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paulSEO999  Sudden turns, from Addis suddenly begin to women with bolt shot Hugo ducale, but meantime lamp that kung fu tea, court, xianbei people may not know what happened in court, Addis must, before xianbei people react will then built xianbei people, on the way to have seen before in the city there are many xianbei people in wander, not centralized.

'send someone to see if there's a trap! The king of tu was very cautious during the battle. There was no possibility of an ambush in the open field. What he was worried about now was the advance arrangement of the horse pit."Where's the vice President?" Lv bu swept some uneasy city guard, indifferent way."What! ?" Hearing this, zhang liao climbed up on his knees, wearing armor while frowning, "when did it happen?""The Lord is at ease." Jia xu nodded, chang 'an chaos, so far is over, the next is to appease the people some trivial things, jia xu and Chen gong in, these problems are not difficult.

"Lao wang, I said I was a general under han sui, so the han army sent me back." "Agouli said."There is an amazing talent, not under you and me, even some other day." Li ru sat down and did not belittle pang tong's ability, but the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer and said, "however, he is too proud and unsophisticated. If he meets a wise Lord, he will be fine.

Yes, the mob.

Over!"Be, mo river this go to do!" Grosso smell speech, grind nods, this may also be with the only chance to live, for the rest of the three thousand elite troops, han sui has dissipated, if you can, with even want to set fire to the gu hidden burned, along with the thirty thousand troops, but as a result, equal to even give his own life was broken, so, these horses, can only be cheaper to lu bu.

Hearing this, zhang liao immediately got up and said, "there is nothing wrong with you. I will take you to have a look.""My name is lu lingqi, a hussar riding general, the daughter of lu bu." Lu lingqi leaned against the tent, her eyes down, her voice barely audible.The northern water army originally belongs to the side door son, even if is just the male power big yuan shao, under the command of the warship also does not have how many, now can only take fishing boat to fill.Lu bu grew up in the state of the first half of his life is almost stepping on the bodies of xiongnu, xianbei people came over, for xiongnu language is not strange.Say that finish, in a group of hao shuai complex vision, li ru with the magnificent sea shi ran left, back to zhang liao dayin.

West cold war with lyu3 bu4 large broken English court battle report to the central plains, xiongnu's cause some storms, a lot of people to lu bu and in that case also dare to the light to penetrate, hitting the huns however, forcing the huns withdrew from the battlefield, and then shows ruthless spicy, will the huns most little feet, playing mixed in the central plains, many celebrities feel lyu3 bu4, killing will kill you in the future will be by the scourge, but in the northern area, especially near the huns in the quiet state, bing, west spent cool and jizhou is let many people applaud.Jia xu stroked his beard and said: "the dispatch of troops, related to the safety of the Lord, elected a person to assist the Lord."

JingZhao, now is the political and military center, lyu3 bu4 and harmony of the cold, in the coming year, lyu3 bu4 have to do is keep things artisan battalion of the new developed step by step to promote to the people's livelihood, JingZhao nature is to play a role model, if next year to good crop weather, combined with new tools to improve efficiency, the harvest will be far more than other counties, is this, to further consolidate lyu3 bu4 then itself has a very important role."What is he talking about? Pound did not understand much of the language and asked a nearby warrior who was very good at it.

"Husband, what's the matter? Liu yun puzzled along the eyes of lv bu looked at, what did not see, puzzled to ask.Snow seems to be bigger, although there is a good snow harvest, but continue to enjoy the mood of snow or not, lv bu let people notice hua tuo, medical camp to save some people, although not necessarily to save how many people, but better than indifferent.

For lyu3 bu4, zhaoyun actually not hate, no matter how much his reputation in the central plains, but there are some things, is can't kill, lyu3 bu4, sun hae-chan, zhaoyun almost grew up listening to two people's name, flight will be the name of the conference semifinals lose heart, I don't know how many frontier stockade guard people, alone the feat, it seems the people of the north, is enough to erase lyu3 bu4 stigma of those in the central plains."General! About to act, ma chao, ma dai and north palace from appear in the account, three people face still with a few haggard color, but at this time three people are emitting a surprising war."These things, endless." Lyu3 bu4 ha ha a smile, in ancient times, even if again busy, but the flow of information is extremely inconvenient, even if again busy, also can always take some time to rest, to this day and age, from the start of the stranger to adapt step by step, until now, though not our, is also one of the male, talent or ability, ideas, compared with just came to this world, there is a big change.

Ma Zhan step, wars or even may be in the future to study the south war, the troops, lyu3 bu4 is to be used as the special training, is working with from the camp to provide the most advanced weapons, armor, is also one of the most abundant food to eat, took as its generals in the field, at the beginning of the established in the force, marotta to persuade the lyu3 bu4 to abandon this idea, ever give lyu3 bu4 calculate a bill, spend the money of five hundred people, if used to armed troops, can organize a five thousand elite.

