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paulSEO999  Do not know whether xu sheng can rely on the tiger prison to block the jingxiang army.

Lu kuang was impatient and said, "jizhou is on the verge of death. Why the slightest delay in opening the door? If miss a military plane, this consequence, but should you wait to bear?""Why?" More xi dissatisfaction way: "last night if not that yuan shang children delay, son and will not die so miserable!"But also is to make a heart, when speaking, meteor hammer has been out of hand fly out, guan yu just a knife in the magnificent sea body pull out a cut, suddenly hear king drink, instinct of hide hide, originally hit to guan yu head meteor hammer hit on guan yu's shoulder, immediately let guan yu send out a pain shout.The cold hurl easily penetrated the wooden shield. In the stunned eyes of the knife and shield holder, it disappeared into his head. The wooden shield could defend against the bow, but it could not defend against the heavy hurl.

"Wing DE! Liu bei took a look at zhang fei, then looked deeply at CAI MAO and nodded, "I obey your command."In crowd, a few old people are in the guard of a flock of home ding the complexion is ugly looking at this scene, does lv bu dare to do so really actually?

"Gong tai, you... Pay attention to rest." Looking at Chen gong, lv bu's heart rose an unspeakable sadness, a cavity to the mouth but also only a few words.

Chapter 35 the ministry of work"No! < / p > < p > han rong heard a surprised, regardless of more than say, anxious way: "quick, life my pro guard camp rushed to the gate of the rescue, the city chaos first do not need to tube!"

"MAO ~""Yi DE, that's why I dare not take you there!" Liu bei hated iron not to become steel of looking at zhang fei, bitter way: "you my brothers 3 people, since the chaos of the yellow turban already acquaintance, the intersection, this nearly 20 years come, big rise and fall greatly, experienced numerous strong wind big wave, for the elder brother can have censure you? Now I wait for a good foothold jingxiang, CAI MAO easy to kill, but after killing him? You and I continue to roam the world? If so, when?"Chapter 38 jingxiang fengyun (I)Feeling the breath of the violent pressure, primm face heavy water, hold the hand of a gun and some, he can feel anxious and nervous in front of the soldiers, don't say these common foot soldiers, even primm themselves, some in the heart of despair at the moment, three thousand steps of single face is almost the same amount of cavalry, one is that the impact of the violent, bump can give their formation to bruised, but at the moment, he could not retreat, even take a step back, dead will only faster.'nothing! Pang tong took his dusty sword off the wall and roared, "I will go and have a good talk with jia wen he."

Zhou cang retreated with an hussar and a guard, but he still looked at the Taoist road with vigilance, fearing that the old Taoist priest would do wrong to lv bu."The ambition of the fall, there is no life!" Eight hundred soldiers in the battle camp have withdrawn their shields, in the hands of the steel knife in the other side ready to retreat at the moment mercilessly cut down, a piece of blood gradually diffuse into a bloody fog, with the battle camp a rush, the original also neat formation was immediately opened a gap.

In terms of economy, the opening of the silk road only provided lu bu with a channel to make money, not the amount of money directly given to him. For a new power, no amount of money is enough to spend."General, don't run. Zhang liao didn't catch up." One will rush to the side of the high dry, breathing.

Princes under the rule of the family is not fool, money which do not earn the truth? What's more, the outflow from lv bu's side is a tight sale in the central plains. Even though cao cao, liu biao and sun quan all attach great importance to the zhen family, they can't resist it even if they know it is at lv bu's instigate."Go back, I'll fight him!" Zhang liao nodded, eyes but always from han rong, coldly way: "old general and changshan zhao zilong is what relationship?"

"How dare a man kill my brother! < / p > < p > a roar, not to talk to zhang liao, the sentence has rushed out, a strong bow in the hand of the bow will be shot at han rong, he and wudang followed lv bu across the grasslands in the past, had formed a deep friendship, now see wudang killed, suddenly angry."Thank you, uncle." Yuan shang bowed respectfully and turned his head to look at the generals under the tent. "this uncle came to help us fight rebellion," he said."Meng DE worry, you and I, although the number of enemies, there was some affection in the past, today is rare to get together, how can I do this injustice, come up quickly, you and I have a good story!"

< / p > < p > guo jia wen yan, smiled and nodded, his own physical condition he is clear, but also did not brush cao cao's good intentions, archway: "that jia retired first.

Guo jia handed a letter to cao cao.Chapter 25 the greatest weakness is the sovereign

Close under, can realize that pair of eyes son inside the emotion that reveals.If he had remained in charge of the department of justice, these resentments would have rested on his head, and when they had accumulated to a certain extent, his death would not be far off."Different? Xu shu was surprised.

