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paulSEO999  "Stubborn!" Ma Qiu sneer at 1, saw the opposite member of the generals rushed on horseback, will be in the hands of a silver gun forward, gun speed is very fast, opposite the generals simply did not have time to react, was a gun pierced the throat, stare at the eyes slipped down from the horse.

"What is the governor saying?" On one side of the He Qi some unknown, puzzled look to lu su."Arrows!""Man is greedy, and it is easy to give him things, but it is hard to get anything out of them!" Secretariat office, lyu3 zheng threw a letter into the fire, shook his head and sighed.But according to pound said the situation, this li yan obviously seriously study customs clearance, not only in the trenches, so that the guanzhong strong bow crossbow can not play, and then in the way of fire, let the elite shooting sound camp planted here.

"You won't understand." Pity looked at wei yan, pang tong sighed, no explanation, wobbly left, leaving wei yan a face at a loss, good, how to start discriminating against people again?"Master, will be at the end of the battle!" Tardif, zhou tai qi qi step out, proudly way.

The battle array of the Guanzhong Army was formed through several years of continuous training and practical training, some of them resemble Li Jing 's Six Flowers in the early Tang Dynasty, But different, li jing's six-flower array is based on cavalry, and guanzhong battle array may not be as subtle as six-flower array, is cavalry, infantry are appropriate, but does not represent invincible, the reason for dealing with jingzhou army can destroy, in addition to the quality of the soldiers themselves, in addition to the gap, the more important is weapons, armor, can win more.

"Kongming really think so?" Pang Tong looked at Zhuge Liang with a smile. He shook his head and said, "Don't ask about the origin of the hero. In those days, Liu Bang was just a pavilion, but he was sitting on the property of the big fellow for four hundred years. Qin lost his deer, and the whole world went after him. Now that Han has lost his deer, he should be replaced by someone."

Different from the past Guanzhong out of the god of war crossbow or broken crossbow, This time the crossbow is similar to the crossbow, crossbow body has a quadrangle, under the wooden wheel, and the crossbow machine itself only a thick and long crossbow arrow, arrow shape is very special, is compressed by four pieces of iron, the tail of the arrow installed with an iron ring, attached to the rope, crossbow machine also accompanied by a winch, wrapped around a circle of rope."Here!" Tardif bow down to lead the way.Zhuge liang silently closed his eyes, mixed feelings in the heart, an unspeakable bitterness poured into his heart, even for a long time, conceited resourceful him, also feel a sense of powerlessness pressure down at the moment, let him have an unspeakable fatigue."Yes, I was going to use trenches to deal with, dug in, with the strength of my shooting sound battalion soldiers, even in the trenches, also enough to force the trenches down, but the li yan has used fire, with tung oil watering, so that I lost five hundred elite soldiers!" Said Pound with some irritation.

"Then what are we doing here?" Wei Yan frowned and said, "Would you like us to wait here?"Doubt zhuge liang taught zhang fei another way, shield array, no matter how he changed, shield around, and then stabbed in with weapons, simple rough but effective, of course, if there is enough troops.

For tracing the cause, guan yu nature know, before sun liu, also had a honeymoon period, in guan yu's view, tracing the cause has no experience with troops, a command so big a battle, that is not to find death is what, so also didn't mind, let Xing Daorong continue to revise the wall for war, sleep in the past.Method is smiling nodded: "Master to less master is quite strict, Every year, in addition to studying, I spent half a year practicing outside, Or in the army, or in the place for collectors, with master's words, is to apply what you have learned, always feel some inappropriate, now it seems that master is right, look at the younger generation, the little jiang wei, Ma Qiu, Zhang Hu, Gao Chong, guan Yong, although not compared to when the world famous general, but also enough to take up important positions, over time, these younger generation, I'm afraid to compare me. "

Jiangdong since Sun ce, or had been independent of the Central Plains earlier, of the court or something, It was of some use to other governors, But it doesn't work for Jiang Dong, So, all along, Whether Sun Ce or Sun Quan, None of the king, but jiangdong is actually a country, way of thinking, most of the time, are based on jiangdong's own interests, this is also the original lv meng attack jingzhou, can get a lot of people agree with an important reason, we can fight you, but you fight us, there is a natural chasm of the yangtze river, attack again.Wei yan heart rise a wave of excitement, hurriedly took the seal and military orders, toward the direction of luoyang su rong way: "wei yan thanks master love, this war, will do his best to report master cultivation!"

"Chou Tai, Tardif, let me go after Guan Yu!" Arranged for a drop in the soldiers, tracing the cause of zhou tai and tardif, now with jingzhou has no room for change, guan yu this person to jiangdong hatred is too big, must be thoroughly so.In fact, shu is also elite, but compared with the guanzhong military forces, some not enough to see.

