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paulSEO999  "Well!" Outside the door came a dull sound.

"All right, but remember, don't say more." Liu bei looked at zhang fei and sank his voice."Please land on both sides of the table, but I am afraid that this incident is due to zhang he, who fled to mount taihang." Jia xu echoed.Kuai more look at CAI MAO: "the more sure, if this time to retreat, will be ambushed, eighty thousand jingxiang jianer noon, please general decision."Three thousand? Madai nodded, frowning. "did you find out where the nearest army of thieves was?"

"Eldest brother, why don't let an go, if press present, CAI MAO that si dare so despise eldest brother, definite poke a transparent hole to his body!" The next day, the sober zhang fei after knowing liu bei's encounter, discontented loudly rang rang.And he is in the battle of puyang original lyu3 bu4 alone the war against the lyu3 bu4, after six to calculate, take advantage of some, but the skill, he is second to xu chu, after the battle of Montenegro, xu chu revenge for his brother, and hone skills, often associated with the xi play, two people consciously martial arts have a big progress, two people together, he does not believe that he will lose to lu bu.

< / p > < p > small eyes flashed a flash of anger, but in the face of lv lingqi and zhaoyun attack together, but also can only be tired of dealing with, the whole camp of soldiers saw huang grandfather son ran, the night, also do not know around the people is the enemy is friend, began to swarm to scatter, trampling on each other and countless dead.

"That younger brother this go to do." CAI zhong nodded his head and then went to point soldiers out."No need to be polite." Lv bu looked at these women soldiers and sighed: "in those years, the class dingyuan thirty-six riding ping western region, now I have lu bu tiger female led fifty-six women ping western region, good example, female not let men, you call li shuxiang?

< / p > < p > three days period has come, lv lingqi, zhaoyun, Yang fu with more than ten hussars riding guard waiting in the river, watching the sunset, but not even a boat shadow to see, Yang fu frown at zhaoyun: "ganning this person, credible? Fu heard that this man had been the river bandits."I did it, but duke xuande refused!" Zhaoyun stood up, hold the Addis: "although ling yee some unruly, but the heart is good, my life, is her save, in xuande male in the central plains for a future in time, we in the western regions, with foreign operations, the lady to her daughter, now the number of degrees of armorial bearing in danger is not retreated, lay the exalted status, today I am han Chinese in the western regions in order to follow her cloud, would rather give up everything, even not Gu Guanjun hou, resolutely over thousands of miles to cast of cloud, the camaraderie, cloud let her too much, since can't correspond with xuande male, cloud cannot defeat to her again, is the sky were to fall, also can't!""Younger brother understand, younger brother retire." CAI MAO a look at Mrs. CAI, know his sister this is in catch up with people, hurriedly promised a, leave.CAI MAO did not think before has been reluctant to retreat liu bei will be so simply agreed to retreat, not from a little stunned, but immediately but the reaction, liu bei this is in Yin he, so said, not to tell these soldiers, the reason for the delay in retreat, actually because CAI MAO stop? His face went black."Thank you, uncle." Yuan shang bowed respectfully and turned his head to look at the generals under the tent. "this uncle came to help us fight rebellion," he said.

'go away! Blink of an eye, three horse has been among the soldiers before near, the day painting ji Yang, no fancy and xu chu hammer to spell a, severe impact an invisible sound waves, surrounded by a lot of foot soldiers directly by the acoustic shock of ears deaf, constantly have blood from your ear effusion, many people are directly by the sound waves to earthquake dead, lyu3 bu4 through force of anti seismic body slightly oblique, avoided the xi ji trigeminal party day, the day painting ji an upside down, ji branchlets hook on the xi's neck, direct him down from his horse, in the shout xu chu, the xi's party day painting ji dragged by lu bu to recover in the direction of the cao cao, The place that lead, but have horse block, lyu3 bu4 wave square day painting halberd, connect a person to take halberd toward all round mad chop, hit of cao jun hold a head rat to flee, instantly, more xi's burly body has been hit not to become a person, the neck is more the life and death is a branchlet to cut off, leave a head only, dense white bone is exposed outside particularly permeate a person!"It would be different if our army were defeated." Guo jia looked at cao cao: "if our army returned to the central plains, only one yuan shang, the Lord thought, that yuan shang can be lu bu opponent?"

Accompanied by the cheers, lu bu, jia xu, li ru and fazheng and other officials smiled a little, so that jizhou family and the people will be difficult to stick together to squeeze lu bu, based on jizhou's first step, it is done."Is this not a rebellion?" Cao cao frowns and says: "how is this different from the yellow turban?"

"As long as meng jin is in hand, CAI MAO's back road will be in our hands, not afraid that they will not issue provisions to us." Sima lang laughed and said, "the tiger prison is unbreakable. Meng jin must be in our hands.""It's wei yan! ?" CAI MAO looked at the crowd and guan yu have a little similar to the enemy, the heart sank, these days, wei yan hand knife, defeated jingxiang generals, end of the very brave, CAI MAO dare not force the enemy, busy life soldiers formed a battle will wei yan stopped.

Lyu3 bu4 return to oneself really quite value!"Already gave zhang ye, should already entered walnut field boundary now, inside a month, should be able to arrive." Dharma is bowing."Gao gan this son, but some means, before we are look down upon him." When zhang liao heard this, his eyes flashed with excitement, but he was also somewhat solemn. He thought it was a battle with a favorable wind. But who knew that when lu bu and zhang liao joined forces with nearly 15,000 troops, they encountered strong resistance from high officials.

