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paulSEO999  "Why did you come here alone?" Zhong yao cold hum a way.

Three people looked back at the same time, incredible looked at lyu3 bu4, splashed, fall down together."Yuan often, the master sent someone to send some property to lyu3 bu4, want to lyu3 bu4 this time also don't want to be enemy with master, just..." Country clutching a glass, frown thinking: "since the view of lyu3 bu4 out of xuzhou, great unusual, jia thought, when we increase the intelligence collection of the three auxiliary place, in the future our army and lyu3 bu4, there will be a big war!"In Zhou Cang strange eyes, the woman turned down, kneeling on one knee in front of lyu3 bu4 courteous track: "at the end of Addis, see master.""Back to less general, master was invited by Korea's adult today, go to jincheng for dinner!" Answered the chief of the guard.

"What about him?" North palace from the eyes did not look at Yang Wang, but deadly look at lyu3 bu4, cold track."Let's go to Hanoi!" Lyu3 bu4 stopped two people meaningless quarrel, a wave of his hand, in d and pound complex eyes, straight with the army to the east.

Zhang embroidery, xu sheng, chen xing and just fell asleep giffin soon followed the male broad sea, these people, lyu3 bu4 now hand only generals.

D looked at ma dai, chest hurried ups and downs a few times, just press down the heart of the kill, eyes sharply looked at the camp of Korea hence, stay Korea hence military forces away, just raise your hand, slowly raise your hand weapons, forward a lead."Poof-poof-poof ~"

"Son of a bitch!" Larocca scold 1, backhand will hand silver spear to Ma Tie, even if can't kill d, also want to kill Ma Tie first."Master, please say." Wei yan face a su, sink a track.Chapter 36 commandingXiongkuo haiwen speech had to shut up."I'll find out when I ask." Zhong yao toward the account outside lang track: "bring wei yan messenger in."

This month, Is lyu3 bu4 since his rebirth, The most enjoyable month, Also harvest month, lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, at the beginning of the migration, the performance of superior people, or for the magistrate, or for the county commandant, the worst, can also become county officials, more as a reserve of talent, was sent to marotta presided over the construction of changan academy, for further study, as long as can pass the academy's final assessment, after coming out, there will be a career.Smell speech, including country, three people at the same time breathed a sigh of relief, now is working together against lombardi, if so, cause cao cao and xun yu princes, internal rift, not all want to see.

Until they left, Yang Wangcai feebly sat down and looked at the direction of the back hall of the log cabin with a wry smile: "Brother Wen He, this time not disappointed."Chapter 29 hidden worry

"It 's time to go!" Lyu3 bu4 thoughtfully nodded, the huns, must be to ask for help, the day before yesterday evening a battle, lyu3 bu4 believe, the huns have been afraid, now can think of, I'm afraid only to recall the invasion of the west cool people."Son of a bitch!" D slapped on the table with a slap, a huge force will directly break the entire table, roared: "Candidate dog thief, bad my event!"

Cheng Gongying laughed aloud and said, "It's just death. Just a thief. I'm going to meet you tonight. Kill you!""If you're serious, you'll have to start with Peikung Po-yu." Yangwang eyes a bright, looking out of the hall, leisurely said.Xun yu, at face a change, harsh voice way: "can't!"

"Beigong away, you still have the face to come here?" The person appeared, around the qiang people will fry, undisguised hostility in his eyes, Yang Wang is forward, loudly drink a way.

"Said my general, If your excellency is willing to accept, Tonight, Can take a team to our camp, Then you can go to East Camp, My general will open east camp guard, and He Yi He Man will also be placed in the east camp, when adults just rushed into the east camp, killed He Yi He Man brothers, my general can take the opportunity to lead the surrender of adults, of course, if adults willing to believe, but at the end of the will go back, my adult tonight will carry He Yi He Man's head, come to offer. " Li Bao will be said before the good strategy said again.Chen Qun smell speech, face can not help but change."What?" Xiong broad sea puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.

They smell speech can not help but smile, then face is difficult to look at, Korea hence led the huns KouBian practice, it is disgusting, cao cao bored hum 1, turned to the country: "lyu3 bu4 is brave, but now in the hands of the army is far inferior to Korea hence, and do not want to refuse to defend the city, can play to now is rare.""Well done." Lyu3 bu4 threw down the bamboo slips and looked down at Miao Shang, who looked like dirt and was dressed in a brocade robe. He smiled and said, "Miao Shang?"

