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paulSEO999  Although it is still not fully warmed up, but the western regions the news, let the lyu3 bu4 gives birth to a sense of urgency, the next morning, three hundred Biao ride who then neatly gathered in chang-an, the traveling, besides giffin, and d, Ezra pound, Gideon, tube hai and lyu3 bu4 four pro who at the same time, as for the other one thousand people, in order to save hay, zhang liao is responsible for the preparation, lyu3 bu4 rendezvous in wuwei.

"At present there will be a great disaster in chang 'an. The general, including the city guards under the general's command, will be temporarily taken over by xu." < / p > < p > jia xu shen way, he is responsible for the intelligence of lu bu people, in guandu cao yuan shao, lu bu's intelligence network has not been able to spread in the past, but only under the rule of lu bu, thousands of people quietly sneaked in, how possible to deceive jia xu's eyes."Youyou ~"Lv bu is not how afraid, wine to the cup dry, attracted a group of onlookers do not suspect big waves of cheers, sincere or fake, such a day, lv bu is not angry, in the lively atmosphere set off, a group of people have been drinking until midnight, lv bu just in the support of the magnificent sea, toward the bridal chamber."Uh ~"

Looking at the face, marotta also excessive force no longer, bullying has built up, then there is the will, : "you can be rest assured, as long as to join the army, you still can be used as a general, my master his soldiers not qiang han, all feats to speak, as long as can win feats, future is hou will not stingy.""My daughter... Will." < / p > < p > lu lingqi did not know how he promised to come down, this and their imagination of the general is undoubtedly far away.

'no! Lyu3 bu4 never remember oneself when promised lyu3 ling3 qi4 to let her be a general, afraid is a certain sentence to be misunderstood by her."Well, since it was my son who caught it... "Lyu3 bu4 nodded and was about to promise, suddenly complexion become strange rise, see to oneself of daughter, surprise way:" you just say who?"

< / p > < p > lu lingqi weekdays in some charming pretty big miss temper, character is more straightforward, but at the moment, when the Chen palace really plate face to talk to her, lu lingqi's arrogance was immediately pressed down, for the important minister around lu bu, lu lingqi but dare not act, darling way: "ling qi do not know, also hope that the gentleman to solve the confusion.'no! Lyu3 bu4 shook head, this matter did not discuss."Ten days? Not starving?" "The magnificent sea was surprised.If not, withdraw!"Not at all, except that the sovereign seems quite dissatisfied." As he spoke, zhang told the story of the camp.

At this time, the importance of qin hu is highlighted, the two strong rivalry, who does not want to make trouble at this time qin hu, whether it is lu bu or liu bao, can not tolerate such a force free in both sides, this is also the reason for the qin hu camp together against xiongnu."It's up to you! < / p > < p > lu lingqi see the situation has been decided, the rest of the matter to Yin wei, now even if he does not want to kill, also have to kill, lu lingqi with the troops, return to the palace, but face dignified zhaoyun.

"By the way, two thousand people will be brought to him. General fei has just set up hetao, and he needs more hands. < / p > < p > yue wang is very simply to give up the right to arms, he knew that if they hold the right to arms, the time of the yue family is not far away.Zhang liao did not bother to complain about ma chao's rude behavior. After dressing up, he immediately sent someone to invite li ru to come over and explained han sui's strange behavior.

"But those han Chinese look at us closely, there is no way to escape." A qiang people took the young handed mutton, frowning way."All right." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, twist a head to see toward xiong kuo sea way: "old male, accompany consigliers go Wolf qiang, be sure to escort consigliers safety."

Chapter 60 a tigress"Kill!"'where! D see Korea hence escape, furious waved the pike, will be a road's foot soldiers killed, he just weak, strong, dragging a causative agent, killed up to now, there are always some feeling overwhelmed, handy silver gun originally, also feel heft weighs a lot at the moment, fight down, not only failed to catch up with, instead of watching Korea run more and more so far.

A very simple challenge, if at ordinary times, or change the opponent, the text is still able to calm down, but before the lu lingqi several times sneak attack, but not caught people suffocated plus a woman humiliated anger let him lose calm, with a close to the guard is chasing lu lingqi.

The weather is very cold, walking in the street, even if there are occasional pedestrians, but also the neck is in a hurry, for the first time to come to chang 'an pang tong, chang 'an at present, is not really prosperous, at least not worthy of chang 'an city, the ancient capital of the name."Flying general." General some excitement way: "three days ago, flying general captured the slaughter of each of the old camp, the king of the slaughter of the news, the rate of military return, but was flying general ambushed on the way, the king of the slaughter died on the spot in the chaos of the army, slaughter everyone from this, just Wolf qiang and first zero qiang, has sent gifts, and we to solve the grievances.This false dragon air sounds as if it is illusory, but it really comes at the right time for the present lv bu.

The camp had been burned down and there was only one camp left. Of course, there was no place for prisoners.But Addis now camp with a camp has not obviously difference in cognitive, was built at the beginning of camp, lyu3 bu4 limited to money problems, even the workshop is to build up a small workshops, now again after half a year, although mill scale didn't how to expand, but compared to the original humble, now not only the rather neat dressing with specification, surrounded by DiaoDou standing, it can be seen that lyu3 bu4's emphasis on the workshop, the towers of the whole camp, DiaoDou, are in the workshop to decorate, close to the workshop, towers above can get from four states if if no comments.If not see each other behind four spirited women like guards standing here, although women to feel some far-fetched, but can such a swagger, or such an ugly ghost, I'm afraid some of the background, to know his city can be a few family now dare so loud, mountain what is the relationship between the general adult?