No, the family has the best resources, reading, for them is a habit, a quality but not desire.

Chapter 60 xu chu VS the great seaCao cao in his own camp, with the country for two days, the third day, when cao cao to stand in front, is's, at the close I also almost didn't recognize, just two days, cao cao had aged ten years old, only the eyes still with that momentum, let at people know, such as their master, and back again.The village wall at my feet made a decaying creaking sound from time to time in the wind, which seemed to be likely to be blown down at any time. Under the village wall, lying here and there, were numerous black thieves, all of whom had been summoned by guan hai's prestige and lv bu's name behind him.

, lyu3 bu4 also able to shrug off, now if pang tong openings on the lyu3 bu4 instead to the point, the wise are up to it but not to kill blood, although some overqualified, but when he practices, his different from liu bei, liu bei honour worthy men of letters someone buying it, but if their, military commanders may be ok, but if we say, what to celebrities, will not be ridiculed already is a good thing, so to lyu3 bu4 never ask pang tong loyalty, as long as he steps forward, he believes that one day, the family would bow to his, between living and death, there is not much choice, if lost, pang tong is loyalty, It doesn't matter anymore.'look again! Madai looked around with a cold face. When he looked at the hill not far away, his heart stirred.Gao shun listened to two people bicker, can not help but smile, if not this pang tong long too ke ji, regardless of the ability, and ling qi also good match, but......

"There's no time." Looking at the fainting yuan shang with complicated eyes, yuan shang, on behalf of the interests of the heibei family and powerful family, could not have anything to do. Zhang he sighed and said, "please leave with your three sons, and someone will come to cut off the queen's throne for you!"CAI MAO cold hum 1: "standby car."And lu bu, in the choice of zhang yan, have apparently been as destined to be expelled from this dish chess players all over the world, after all, two people have crossed swords before, in the original lyu3 bu4's level, obviously, in the eyes of zhang yan does not have with cao cao, lombardi this character equal qualifications, even lyu3 bu4 then seal the Wolf is the professional, a sublime north, also is such."Is there any news from the other side?" Qing, to take have no suspense, lyu3 bu4 switch to HuGuan mind, as long as HuGuan give up, no matter can't stopped zhang he, this battle, all is complete, as for further annexation of deep and remote states spent and jizhou, lyu3 bu4 power temporarily haven't so tough, Carthage, although after the defeat of the battle of guandu, but the details remain, with bing, already is the limit of lyu3 bu4, now want to take you state, instead will sink into the war, didn't see cao cao after the invasion of YangWu, then stop, then don't want to hard touch with Carthage, and secondly is the rear of the cao cao is not enough to support his continue to play, play again, Cao cao's power was afraid that he would disintegrate first.

This lyu3 bu4 understanding, even if be oneself dead loyal, below the premise that is loyal at oneself, nature also wants oneself riches and honour successive generation to go down, expand oneself familial.Normal people in the past, zhang yan so long dragging, there must be another plan, even if the idea of thinking to make contributions, also should leave taihang mountain first, after consulting with this side, then make the plan."There's no need to talk about filial piety." Cao cao held guo jia, on the side of pro wei way: "wait for the first escort Sir To camp outside, be sure to protect the safety of Sir."

The jia's visit to the brainstorming has made it very clear, now the focus of the war in hilo-systems hedong, rather than simply kill primm, as to hedong, as long as routed Cao Liu coalition, then hedong face is the double pressures from bing, luoyang, even if they don't play, cao cao will take the initiative to withdraw, no primm, hedong all will be are insufficient and the current key, and meter into, after the battle of or hilo-systems with speed to main hilo-systems and convergence.A great hum filled the sky and earth for an instant. Thirty-three giant arrows almost instantly crossed a distance of four hundred paces and crashed into the wooden wall of the jingzhou army battalion.

"What can I do for you, Sir?" A blond, bluish-eyed, brawny man came up with a smile, his half-done mandarin accented by a foreign accent.As a powerful man of a generation, cao cao could not see the harm of his family. He also tried to suppress the family all the time. Among the princes, he was the one who used the most talents from poor families."Yes, yes! Yuan shang was already in a mess and things had begun to go beyond his control. He nodded to zhang he, "general zhang, you must get the city gate back before lu bu enters the city.""Lord, loyalty is old." "Huang zhong said bitterly.Indeed, many of the things lu bu has made out today are not simply the tangled warfare among princes, but the fate of his own fate and tens of millions of people tied together, history, dare to do such a major change and several have a good end."Dead!" Zhang he's face sank like water when he saw the huge sea hit him with a stick. He did not pay any attention to the copper stick that could shatter his brains. In his hands, he thrust the steel gun into the huge sea with a crushing momentum.In the crowd, pang tong silently watching cao cao's army leave, he with jia xu's idea is similar, to lu bu, at the moment also more than a few points of identification, when broken is broken, when she is given up, no disorderly act the hero, perhaps...... Let's have a look, but it would suit him if he came."Son of a bitch! CAI MAO some depressed cold hum, since with liu pan confluence, he is not good to start again.

"Oh?" Liu bei glanced at CAI MAO and nodded."Click ~ bang ~"

The general was naturally referring to yuan shao."Commander, this is not a good thing!" A home will run into CAI MAO's compound, sad and shrill way.Zhang liao could not help laughing, this is a will lu bu as an opponent, as expected unlikely to surrender.



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