Li Bao smell speech, can't help but in the heart left mouth, He Yi He Man is what master? Clearly still don't believe them, but luckily, the general had already calculated this matter, had already prepared, now nodded: "So, at the end of the night, will lead the way for adults."This is also a kind of empty gloves white wolf, around the west cool walk a circle, his troops in the hands of the whole doubled, than stay at home farming development much faster, of course, these words, is impossible to say to anyone, this is the skill of the king, but also the heart of the emperor."Send troops, forty thousand troops sent someone else to inform marotta, let d led ten thousand elite, fifty thousand elite to wuwei, and we meet, Korea hence although there are hundreds of people, but a county, can't afford so many people, Korea hence as long as not stupid, will seek to our decisive battle, but the decisive battle, can't be chosen by him.""Well... yes." Ma dai was d see heart cold, hurriedly bowed down."Yes, that child must obey his fath." D depressed nodded.

By right, As one of Cao Cao's most important advisers, Cao Cao is not bad for the country, Leaving aside the salary, Cao Cao's occasional rewards, but also enough for a carefree family in the country to live a few lifetimes, Country should not have been so bleak, unexpectedly sold the house ran to cao fu rub eat and drink, in exchange for any subordinates, can't be so cheeky, even cao cao, for the country is also quite helpless, because compared with the country's daily consumption, the salary plus cao cao from time to time, not enough country profligacy.Seibel soldiers, but are just experienced a fierce fight elite foot soldiers, with seibel commanded, a strong pressure with the slow and firm pace, quickly spread, pressure to zhong yao."Didn't you say, today reward the armed forces, don't say business." Cao cao some discontented way.

"Clatter ~" "clatter ~"Chapter 33 Hetao

In the river, Zhong yao, who was almost on the other side of the river, turned his head and looked, But saw the jun in patches without cover, Killed mercilessly by the thief's arrows, Blood dripping from my heart, The five thousand jun is almost mobilized changan and even luoyang this generation of all forces, Cao cao is now actively preparing for a decisive battle with lombardi, in the future for a long time, will not be able to mobilize a soldier to the three auxiliary, the five thousand soldiers, is the last barrier of the three auxiliary, now the barrier is gone, is not representing more than three auxiliary, even nationalities, also completely exposed to lyu3 bu4's iron hoofs! ?Korea hence in immediately turned back a little, is scalp numb, the whip in the hand can not help but more desperate to the horse buttocks.It hurts!"Master said, meet you this kind of literati, a word can't answer, tied up first say again, oh, by the way, put his mouth shut up for me!" He Yi-hei said with a smile, "You literati, one by one, are full of bad water, but you can't follow your path."To feed an elite cavalry, Sufficient armed infantry, with lyu3 bu4 now just established a shallow foundation, support now these cavalry has been stretched, and then want to enlarge, don't say there is enough time, let oneself with trained recruits to meddle in the coming chaos of the west cool, even if there is, he also can't give so much money to support."At the end of the day!" Seibel three people loudly agreed to 1, leave, lyu3 bu4 military forces now scattered around, seibel can only let Chen xing, xu sheng overnight to gather military forces, himself with now stationed in changan two thousand infantry, first step to the locust."Old poor man, come and tell your father." Addis to the team a face of dusty giffin cried.

"Wen He feels that if Han Sui and Marten fight, who wins and who loses?" Ride on horseback, lyu3 bu4 side head looked at giffin, asked with a smile."Lyu3 bu4 how many people?" Roughly listened to each other's explanation, d frown way, first break Mei county, burning granaries, and back to the ambush, array chop hou don't say, the twenty thousand west cool army is not clay pinched.

"Han Sui?" Yang Wangwen disdains the speech for a while, a handsome man beside him sneers at a way: "Think of that north palace uncle jade, I really dare not believe him, as for other governors, oh ~"Hundreds of icy arrows cluster dense shot to the sky, just a moment, then fell into d cavalry behind, unprepared cavalry fell in pieces, d at the moment is desperate, crazy toward the direction of korea hence.But more than ten days without Korea hence movement, under people are waiting for some impatience.



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