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Said finally, lyu3 bu4 eyes are gradually dense with endless opportunities to kill, Yang Xi remind, let him think of a very important thing... Five random China!Burn when Lao Wang is drinking with a handsome, Korea hence governance is quite strict, although burn when the old camp is not directly attributable to Korea hence, but on weekdays, forced by the face, burn when the old king also won't help Korea hence face, but today heavy rain will be shrouded in, between heaven and earth a hazy, d not take advantage of this moment to survive, difficult also dare to run to rob camp? Even if you want to rob, also should go to rob the nearer Korea hence camp.Lyu3 bu4 vaguely remember, the death of sun ce, should be in guandu war opened nearly a year after the assassination, now, at least half a year ahead of time, and this time, if according to history or deduction, liu bei-cai just fled xu, and then in the next Pi, but the drama, as early as a few months ago has been staged.Ezra pound arrived at maoling, the next day will launch an offensive, if can open a gap in maoling side, can from the side of the sophora, can even send troops straight into the capital, but he looked down on the guarding city of xu sheng.

As if there is a flame burning in the chest, the trust alone, has been enough to eliminate wei yan heart because of rumors and gave birth to the slightest bit of hostility, determined to wholeheartedly assist lyu3 bu4."March?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned: "Just our army although the victory has been decided, but in March time, some too short."

But honestly, Even lyu3 bu4 under the family withered, these things also lack of survival soil, take the school, lyu3 bu4 nature is to read this in the hands of the family to promote, no longer become the monopoly of the family, but really want to promote, the biggest resistance is not in the family, but the popularity of books.

"It's still in Mei County. It's only thirty miles a day." Ezra pound some helpless way, candidate is clearly to work."Son of a bitch, dare to fight with me!?" Cao Pengwen speech great anger, howl, clap to wei.

Chapter forty-one cold-blooded"Our original plan is basically sound enough. Since ancient times, migrants have been guided and suppressed. In the final analysis, we have been guided and deterred by the army. So far, the results have been quite good." Lyu3 bu4 natural impossibility before the idea directly said, said nothing, that is not their own face.Santa's head was a huns trembling before lyu3 bu4.A sergeant don't know where to come from a piece of stuff, directly into both the mouth, that pungent salty smell, let both eyes turned, almost fainted."The army can't move! Korea hence the old fox, afraid of waiting for us to move, as for the conference semifinals, order five thousand troops, a double, with three days of rations, with me on the march!" Lyu3 bu4 pensive way.

Liang Xing looks micro-herald, around the eyes let him feel some sting, after all, killing young and old, in the army is not without, just usually disgusting.Giffin some uncertainty, but this time has arrived here, and the plan he did not perfunctory, but seriously considered the pros and cons.

"Yes!" Han De eyes a fiercely, bow to promise, turned away.Giffin did not answer directly, but asked: "master know, ma's father and son why among the qiang people have so much prestige?"

Looked at a line of people left the direction, lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, the battle has lasted for a few days, the west cool army, also should roll back home.It hurts!

He wants to provoke the relationship between Korea and Marten, In order to make the west cool civil strife, unable to look south, to win a relatively stable external environment for themselves, but also for the future soldiers into the west cool, so he hopes that Korea hence and marten, but don't want two too early to separate the victory or defeat, a divided west cool obviously more in line with lyu3 bu4's interests than a unified west cool."What 's the matter? What' s the matter with you in a hurry?" Cao Peng bleary-eyed scold a way."Little general, withdraw your troops first!" Pound immediately before, looked at the direction of the city, wry smile, somebody else is clearly not ready to fight out, make d a brave also useless.

"Still reluctant?" Lyu3 bu4 sighed, early know so, should let people like bind giffin, marotta to get to say again, but lyu3 bu4 also know, this set of work for giffin, for the lonely marotta, may have the opposite effect.

Marten stared at Matthew, then thought about it, nodded and said, "That's all right, Ma Tie."When they heard this, they took a breath of air, looked at the country in amazement, and said in unison, "Sun Zhongmou!""Er..." Zhou Cang smell speech, embarrassed scratched his head, bandit origin he used to poor, see so much hay, almost can't walk the road, at the moment just remember, they come out this time, but not just robbing food so simple, immediately wondered: "Why are those prisoners released? Even if can't recruit surrender, can kill them, lest have time to turn around and hit us again."

