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With the withdrawal of liu bei, cao cao began to consolidate the defense lines and ended up in a helpless way. The general situation of the world changed with lu bu's strong entry into luoyang, just like the spring and autumn period."Filial piety straight, several years not to see, you with that old fox learn a set really useful." The battle in the city was coming to an end. Sporadic resistance could not bring any changes to the fallen city of chengdu. Pang tong and wei yan found fazheng and zhang song and smiled.Zhang ren eyes a folded, then drew his hand, but see liu DHS behind, a group of generals suddenly happen to coincide knelt down, not only before the dozen be detained generals, knelt down, this time from PianJiang, a captain, down to the hou, syma, for over 60 people, the whole LangZhong nahshon generals, at least half kneeling here, not kneel, are mostly not standing"In fact, the grain could have been transported by ship. If the grain could have been transported by flotilla against the river, our army's logistic supply would have been assured at least until it reached jiangzhou." Ma liang sighed and smiled sadly.

The family looked at the silent ride who take a crossbow Biao, heart a chill straight up and thought at least also want to entwine under two, who want to the other party didn't give me the chance to speak, to directly is a murderer, without leaving the slightest, originally the budding dynasty, and his ministers who have looked at the crowd, and at that time no one dared to change again, lest the murderous Biao ride who just because a move will himself shot.And Zhou Yuzhi die, zhuge liang or hate the most hostile to jingzhou, I'm afraid is the lv meng, although by lv meng said to take over wood SangDaYing for jiangdong is indeed a very good choice, because the lv meng regardless of seniority or ability also is really the best choice, also can remove Zhou Yuzhi death brings hidden trouble, but not without alternative, such as lu su, sun quan sent lv meng at this time at the helm of wood SangDaYing, is representing the, sun quan to apologise to jingzhou?

Pang tong frowned at the blood spattered on his clothes, looked up at liu, and shook his head and smiled

"Ji chang, you go to summon yu chang, I have a letter for him to deliver on my behalf.""He wants you to join him in chengdu with your main force." Deng xian smiled sadly.

"Rightness, can jiang dong have news to come recently?" Zhuge liang thought for a while and looked up at ma liang."I am not a loyal minister." Meng da wen yan, sneer at a way: "if the general still want to continue foolish loyalty, then please general, next time if you want to find liu zhang desperately, will never block you."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""So what if it is?" "Liu d 'renrend!" he groaned. He was now preoccupied with seeking revenge, but he did not really want to vote for lu bu, so his attitude was particularly"What does master mean?" Wei yan looked at fa zheng with some dissatisfaction. Just now he had the chance to save liu's life, but he was prevented by fa zheng

"He... Why so angry?" Liu zhang puzzled to see meng da."Er... Little things, I'll explain." Meng da patted his head, dark strange pang tong did not put the man tied up, originally prepared to wait for the end of the matter, and then privately explain, now it seems that must be quickly clear, or god knows what will happen in the end."No, then general liu had better kill me at once and avenge himself." Pang tong calmly said: "otherwise, you will not have any chance?"

Soon, pang tong, under the leadership of a military marquis, entered the big account. At this moment, almost all the generals from langzhong university had arrived. Hundreds of people focused on pang tong and then moved away."No, it is up to you to say these things yourself, and not too deliberately, to find a few families with loose mouths, and pretend to spread the news unintentionally when chatting." Fa is shaking his head.

"In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow."Kill!"

"A hussar, Sir! ?" At the sight of the first man with a bear's back, pang tong's face changed, and he turned to fazheng. "you have even invited the hussars," he said.This battle, difficult to hit, the yan yan would produce calm again after zhuge liang to get back in the account, and county maps, not from get wry smile together, the three men, any one, are tough, let alone three people together, can smoothly under the attack of shudu thought, but only to let zhuge liang has a headache, in his plan, strategy in the shu, at most two years, two years must take shu, but at the moment, no matter the counsellor, generals and soldiers not dominant, even if the various ge is bright, also some puzzled now."The Lord has ordered, dare to obstruct, kill!" The hussar, led by his guard, rode up, and with his indifferent eyes swept over the whole crowd of frightened families, holding a cold horse-cutting sword, which reflected the cold front in the sunlight.

