, scattered in a hubbub."General li muddy also agreed?" Xie Yun surprised."Young children are often captured!" Zhuge Liang sighed and said with a wry smile: "I wanted to let young Chang go to Chengdu, said the family rebellion, occupy Chengdu, cut off the Guanzhong army hay, the war naturally won without a fight, but unfortunately... I hurt young Chang!""Retreat!" YanYan waving flags to the valley below the retreat, at the same time began to lead the military forces began to retreat, finally saw the guanzhong strong crossbow today, but at least in the shu, relying on favorable terrain, YanYan or some grasp, as long as wei dare to catch up, he has a way to close the distance between the two sides, and then a close battle!"I had no idea that the little lord, though young, had this plan in mind." Will send the news, pang tong not with a wry smile to the method is, they like lyu3 zheng this age, but not the ability.

After all, in the other side of the camp, there is a method like him like to solve problems outside the battlefield, zhuge liang is worried about which step ma liang took wrong and eventually led to the fall of shu.You want to kill yourself and get killed, don't you deserve it?"Scholars!" Wei yan stared at pang tong, this is when, and the mind to care about rattan shield.

Increasingly westerly, when tracing the cause with zhou tai back to qua, the city has been restored to calm, more than twenty thousand jingzhou soldiers were seized weapons and armor, arrived at the port."Hey, Mr. Kong Ming big tone!" Wei Yanwen speech, can't help but sneer at a track.

"The guanzhong how many military forces into shu?" This is YanYan most care about, if the guanzhong military forces are equipped with the strong bow crossbow, then the battle also need not be fought.Wei yan, zhang ren, zhang fei these people in the game, is killed, nearly a month down, both sides have a win or lose, loss is almost the same, pang tong and zhuge liang although have not yet decided the outcome, but the men continue to fight at high intensity for nearly months, but it is some not to hold, both sides also can only temporarily truce, prepare for the next round of attack.Chapter one hundred and ten king debateBack there, At camp Pound, Looking at the flaming trenches, The soldiers of the battalion came out of the trenches covered in flames, The ground tumbled, someone rushed up to help put out the fire with earth, but after the fire was put out, the soldiers had been burned out of shape, pound's fist clenched in a moment, ugly face listening to the ear sounded a burst of screaming, eyes sparkled with deep light, unwilling to roar: "retreat!"After a few provocations, see yan yan is stuck, wei yan almost a fire, fortunately was Deng Xian timely organization, although now autumn, it is a good time to set fire, but shu can be different outside, if this fire really boil, how many innocent don't say, they themselves also have to be trapped."Man is greedy, and it is easy to give him things, but it is hard to get anything out of them!" Secretariat office, lyu3 zheng threw a letter into the fire, shook his head and sighed.Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders.

Wei now back against the barracks, there is no way to retreat, looking at jingzhou soldiers, wei couldn't help cold hum 1, harsh voice drink a way: "abandon crossbow, knife, tell these jingzhou natives, even if there is no crossbow arrow, they are still a mob!""I had already seen them when I arrived, and Ling Ming was talking about the trenches outside the city, wasn't he?" Wei nodded and sat on the throne, he and blanc have seen the crisscross trenches outside the city of nanyang.

Silence on the wall, a long time later, in the public heart of despair, suddenly slowly opened the gate.The order was passed on, Soldiers of the armed forces tightened the string also finally relaxed, The next morning, in lu su whole equipment station, ready to meet guan yu's new round of attack, opposite the camp is quiet, there is no sign of troops, sent scouts to check, guan yu camp is not empty camp, even smoke is rising as usual, methodical fire cooking, no offensive meaning."Yes, the third defeat, because your opponent is me?" Lu Zheng laughed.



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