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paulSEO999  "What man? Furtive, what kind of man!" A big orca see suddenly lost two brothers, not from great anger, to around the harsh voice shouted.

"What then?" CAI MAO eyes flashing with a touch of anxiety, never thought that the enemy was accurate in their mind, that lv bumang fu side when such a figure?Most importantly, mo said that the two together, is any one, lu bu is also very difficult to deal with."Kill ~""No." Xun yu shook his head and said, "lu bu's potential has been realized. If we don't stop it, the future will be endless!"

Zhang he nodded somberly, such a thing, he didn't want to participate in, but he is very clear, this is the hebei group and YingChuan a collision, rather than yuan shang and yuan tan, rather than a battle between two groups to dominate in the future, no compromise, not overwhelm dongfeng west wind, is west wind over the east wind, only hoped, can be a quick victory!If I had come a day earlier or a day later, the result could not have been as bad as it is now.

Of course, the most important is not this, pundit, such as zheng xuan, even lu bu will tie him to come over, as long as he is not willing to, lyu3 bu4 also cannot be forced, but from the back to news analysis, zheng xuan to the dean's identity is not exclusive, also in changan academy, it lawfully or co and lu bu yan, method is legalism apprentice had an argument.

"Well!" Gao yan nods, clap horse to go out with gun.Although there are a lot of restrictions, but in spite of this, still let pu master and horse are excited, although there is no real right, three hundred stone salary in front of the court, but it is a recognition, virtually improve the status of the recognition of the craftsman.

Lv bu believes, want to give oneself only time, oneself can make the area of all battle situation now into iron bucket piece, next 10 years livelihood, 10 years development, when the time comes central plains prince absolutely person is his opponent, can sweep the world."The Lord at the end." Li shuxiang with four heroic female soldiers, to lv bu a bow, arch way."Military order mountain, also hope big childe mo to let the end will be difficult to do." General eyes flash a kill machine, sen ran way."Granted? Lu bu's eyes lit up, when day and night the owl guards will hold back the sun, the sun is put on the attitude of death rather than surrender to face lu bu, according to the convention, lu bu was taken into custody, later perhaps can be used as a political bargaining chips to trade with yuan shao, now think, with his ability, is really suitable for this position.As for the western region of the thirty thousand army can not be lightly moved, not only to suppress the slaves of zhangye, more importantly, to deter the western region countries.

Lv buyou looked around, but he saw yuan tan rushing about in the chaotic army.Half a wick sweet, more than a dozen in the journey has been experienced by, came to his city, looked up to the sky of chang 'an, ordinary people in the eyes of the clear sky, at the moment but in his eyes as if the more other things, mumbling way: "like dragons, kill the Wolf life, should have a spry, could reverse change destiny, can also gather dragon air, dating back to the dragon? Strange, strange!"

Yuan shang frowned and looked at the judge and said, "but if we don't take it now, what if all the people in qingzhou will rebel again?"

"Miss, here or huangzu defense area, please miss hurry to ship, under the escort miss jiangdong." Gan ning a fist way."And uncle." "Liu qi bowed.

Yecheng east, lv bu daying.Lv bu wen yan, frowned: "after all, is the family of people.""That was before, after this war, jizhou still talk about what family?" Chen gong shook his head and said with a smile, "as the sovereign is capable of spreading out the aspirations of the whole world, it is natural that his great family should also be in the whole world, with all rivers flowing into the sea. Although the sovereign now enjoys the support of all people, these people always need someone to govern them.For a while, a complex and unclear feeling rose in the bottom of my heart, there is shame and admiration, after all, although each for its own master, but now cao cao revealed the boldness has left yuan shang several streets.

"Poof ~"

The general trend, do not want to die, can only escape."If not, you think you can get through guanzhong?" Lv bu cold hums a way.Cold arrow in the air again and again crisscross, a splashes of blood flower, with a sad and heroic, silent narrative of the tragic war.

"The eldest brother rested earlier, too." Guan yu nodded, was about to turn his head back to the house, suddenly felt something fell on his face, a cold quickly spread, subconsciously looked up, but see the sky, do not know when to start floating snow.'very well! There was a flash of everything in his eyes, and he turned his head to look at zhou cang at his side and said, "please general zhou order all the gates to be closed. From now on, no one can enter or leave the gates."Hubbub ~" a group of just as if at any moment may fall down the female soldiers broke out at an amazing speed, suddenly has appeared in the car to push the next side, began to Wolf down.

"Pei yuanshao! Gao shun turned his head and looked at pei yuanshao, who had just crossed the river, and said in a deep voice, "leave three thousand men here for you to keep watch, and the rest follow me to capture zhongyang.Pang tong and xu shu were too busy to touch the ground every day, and Chen gong seldom saw him idle. Besides, some famous western liang scholars, such as Yang fu and wei kang, were also living a life of coolies."Not afraid of being bought?" Gu shaoqiang said with a smile, this is a very important question, the army out, was bought how to do?"This...... "Looking at the drive back to the city and around a piece of people Shouting, a group of old people fell into silence, lv bu has begun to control the family around, now even want to go, I'm afraid also can't go.

Although unwilling, but if lost meng jin, CAI MAO broke the retreat, eighty thousand troops vanish into thin air, let him go back to liu biao account, the heart is not willing, today this deficit can only recognize."Is this not a rebellion?" Cao cao frowns and says: "how is this different from the yellow turban?"The devil!

Early the next morning, yuan shang ordered his men to dig a village two hundred paces away from yecheng. Meanwhile, he began to dig a large number of holes in the surrounding area.'stand down! Cao cao shouted again.

"No one has the right to mobilize the xiangyang army without the order of the Lord." General wang wei was indifferent."All go down." Looking at the stunned eyes of the crowd, zhang he waved his hand wearily and turned to walk to his room. His back was indescribably bleak and lonely."Yo, smart, good, go ahead, and to reward your progress, add another hundred." Lu bu smiled and nodded, a face that I could teach."Create an era for my husband!" Lv bu hugged closely sable cicada, eyes flashing a touch of hao guang, spirited way."Ha, my father said you are a eunuch is really not wrong, you can only bully bullying women, however, today I want to let you know, you even women are not as good as, let the horse come!" Addis sneer at 1, silver gun in his hand, provocative to see zhang fei, this paragraph of time don't know why, Addis after leaving the western regions, and one day to feel your own speed in cyanobacteria, after adaptation, marksmanship has made considerable progress, but also learn the birds pay homage to the king of zhaoyun JueXue, skills, now meet zhang fei, also want to give it a try yourself what to today's level."Kakkakaka ~""Law xiao zhi? Lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly send you?" Pang tong was surprised to find that lu bu had brought fa directly to him. Now, fa yan was regarded as a suspect by all the people under lu bu's command.

Although Yang fu did not know liu bei three people, but behind the zhaoyun with lv lingqi can recognize, get zhaoyun warning, Yang fu smiled and looked at CAI MAO road: "the commander of this bad, if there is not a villain from the instigate, and how can there be this matter? What's more, although our Lord won xuzhou, he also saved the life of duke xuande from ji ling. How unjust is that?""No!

The elder of the head made a silent movement, dignified look at this scene."Miss, look, there's a boat coming." "Said one of the guards, suddenly pointing to the river."Son and! Cao cao opened his mouth, but was on the side of guo jia hold down his hand, shen way: "Lord!"



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