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paulSEO999  Tube hai is not suspected him at the beginning, when found wrong, he has been limiting the freedom, until He Man, tube hai learned of lyu3 bu4 Wolf in professional news, excitement, also more urgent to persuade zhang yan, a seal Wolf in professional achievement and prestige, even tube hai also know, lyu3 bu4 have and the qualification of governors focused all over the world, become the world enough to cao yuan other governors all the way, choose to arrive at this time if zhang yan lu bu, will surely make lyu3 bu4 continued to grow, unfortunately, at the same time, also falling in to the call of the grant of the scribes came, everything changed.

"Since it is a great talent, as it happens, the general is now in need of a door book left, you will be in charge of it." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, saw pang tong one eye, smile way."Huh?" Liu guan zhang smell speech qi qi a frown, the man speak, a woman insert what mouth?Lu bu turned his head and looked at the direction of the fall of the flag. At that moment, he clearly determined that cao cao could not avoid the arrow he shot in any way."Yeah." Yuan shang, with a smile and a nod, stopped talking about the subject and ordered the three armies to quickly break camp and march towards yecheng.

Even if cao cao sent troops, he could not catch up with them. At least he had to save yuan shang's life to have a chance to make a comeback. As long as yuan shang was given time, he could still organize a number of troops to fight again."No sitting, whoever sits down, one punishment at once, a hundred pushups, do!"

Now is the early age, it is the best time for children to play and be active, it is best not to arrange too many things too early, that is to promote the seedling, but the environment is very important.Lyu3 bu4 draw out a place alone in barrack, let skillful craftsman made a lot of toys, let children oneself go playing, want to send specie in charge of taking care of only go, put here, the purpose has only one, practice bravery namely.

Know some royal history knows that the sun jing wang not much promise for a lifetime, can enables us to remember that one of the biggest reasons, it is this cargo fertility strong, life had one hundred and twenty-eight sons, and sons born Sun Sun to a son, and so many handed down from generation, you just pull a surname liu could be zhongshan jing wang, in the same way, after the zhongshan jing wang, and pretend to be the best.Privilege, in which social system will exist, this is a sign of the beginning of prosperity of a society, zhen shi went up lv bu's bed, although there is no formal ceremony, but in fact, zhen jia has already had a relationship with lv bu, a little bit of incompatibility, in lv bu's sphere of influence, zhen jia is a royal family.

Seems to be the final winner of cao cao, also not the winner, is to help him get a water will lyu3 bu4 DongZhengJun demise, similarly, the whole get water basin, way ten counties, the waters a put, lyu3 bu4 withdrawal, afterward matter falls on his head, lyu3 bu4 can relax to hebei north to farmland, expand the territory, the pace of cao cao, however, is the flood in the JiNa, this battle, there are no winners, but really lose is hebei family.Regardless of the horizon level of knowledge or fight, now the zhaoyun is better than the history of more than a bit, that's why lyu3 bu4 had been angry, after all, is his training, but cheaper then liu bei, put aside any man's body is not good, but the heart, the son-in-law lyu3 bu4 is satisfactory, otherwise will not be flat liaodong also the merit to him.While speaking, lv bu has re-stepped the red rabbit, flying down the general from the hillside, thunder-like roar, the mountain just re-array Montenegro army scared a jump.Is not seibel by coss, just plus above ground forces on the gap between the two sides natural advantages, let coss birth is in an impregnable position, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 is both playing with cao cao spent in jizhou, cao cao has also spent gradually transferred to the stability of jizhou and the situation in qingzhou, hay gradually tight, tuen mun and j thirty thousand troops, people eat a horse all day chewing, and j is too far away from xuchang, the way of consumption is a huge spending.Wei yan looked at the jingzhou army battalion in chaos, regardless of whether the other side answered, outside the camp will be this statement said three times in succession, before the horse back to camp.

"If the subordinates are incompetent and fail to complete the task, please apologize to yourself." Lu fang pulled out a rib, without hesitation stabbed to his chest.This period of time, seibel've been thinking about how to break the enemy, strengthen their water army war ability, the training is obviously not possible, not so long to prepare seibel, so seibel had to change the way of thinking, to find a way to circumvent their short board in war, before and at the front back river sailors said waiting for January, can cross the river, wake up seibel, the ice, so the whole river as the land, though it's not that big skill, but he has hundreds of ships, if, a joint of connection into a giant "land", problem solved soon?

Many of the women were red in the face by lu bu's blatant words, but none of them stopped. The tenacity of these women in the hundred battles was such that even the soldiers in the hussar camp were speechless."Is the little brother willing to let out so much information?" Gu shao looked at the guard and smiled.

"Lord! Xiahou dun and xu huang came to cao cao's side, behind the two men, several soldiers carrying a general of the yuan army, only to find that the man was high."I have nothing to do with that," said the general. Pang tong stood up and shook his head. He didn't expect to be absent for three days. As a result, he was directly involved in the case of the governor of wei county.

CAI MAO suddenly want to chop down kuai yue impulse, before you said to attack, now said to retreat or you? Are you kidding me?'Mr Zhengnan? Zhang he looked at his match in surprise."Kacha ~"

Cao cao sighed and leaned back in his chair, thinking: "now lv bu is according to ye city, and yuan shang has retreated to the bohai sea. Yuan tan has led his troops back to qingzhou. It is difficult for him to get down in his eagerness."