"Impossible! How could the commander be killed? You must be spreading rumors about the cholera service!" A general growled angrily and kicked a soldier to the ground.

Although zhuge liang enlisted the troops of thirty thousand ba county under yan yan, pang tong directly captured one hundred thousand shu troops from langzhong, where zhang ren, deng xian, ling bao, gao pei and Yang huai all belonged to lu bu."Go down, and send for Mr. Wen and Mr. Wen." Lv bu leans on the chair, indifferent way.Words, with a deep resentment.

Chapter 82 the people of shu"Why is the consigliere still so sad?" Ma Suqi way."The report ~"

"This...... "Meng da shook his head, some disdain in the heart, looking at liu zhang road:" the Lord know, why the champion hou will be loved by the people?Zhuge liang to zhou yu people around but touched bottom, the lv meng is not hand-picked, but zhou yu's ability is not outstanding at the beginning, but with zhou yu's side for many years, but learned a lot of skill, if before, lv meng was a minor worry, that today, lv meng even if not equal to zhou yu, but also to compare present any a star, of course, this is not the various ge is bright really worry about.'go and get some! Waved, wei yanshen voice."Master... "Huang quan stepped forward and shook his head with a complicated face.

"If someone reported my whereabouts to jiang dong, they would know." Chen stopped smiling and looked at ford."Zhuge liang's scouts!" Wei yan's complexion is heavy, here already was to enter ba county scope, just did not think, zhuge liang's scouts have already extended the warning range to here.If you can't get out, you will have the advantage of going down the river. Moreover, the other side's proficiency in water warfare, such as command by the arm, will not encounter you head-on.

"I wait for a request to kill liu zhang, to vent public anger!" "Cried a chorus of great and noble families, falling to their knees."Well, lu bu is a traitor. Every one in the world must be punished. You are his subordinates. The temperature is very low

"Well, lu bu is a traitor. Every one in the world must be punished. You are his subordinates. The temperature is very low"Master, there's no one left!" "Said a nighthawk guard, bending forward."The end is near." Zhang ren stepped forward and respectfully said.Chen to look to look around the river has been dyed red, and bodies of soldiers along the ups and downs of countless jingzhou water floating down from above, lv meng led jiangdong water army has toward the side together, surrounded himself, although soldiers and jingzhou with jiangdong ghostwriters resistance in the distance, but it is clear that such resistance, for the entire game, it's no meaning, the man running can not support themselves."Just died?" Tiger wei head smell speech eyes a stare, blurt out: "careful!"Chapter 78 influenceA burst of anger from the chest, at the moment he can understand the hearts of the soldiers of the anger and suffocated, their own in the front, liu zhang is here to engage in his family, liu's anger drink, will rush in to kill this pair of dogsFace pang tong now is ruthlessly dozen face, liu a snort of DHS is boring, no longer speak, pang tong shook his head in the heart secretly, funk, no wonder, then, will be as the younger generation, zhang ren climbed

"Lord, the situation is over, kaesong surrender." Kates sighed, some sophisticated look to milan, I have lost heart, not just those from outside LangZhong camp soldiers, even in this city, to the family of officials, down to the soldiers and the people, and even have long been milan stands bias by these people, and they had a few people in this situation is willing to talk to milan, and?"Wait, he can't go! I've been waiting... < / p > < p > people see liu zhang was so taken away, and did not care about their meaning, how this line, a scholar with ding want to stop liu zhang frame.

"Mr. Shi yuan, please don't keep us in suspense. We are all a bunch of rough people who don't understand these things. We only hope you can show us a clear way." Zhuoyang stood up and said loudly.'go and get some! Waved, wei yanshen voice."Knot! Chen could only fight with the well-trained troops on the land. At the moment, in the water, facing the impact of the enemy was a little confused. Even before the fierce collision of the other side, even a simple formation could not be completed.



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