There wa surname heard footsteps and back are seeing lyu3 bu4, startled, hurriedly stepped forward, afraid upon, the buried lombardi, lyu3 bu4 didn't notice her, but she had witnessed the whole process of liu to be buried alive, and had so sick these days, recently is good for you to come over, this trip to think out unexpectedly unexpectedly and lu bu."Cast ~"Who knows lv bu will be wrong, for baocheng soldiers can quickly retreat, even led the army attack pool, if in weekdays down worth mentioning, with lv bu's ability, not ye city care, he wanted to go no one stopped, but ruthless, tianwei, an know whether lv bu can safely escape this disaster."Hum!" Crisis, lyu3 bu4 eyes flash across a gas, and the arguments in the party day painting ji hew out with incredible speed, fended off coppage weapon and xu chu, at the same time a hiding in the stirrup, away from the other three attacks, red hare take a leap into forward, from sample and the high Sui yuan into cracks appear, lyu3 bu4 to sit back on horseback, backhand a strange pythons turn, a wisp of cold mountain, past Sui yuan into the throat, the head of a big fight going up into the sky."Different degree, some wrong!" CAI MAO turned to look at the side of kuai yue.

"The champion hou Dan can say no harm, I hope you can listen." Xu shu looked solemn and nodded."Father said, the army and horses did not move, information first, we know nothing about jiang xia, what ideas are useless, first send people will be around the mountains and rivers terrain clear, and then take the initiative to attack, will be introduced to huang zu! Lv family more advocate attack, lu bu so, lu lingqi is also so, said finally, than a cut throat gesture.On the other side of the yuan tan see yuan shang sent high, also do not want to be weak their momentum, turned to look at the side of the frogyuan into, frogyuan into the idea, flying out.

The squeal of the roaring sound to a half then turned to a scream, and then to an abrupt end, followed by, sounded loud shout ShaSheng, a large number of black black soldiers from burst out in the snow, zhang liao, the hands of a rod yanling shake out in all over the sky snow guns and that is a place, a place, water chestnuts crazy fleeing soldiers were harvested the life easily."It's natural! Yuan shangsu rong way.

Zhang liao looked at pound, smiled and nodded, "all right!" Although pound's martial art is not as good as zhang liao's, it can be called the champion of the three armies. It can be seen that pound also has the mind to make contributions.At least in terms of troops, cao ren and CAI MAO together abandoned several streets in gaoshun."Not now." Feng ji shook his head and said, "if I leave, the military morale of yecheng will surely be greatly scattered. If yuan shang is defeated, even if the childe has qingzhou, he will have to face lu bu and cao cao's attack at the same time. Can the childe be sure?""When liu jingzhou was riding horses in jingzhou, it sounded extremely fierce, but when liu jingzhou was pinging the nine counties of jingxiang, it was the strength of the four big families in jingzhou." Henton wondered way: "now that had borrowed the human feelings, miss, remember, in the human, is the world's most difficult also, with the aid of the power of the family, also is to give up part of the right, in JingXiang, when the idea of jingzhou liu family's opinion, if you don't want to break, the two sides will compromise, but the result of the compromise, will become the doctrine of the mean, even if we persuaded liu jingzhou, in the end, I am afraid, liu jingzhou just sent troops station troops in nanyang, for our army, mean little."Is cao cao not angry? It is impossible for a man not to be angry if he is said to be a eunuch who manipulates power. However, cao cao clearly knows that if his flattery is to paralyze lu bu, then lu bu's words are to anger himself. Once a person is angry, he will lose his cool when doing things, so cao cao cannot be angry."Miss XiaGuan dare to say that, because of master liu jingzhou and even the world governors is different, he, is he a knife a gun shot down, there was not a little bit force, with the help of family and as a result, this a family, the master doesn't work there, master don't need to see anyone's face, the rule has absolute control, as long as the master in a day, harmony is cool, the western regions, hetao and bing, luoyang won't mess." Yang fu smiled sadly and said, "but it is because of this that the Lord is rejected by the whole world. CAI MAO is now in general, and even the huang family, which has always disagreed with CAI family, chose neutrality in this matter."Zhang yan vision shrink shrink, then helpless of nod a way: "so, have Lao xu general army."'stop him! Kuai more see ma chao with cavalry like this rushed over, eyes flash a sharp.

Although still attached to liu biao, who could ignore liu bei?"Whizz! Han rong's cold hums 1, thought a way: "two childe, tomorrow I again lead an army to feint, you lead a strong bowman at the back to press down, wait for those crossbow soldier to strike, you with the bow and arrow carry on suppression, I then take advantage of the situation to attack violently, or may build the achievement!"

Guo yuan smell speech, eyes flash a struggle of color, turn a head harsh voice way: "quickly sent to inform the high general, ferry has broken, xihe land, has no danger to keep, I will collect the remnants of the army, defend zhongyang, please high general speed speed army retreat shangdang, regroup!"Many generals heard speech can not help but silence, for a time quite tricky.Lyu3 bu4, already powerful arrive this level?



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