Case happened three years ago, li ping as pinon dinking, the home itself has some estate, watched by age, home set out to help him win a marriage, the wife is his outside a village girl, who, after getting married couple days well, unfortunately, the wife came to visit li ping, was pinon bump into, see beautiful wife, li ping had either good or bad, let a person to li ping wife dragged into his room.Chapter 36 who may use it"It's an enemy already. Even if he doesn't, will brother berley accept his rule?" "Said another old man.

At the same time, CAI nahshon, looked at the wooden walls above by the arrow out of that hole, even if the enemy has idea, still let CAI and the blood run cold kuai, even catapult hit down, also on this level, especially after it was shot through wooden walls, and through a lot of members of the body, carefully take stock after the war, is the assault caused casualties, the number of nearly five hundred, of course, is because of the army in the camp is too dense.Lyu3 bu4 slightly one zheng, smile way: "I say can, then can, today start, you enter my mansion serve.""Good for you! Wei yan laughed and raised the ancient moon elephant nose knife that weighed 68 jin in the hand loudly: "pour!"

But this is only from the trucking on trucking, and the fate of the trend of heaven and earth, and this kind of thing, illusory, but real, such as the world trend, should have three cent world, and tumbled after five degrees, belong to the world trend, but lu bu first sweeping grasslands, cut off the prairie roots, that should have been more and more strong opponents of grassland gradually decline and even to destruction, and then try to bash lombardi, and cao cao spent half jizhou, broke the pattern of three cent world of living.Jia visit smell speech heart move, to ma chao way: "general, I have a plan, or can cheat li man into the city to fight!""Brother zhongling, how dare he... How dare... Is he not afraid to make an enemy of the corporal?" An old man looked at the center of the crowd, was beheaded off the head, gas can not say words, three days, at least 20 family children because of various reasons were pulled out of the gate beheaded, want to refute, the hands of the people have reason, the owner also stood up to testify this matter, threat? Ha, lu bu now bing feng transit, although the family will have a family of soldiers, but how to fight with zhang liao under those hundred battle fields of the tiger and Wolf division?"No more leading men. I am responsible for my own affairs. There will be no further intervention of the night owl camp." Lyu3 bu4 stand up, coldly however way, at the outset so cruel toss about night owl camp, did not have to vent anger of mind."Fengxiao, don't eat the five stones again." Cao cao worried a look at the spirit suddenly from weak to excited guo jia, sighed.

Disorderly army, lv bu will square day draw ji 1 jilt, a dozen yuan bing are held back cut off in the waist, hear voice, twist a head to look, see however gao gan has brandished the long gun in the hand, taking the dead ambition lv bu of a resolute to rush."No!" Li shuxiang stubborn a straight chest, proud way."Well." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, these 3 days, is really suffering, because the entire framework must stand up, all things are difficult before they are easy, land equalization policy promotion is a great thing, even for a revolution, not tolerate any sloppiness, gradually set up the system and ideas, such as, also do not need to lu bu to fuck so sweat it.

But in fact, a year's time, as long as the difference is not too big ambition or concept, a year down, can display more than showing up honour worthy men of letters that way, even if don't agree with, first time is long, will be gradually, is also a running-in process, after all, life is different, how to like-minded people, between each other, should also be a process of understanding.But soon, when see in the county government drunk unconscious, ugly pang tong, a cool heart, this kind of people, really can justice for the people?

Zhuge liang stretched out his hand and said with a smile: "emperor shu, two generals, please talk inside.""Hum!" Huang zhong a voice cold humph, collect up the bow and arrow, toward the close guard people a start a hand: "seize highland, close mansion door, anyone can't enter inside!""Oh?" < / p > < p > zhang liao wenyan eyes a bright, looking at guo xin said: "guo changshi can know where the secret road exit?""This is... Medicinal food?" Pang tong sniffed at his nose, his face changed slightly, and he was surprised to find that his family was solid and he was familiar with such exquisite things."Lady may rest easy." Henton smiles to say: "prior to this mound to strategist, has already prepared for the trip will not smooth, mound was not letter, but of yicheng city overnight, but let the mound was deeply convinced, strategist said, once in JingXiang, must fanfare, to get everyone knows, the two armies at war, did not kill to make, and now with our army, there is no conflict, liu jingzhou liu jingzhou cherish feathers, don't want to charging, need not I worry, considerate jingzhou liu will also find ways to protect us."Liu bei looked at lu lingqi, only feel some familiar, especially lu lingqi a military uniform, how many let used to this era wenliang virtuous woman three people straight frown, liu bei after all chengfu to some deep, slightly surprised, then look at zhao yundao: "zilong, this is... ""Well!" Xun you nodded."Ow, ow, ow!"

Lyu3 bu2 wen2 yan is silent, he had received systematic reminder actually, say at this time, also can not help but some SOB, however the dead already yi, two people are a battle field, the veteran of common life and death, natural ability adjust oneself of state of mind."Then we shouldn't kill each other for no reason!" Liu bei shook his head emphatically.

"No." Xun yu shook his head and said, "lu bu's potential has been realized. If we don't stop it, the future will be endless!"Not only was the crossbow huge, but each crossbow had a whole row of huge crossbows, each of which could be used as a spear.



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