"The longer it takes, the better for cao cao. Lu bu nodded thoughtfully. The war situation in hebei was not only about lu bu, but also about jingxiang, liu biao and jiang dong, sun quan."General, we have just received a message from chang 'an that lu bu has led his troops to the hetao." His deputy general came over to zhang he and bowed."What kind of rat? Dare to covet chang 'an!" Han DE urged his horse forward and opened a big axe to the front. ?"

"All right, ask three generals to go with me." Seeing li ru open his mouth, zhang liao nodded.The next morning, zhang liao summoned li kan and asked him to take an army from han sui to linzi to carry grain and grass.As long as lv bu is still in, they believe lv bu can take them invincible!

Chapter 59 distractionLyu3 bu4 know where their weaknesses, for now, with the family is not impossible, but the military must absolute master in his own hands, in the barrel of a gun out of power, a great man, is a universal truth, and, in order to prevent family will influence by other means to infiltrate the army, lyu3 bu4 under a military orders, special field more than general ban intermarry with family, at the same time, the affinity with family, in the army must not be above the field office.The so-called stone furnace is actually a carbon furnace. In this era, coal was called nirvana, but only some rich families could burn coal due to the backward mining and exploration technology."Yuan hao worried too much!" Yuan shao laughed and said, "as far as I know, after lv bu defeated han sui, 100,000 troops disbanded on the scene, and now the sum of xiliang and guanzhong is no more than 30,000. I have ordered zhang junyi to lead the army to cross the river. As long as chang 'an is broken, there are 30,000 troops in lu bu, he can only go to xiliang."< / p > < p > ride the general's door suddenly open, Yang xi a white armor, armed with a bow and arrow, with a wave of general house guards rushed out, against the dead a burst of fire, at the same time harsh way: "general liao, into the house!

"In it." Pointing to the direction of the workshop, xiongkuohai took a look at zhang and said, "you'd better not go in there. The temperature is too hot for us."Even though guan hai was not as brave as zhang liao and ma chao, he was also a man who fought with guan yu for 30 years in beihai before he was defeated. In terms of martial arts alone, he was ranked first in line with lu bu."DE jong should know, not suffering from less and suffering from uneven truth, if DE jong met every qiang han dispute, so be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, will only lose prestige, time for a long time, will only pride and slow its heart. Chen gong looked at zhang and said with a smile: "DE rong need to remember one thing, work in the Lord, the waist should first straight, do not worry too much.

"What to do, general?" Deputy will be embarrassed to see zhang he, this ferry also dozen dozen not dozen?Zhang liao incorporated the han sui department, plus lu bu with the momentum of breaking the huns, in the face of the han army with a tiger eye covily, finally, burned when qiang a number of hao shuai chose to compromise, with their department into the ranks of lu bu, lv bu to send.

"Husband, that monkey just now is really lovely. Why don't we keep one?" Ramble an afternoon, sable cicada restored many young daughter posture however.The horse is pure white, without a trace of impurities, if there are people who understand the horse here, I am afraid there will be a bright feeling, this horse, is a rare horse, if really understand the horse, will secretly scold this knight son of a bitch, such weather, how can let this treasure horse in the snow and ice in the race.Chapter xvii expulsion of each tuThe contradiction between sun liu begins from sun jian, already planted, although did not take the opportunity to enter river east, but the small battle between the two sides is never broken."Talent from heaven and earth?" Pang tong laughed at himself, looked at lu lingqi and then at li ru, shook his head and said with a bitter smile, "there are many talented people under the account of marquis wen.In this stormy world, as a royal woman, in such a place as xuchang, even in ordinary days with the cold, elegant and noble temperament will be armed up, but after pulling off that layer of coat, still a woman, need men to rely on.In the sound of hurried footsteps, the curtain of the box was rolled up, and a figure came in, looking at the young man and wringing his hands: "brother boda, why are you still here? Don't you know that the wanted posters of your two brothers have been posted all over chang 'an?"Yang ding managed to push back, just avoid the opponent's behead, the third hussar had rushed up a knife cut, Yang ding hurriedly back to the gun parry, but was the other side kick down on the ground.

After ma chao released an arrow, he brandished a long gun and ran back and forth in the crowd. Although the old camp was mostly a kind of residence made of felt bags, the terrain was still the terrain of street fighting.This requires constant testing, and no theory can sustain it. Even if this huge figure were placed in some dangerous passes, it would strengthen the stability of this stretch of land.

"Master wants to conquer this man?" Zhang liao surprised to look at li ru, if one track-minded, want to accept some difficult to do."The general is serious." The old king looked at all the people around han sui and said, "there are still sixty thousand men under your general who are far stronger than lu bu.To zero, but now has become the huns and lyu3 bu4 game, one of the most critical, the huns of a recruit, but on the prairie culture is strong, and although lyu3 bu4 back against the west is cool, but in fact is difficult to get too much support, can only rely on themselves to open the situation right now, this one, for lyu3 bu4, crucial, as to the fate, is the ability of both sides.



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