Tu's military forces have been Biao ride a battalion of morale, the king of tu's being struck at the moment, the devil is three hundred, where there is resistance, grasslands, for national concept is very weak, the strong for honour truth has almost on every grassland people inside, for lyu3 bu4 struck tu the king, in addition to some tu the confidant of the king of also want to resistance, most tu every one of them is laid down their weapons and toward the lyu3 bu4 devout worship down, this is the law of the prairie, the strong for the king!"The last general!" Ma chao excitedly a fist, got the order to turn around and go."Send people to linrong, announced to the whole hetao, my yue clan, unconditional support for flying general, willing to fly general effectiveness. After a long time, the king of yue family only slowly sinks down the heart to be born, after long sigh tone, bitter way.Some pleasantly surprised to see lv bu, praise way: "the Lord this turn over a whimsical idea, enough to make our army's cavalry combat effectiveness promotion number plan!"O peel back the news authenticity, burn when Lao wang didn't want to tube, but one thing he can determine, burn when playing marten decided to follow in jincheng Korea hence, the west is cool, the qiang people, is almost burned when alone big, under peak, there are seventy thousand play professionally, but followed with all the way from jincheng play to wuwei, around west cool in a circle, now burn when it even you are not all the forty thousand people.

Today since the encounter, and the opponent or hu, lu lingqi nature will not let the dead.Probably, a lot of people will die."Dead!" < / p > < p > Yang ding roar, brandishing a gun with a few pro-guards to kill up, his martial arts is not bad, is once alone led a general, to deal with a group of no leader into a time fell also killed the city guards constantly retreat.

"Brother boda, the situation is like this. Chang 'an and even the whole yongliang area are now under the control of lv bu. The powerful families in xiliang are under the control of lv bu.Old herdsman glanced at the direction of the force coming, some despair, too many people, driving cattle and sheep, and could not avoid these people, he is on the battlefield, know so many people, no one will be poor his old bones in this block in the middle of the road, even someone shot arrows at him, that he did not doubt, natural selection, in the land, and even further grasslands, the old man is always redundant, both huns and xianbei people, don't like the old man this group, he is afraid of a long time ago, when the old man in the prime of life, has also played a credit, but the huns is never speak of credit.

Lyu3 bu4 this period of time, almost all is taking the city guard to rescue in various places, Chen gong et al also began to allocate some materials to appease the people, should be happy atmosphere, also be so diluted a lot, the people's mind is reduced, almost inevitable.Military actually should be separate from, that it doesn't make the heavy subordinate rights and cause some unnecessary thoughts, is qualified to act as a state secretariat of lyu3 bu4 now hand of also only palace and giffin, marotta, three, Chen Chen gong will be harmony state secretariat, changan, in charge of harmony state affairs, marotta to third for lu bu, in charge of changan academy, giffin as lyu3 bu4 strategist, naturally want to stay with lyu3 bu4 lyu3 bu4 ideas, nature is not suitable for the three people sent to in charge of liangzhou, so cool west secretariat of position can only temporarily, by zhang liao to find suitable secretariat of choice in the future, come back after need to be replaced.Sima feng looked at CAI yan with a flash of complexity in his eyes. He had a little friendship with CAI yong and admired his talent.When pharaoh burning smell speech can not help but to hesitate, after all, Korea hence had too much, while chapter, north GongBoYu to subsequent marten, burn when Lao wang didn't care about these before, but now, with possible against him, under the condition of not more than many of the concerns in the heart, after all, by contrast, marten Korea hence become sworn brothers, however, can not hesitate to kill han sui, besides yourself?Before the man will release the white dragon, the white dragon followed the man for several years, has some intelligence, animal hearing often than, the white horse is also intelligent, with the sound, to find a group of lv lingqi.It seems to be a casual move, but it also greatly enhanced the enthusiasm and loyalty of these border officers and soldiers, virtually, the centripetal force of lu bu's forces is also a kind of strengthening., of course, but all depends on how the war in the central plains, if really let Yuan Shaoying cao cao, lu bu can preempt the wild goose gate, and devour bing, wei hilo-systems there will also be out of town, with the help of tiger fastened, branches few points in north-west to confronting with Carthage, but if that's the case, the next battle is played, so including lyu3 bu4, or want to cao cao able to win the battle.

Zhou cang had no choice but to shake his head with a bitter smile.Such "thirteen days ago, Mrs Lu bu the sable cicada, headed by the sima family of changan secretly contact lombardi, suborn guarding city generals, the attack on changan, at the same time, station troops in bing zhang he wants a pu sakaguchi jin, hitting changan, but only to find that, lyu3 bu4 ready to attack on chang 'an men completely annihilated, general han, celebrities syma and all the people of SiMaShi be lyu3 bu4 with prevention way, zhang he also in pu sakaguchi tianjin seibel, may not cross the river." Cheng yu smiled.

"I have long heard that han women are quite savoury. Since so many of them have come today, let them in and I'll just have a look." Ugota laughed, and the xianbei people around him laughed too."That?" Hearing the speech, lv bu could not help but respect, when 300,000 troops, four hundred years of vicissitudes of life, generations of generations, but never to any force bow to bow, such a person, perhaps in the eyes of others, but it is this "stupid", let people admire.Just after the rest of the mood was broken, the feeling of the deficit, some people roar up and down to fight, also some people began to jump around, a few xiongnu general shouted in the confusion of formation gallop back and forth, called xiongnu warriors resistance.



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