Only a pity, a count down, five thousand soldiers, also in the pursuit of war, casualties nearly one thousand people, let lyu3 bu4 secretly heartache, but survived, but more than a few points have never had the fierce spirit of the past.Lyu3 bu4 patted the red rabbit mane, red hare came to the front, opposite the woman's eyes a bright, couldn't help but praise: "Good a psychic foal.""Monseigneur Miu, I'll say goodbye to you first. If you can help me, let me know." With Fang Ming taking the lead, several other patriarchs, the head of the family also have to get up and leave, after all, continue to stay here, that is, a group of people together in a daze, what is the use?

"Pip-pip ~""Stop right there!" County commandant big urgent, flash in the eyes of a plainly kill."Hmm?" Zhou Cang looked back, holding the door frame of Miu Shang, eyes show a touch of disgust.While the first and fiercest fighter raised his machete, A challenge takes the other person off his horse, People in the air, has been ripped open, guts mixed with blood splashed on the ground, followed by the second general and the third general almost at the same time, lyu3 bu4 hand side day painting ji suddenly turned into two remnants, two generals didn't even have time to see clearly, the body will be hit hard, screaming poured out.Another celebrity?

Chen Gongwen speech, can't help but sigh a little, no more words."Seriously!" D stood up and looked at marotta, eyes flashed a glimmer of excitement, lyu3 bu4 ability he has seen with his own eyes, at the beginning of two thousand cavalry, with small fight big, not only destroyed the candidate twenty thousand troops, even nearly died in each other's hands, now identity change, lyu3 bu4 personally out of the news, is overjoyed."Oh?" King Yue looked at Lyu3 bu4: "General, please say."

"No," he said. The country shook his head and interrupted Xun Yu. "Not the daughter of the master, do you remember the princess of ten thousand years?""Don't destroy the huns vow not to return!" More and more soldiers raised their weapons in their hands. Originally not high-pitched voices gradually converged into a resounding wave, and the hatred that had been buried in their hearts for many years was gradually ignited and turned into a mournful roar, which changed the color of the heaven and the earth.

The Baishui River is not wide, About four or five feet away, But the water was fast, It's almost impossible to cross a pontoon bridge, Although not as good as the changjiang river, but in enough danger, in this era of technological power, the storm is never feasible, only a stone bridge, although spacious, but stone bridge on both sides, diao dou, and there is a YuanMen, baishui qiang will this YuanMen as gates to build, although there is no wall, but the point of attack is only one, more solid than the gates.Engaged in smell speech, also bad say again, can only nod: "subordinate this to do."Born poor, doesn't necessarily mean you're willing to stand on the other side of the family, Typical examples, Look at giffin will know, after all, A poor student wants to learn, I can only make friends with my family, Even if the future holds sway, Will also want to merge into the circle of the family rather than stand on the opposite side of others, for this idea, lyu3 bu4 can understand, but the talent, if you want to put back, that don't think, I understand you, also please understand me, even if you eat and drink for free, also won't let you have the opportunity to help my enemy, see who can kill who."Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~""Master if rest assured, xin is willing to general male all go." Giffin step forward, hand way.Thought of here, lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a cold light, although the war is over, but the account can't just calculate, west cool is the border, also is not the huns want to come, want to go away, must give these barbarians a memorable lesson! Let them know, the vast Chinese, is the national strength is low, also not they have the right to touch!

"Oh, this is lyu3 bu4 under general?" D on horseback, watching the situation ahead, saw the ladder is about to rushed to the wall, but the defenders on the city has no reaction, can not help laughing, disdain to look around people way: "It is difficult under the reputation, didn't expect this seibel, also not too much."Cheng Gongying laughed aloud and said, "It's just death. Just a thief. I'm going to meet you tonight. Kill you!"

Who is sorted?Call kitchen spring saw array of cavalry across the distance, deep cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold kill, although I don't know why these should be against the north handsome army why will appear here, but since met, can't let them go!Yang Wang looked at his back, his eyes flashed a wisp of cold awn, the cup in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, suddenly appeared at the door of a burly figure, blocked the way of Hao Shuai.



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