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paulSEO999  "Lyu3 bu4?" Li You, a scribe by the name of Li You, smelled a complex color in his eyes. He looked at Miao Shang's distressed face and shook his head. "It wasn't difficult at all," he said.

Li Bao bit his teeth, sink a track: "My general long admire Cao Gong and adults, deeply lyu3 bu4 against the sky, special orders will come at the end of today, offer down table, pleaded with adults to take in.""Kill ~" Santa behind, eight thousand huns warriors roared excitedly like wild animals on horseback, waving horses rushed up excitedly toward the moon people camp, horseshoe percussion of the earth, like countless war drums, surging to the cavalry, like a torrent, with all the momentum of destruction."Just in time, do you know who is leading the way?" Wei Yanwen speech, can't help but look a bright way."That's good." Guan Yu look at coppage, for a long time, sighed and said: "Gongming purpose, I already know, but loyal minister do not serve the two masters, afraid to let the public understand a trip."

"At the end of the day!" Seibel strut, up the road."All right, brave enough." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, "How many people can you bring?"

Call kitchen spring saw array of cavalry across the distance, deep cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold kill, although I don't know why these should be against the north handsome army why will appear here, but since met, can't let them go!

"No chicken, no dog!""Bao ~"

"The defenders of the city listen, zhang is not benevolent, unprovoked kill my messenger, insult my military power, immediately open the gates, surrender zhang both, otherwise, when the city is broken, chicken and dog do not stay!" Wei yan's face showed a ferocious color, regardless of what he has, the city, Lao tze to set!"Absurd!" D ugly face stood up, harsh voice way: "some but can't use the lives of soldiers of the armed forces to accompany Mr. Children's play."Thousands of moon people warriors will hundreds of unarmed huns surrounded in the middle, a cold arrow cluster aimed at the huns surrounded in the center.Santa as north handsome confidant, is responsible for the daily safety of the chicken deer village, and deter those other tribes, lest those small tribes think the huns main left, dare to do whatever they please."That general is wise."

"Say, where are these people? I don't think the communication and the gift are direct." Lyu3 bu4 laughed.West cool, ji county.

"Hum!" Han sui smell speech, sneer at 1: "don't mind him, wait for us to tidy up d, just qiang people, want to divide is not difficult, changan direction, what's lyu3 bu4?"

On horseback, d eyes flashed a touch of red, snapped: "get away!"Seibel nodded, was about to order to do the last charge, head-on team, a warrior pony, far away, then heard wei shouted loudly: "general high, mercy!"

"Wei Yan?" Sitting on top of the handsome, zhong yao thought about the strange name, don't know where lyu3 bu4 is from the member of the general, it seems, not only martial arts, and on the use of more than cao peng comparable, if there is a chance, as income, look at another humanity: "Zhong Cheng, you go to the people to find out who this wei yan is, as soon as possible."Lyu3 bu4 nodded his head and agreed, "It's understandable that the king is defeated by the invaders." Then he clapped his hands and said, "But see who these people are first."

Hande waved to the moon people around him: "Throw the body into the pit, even the people buried inside.""Yes, that's the way of the king." Chen gong nodded.

Montenegro, as one of the most powerful qiang handsome, Yang Wang is not comfortable, Yang Wang is the name of the han dynasty, he worshiped the han culture since childhood, Yang Wang's name, is what he chose for himself.Giffin smiled and shook his head: "General male said is an aspect, Marten is fu wave after general ma yuan, ma fu wave is quite prestigious among the qiang people, marten is descendants, nature will also be supported by qiang people instinct, in addition, marten has qiang blood, its mother for qiang people, and concubines also have qiang people, is half qiang people, by qiang people as their own family, will be supported by so many qiang people. ""Why are you running? Why are you running?" Korea hence fell on horseback, crazy roared in the heart, he knew that d can never bring too many people, with their forces now, not necessarily without the force of the first world war, just a few times want to le into the horse, and d fight to the death, but still can't make the determination, or don't have the courage.

Three stuffy ring is sounded almost at the same time, three xiongnu warriors ear bowstring sound, is trying to escape, chest is a cool, chest has been more than an arrow.Santa around, suddenly sad to find that eight thousand people of the huns warriors, in this hour of time, was devastated, since trampled on, plus the appearance of the damned han Chinese general, life killed most of the huns warriors, can still gather around santa now, even less than eight hundred, ten not one!"My niece is handsome, and she has a spirit that the Han women do not have. She will be a beautiful woman in the future." Giffin to Yang Wangxiao way.

Looked at a pair of gradually converging eyes, lyu3 bu4 loudly way: "because you with a waste of general, will be the soul of the armed forces, a soldier bear, will bear a nest, that's the truth, look at your general, just doing what?" After their defeat, they were begging to surrender to the enemy! I lyu3 bu4 vertical and horizontal world, will be countless famous, but today, or the first time I met a city of generals begging to the enemy scene, they let me see long. ""And how can it be comforted?" Cao Caowen said with a wry smile.Chapter 45 seibel vs d

"Get up, after the general will give you a decent identity, understand? If there is any requirement, just say, as long as it is not too much, the general will agree to you." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the look of the recovery of the cool woman, wearing a loose robe stood up and appreciated the woman's moving posture."Go ahead and greet them." Wei YanDang first walked toward the camp, anyway, this is zhang liao sent to people, etiquette needs to respect.

Candidate hummed twice, directly back to camp to sleep, sure enough, not long after the kung fu, and outside the sound of gongs and drums, just not long before disappeared."Today mud Yang ShouJiang zhang liao led hundreds of people rushed array, into appropriate general caught off guard, was beheaded in the armed forces, army routed, now mud Yang outside the army has fled back."A team of knights fly immediately before, will block the giant deer outside YuanMen pull open, YuanMen also in the dark, after a dull sound, slowly open.D eyes flashed a touch of Yin Ji, turned to the healer, harsh voice: "I only asked if you can cure.""Master can't!" Marotta and others smell speech can not help but frightened, hurriedly advised."Just let the girls do these things. You're in the right room now." Lyu3 bu4 stretched out his hand, from behind around the sable cicada slightly plump jiao body, stretched out his hand to throw away the things in her hand."That general is wise." Zhang Han flattery way."Wen hou yong penetration of the world in the past, my body had the privilege of seeing the general style." The woman nodded her head lightly.

Waved, twenty strong foot soldiers carrying hook claws, quickly avoid the trap in front of the camp, antlers, quietly touch YuanMen.Although know each other's target is lyu3 bu4, But MiaoShang heart is still perturbed, afraid of being zhong yao to find their secrets, good, zhong yao soon close to xinfeng control of the war, let MiaoShang relieved, but unfortunately not long, this is just a few days, suddenly came the news of someone wandering in hanoi, let MiaoShang more frightened, led by general, unexpectedly is lyu3 bu4! ! !

"But these methods are only suitable for the West Cool." The country laughs: "If in the central plains, with lyu3 bu4 fame, not so easy to accomplish, if really dare to follow this, the future will die without burial place.""Come with me, Po-chan!" D turned on the horse, see from the younger brother, although a few years younger, but a knife is not vulgar, immediately."Sound!" D look gloomy almost fled back to the west cool army, if not fire also blocked the line of the defenders, I'm afraid at the moment is not just fled so simple.



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