An arrow cluster directly pierced Yan Yan's shoulder, and the blood kept seeping outward. Yan Yan, in pain, grinned and groaned. He wielded his sword and cut the cluster off. He twisted his head and said, "Let's go first... Er..."

Some merchants from outside also don't understand what happened, a inquire just know a title of generals in ancient times house came the news, champion hou, a title of generals in ancient times general lyu3 bu4 will be at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, was named king....Ma's face changed and he snapped, "Go inside and have a look! But if there are rebels, shoot them!"

Chapter one hundred and first kill pretty generalSee token, Cheng Fang can not help but a surprised, want to make a sound, but was stopped by the other side with gestures.

"What? Come on, gather the horses!" Xie Yun a surprised, hurriedly ordered people to assemble military forces, when the wall is narrow, how can five thousand troops suddenly gathered together, have not yet wait for military orders to convey, Wang Shuangyi surprised with five hundred soldiers on the wall.The huge blade whirled in the air, Throw out across a dozen zhangs away, along the way, a few dodging jiangdong soldiers light light head landing, some is directly cut in half, ma zhong see ghosts, subconsciously turned to run, just where to come from, green dragon crescent moon knife directly from his head, split his head in half."Perhaps." Lv Zheng smell speech did not answer directly, twist a head to look at XiongKuo sea way: "XiongShu, tonight you are afraid to take charge of the overall situation, Wang Shuanggang Yong, but the lack of general strategy, can not control the overall situation."Three thousand soldiers with wei commanded, less than half wick sweet kung fu has been assembled.If two because of jiangdong belong to dispute again, that is basically over, now facing the huge pressure of lyu3 bu4, only sincere cooperation, it is possible to carry lyu3 bu4 attack in the next year's battle.

"Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei."General, leave the green hills in no worry about wood burning, I still have to withdraw first!" Several generals see guan yu angry, afraid of guan yu don't want to die with tardif, this is with the peak of guan yu war hundreds of rounds, to guan yu at this time, how to play?"I had already seen them when I arrived, and Ling Ming was talking about the trenches outside the city, wasn't he?" Wei nodded and sat on the throne, he and blanc have seen the crisscross trenches outside the city of nanyang.

"Tomorrow will be led by general he qi army feint, attract guan yu's attention, general zhou led the water army from the port direction of attack, captured the port, don't need to go deep, just lead guan yu military forces to the river." Tracing the cause smiled at two people.Even turn hard, plus the body has been exhausted, after seeing jiangdong army retreat, guan yu finally relieved, sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, several soldiers will guan yu cast out of the dragon crescent moon knife carried back, guan yu received in his hand, almost unable to hold.

Li yan heart is not a tight, hurriedly wear helmets penetration armor, with people up to the tower, is see wei yan a tight will men assembled, armed forces, surprisingly, in addition to the siege weapons, the other side also made a piece of wood."Here!""Someone tipped off." Ma cold hum 1."That 's all right. It' s just that Guan Yu is brave, and Tzu-yi has to be careful." He qi worry, guan yu's name of bravery, it is a victory accumulated, only rely on tardif, he qi can't help but worry.A circle of cracks appeared in the ground paved with bluestone, An invisible ripple to male broad sea as the center, spread to all sides, all people can clearly feel the ground in the moment of violent vibration a few times, five thousand shu army, unexpectedly by male broad sea a cry, shock dare not move, male broad sea behind, five hundred guanzhong elite quickly dispersed, a crossbow will lock these people.A strange python turn over, zhang eight snake spear against the physical mechanics of a bullet, will wei's broadsword block off, wondering at each other's sunken breastplate, zhang fei can not help but dark scold the guanzhong skills of the pervert.But such voices, Under lyu3 bu4 is very little, with lyu3 bu4 prestige, for many people in the guanzhong, even only know lyu3 bu4 but don't know who is right now, lyu3 bu4 seal king, in the eyes of the people is not a big deal, even feel some late, with lyu3 bu4 now status and occupied territory, let alone the king, proclaimed himself emperor can be."Unfortunately." Yan yan looked at zhang fei left the direction, shook his head and sighed.

Over there, he qi, pan zhang with military forces from both sides to kill, guan yu's army began to be washed away, zhou tai at the moment to make a hand, clap horse dance knife and tardif to fight guan yu."You're obviously not a hard nut to crack." Lu Zheng looked at Wu Jin and shook his head in disappointment. "I want to know all your plans. I don't want to waste my time."

These bamboo poles have been sharpened, the distance and near, by the water of jiangdong soldiers struggling to throw, easily throughout the body of jingzhou soldiers, tardif leapt out of the water, drank, has carried the halberd straight to xing daorong."Come on, you 're goe to take care of it!" Zhuge liang face, harsh voice way."Here!" Jiangdong people chorus promised, this period of time, but eat up the trousers of guan yu, now also finally able to exhale.



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