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paulSEO999  This is driving people away.

"Yo ~" "yo ~""Don't worry, brother wencheng did a lot, CAI MAO's people did not follow up, but brother wencheng before around the city, it is easy to arouse suspicion." Kuai more twist a head to see zhang yun one eye, smile way.What's the point of this desperate fight? There was no animosity between the two sides.Zhang lu was mercilessly whipped in his heart. Hanzhong was his painstaking effort. Only after more than ten years' efforts, could the population of hanzhong reach its peak.

Chapter 44 intrigue"Lord." < / p > < p > Yang song walked two steps forward, came to zhang lu side, a face of worry to look at zhang lu said: "guanzhong strong, our army reinforcements is arrived, not necessarily its opponent, as...... "

"Roar ~" a group of strong men to push the city car again and again attack the gate, the wall on the continuous earth and stone with the violent impact whooshing down, the thick gate constantly issued an unbearable groan, cracks have been all over the gate, such as this, it will not take long, the gate will be smashed open.

"Inform the general, general ma will come to inform the general, wu an has been under, zang ba died, wu an cao army has all surrendered.Morning chat chat with all the trend and the direction of the next, in fact these basically already set, pang tong will be sent to wu, and wei is a force, planning in hanzhong city, jingzhou, now under the various restrain, lyu3 bu4 have no chance to fit in vision is in hanzhong, all transferred to wu wei has been secret, as a warrior, can have the war of nature is better, and lu bu will be such an important matter to oneself, also let wei very excited, seeks for training in wu, inside of the heart, to recommend him for the post of pang tong and heartfelt gratitude.

"Father, it's too late to say anything." Chen shook his head, for Chen GUI noncommittally, that lyu3 bu4 perhaps at loggerheads easy, but if with the vision to see now lyu3 bu4, then some arrogant, breath a sigh of relief, Chen's pale face way: "father, for this, when the family disciple all recall, in to clean up the mess after the party... ""It is not good for Confucianism to be self-respecting, but there is a reason why Confucianism has been passed down for thousands of years. Lao fu also hopes that hou, the champion, can give Confucianism a way of life." Zheng xuanshen said that this was the reason why he had to see lu bu before he died. As a student who studied Confucianism all his life, he did not want Confucianism to be eliminated completely under the suppression of lu bu."Not enough." Yang fu shook his head and said with a smile, "the Lord said, there is a difference between bow and the real confrontation between the two armies. There are rules and restrictions on bow, but the confrontation between the two armies is full of whims. in a short while, when the various departments compete with each other, the two will know the cruelty of bow.""This...... "Zhang lu's complexion became ugly. After a long time, he asked," how many soldiers and horses have come?"One of the scouts rushed to xiahou yuan side, shen said: "general, both sides encountered strong enemy resistance, heavy losses, the formation has been broken up and withdrawn.

"Well!" < / p > < p > a few generals quickly agreed to a voice, someone came forward, CAI MAO's head cut off, pick on the gun to recruit xiangyang garrison around, zhang fei led the troops, but see where there are soldiers gathered, quickly rushed to kill the enemy scattered, recruit.Cao cao cool and cold of glanced to collapse on the ground of fu over one eye, cold hums 1, shake sleeve and go, seal a king, absolutely not feasible, the kid is short-sighted, if really seal a king, that he this emperor still have what use?

"Lv bu!" There was a chill in cao cao's voice. As a matter of fact, when the crossbow was presented to cao cao, he noticed that it was an army crossbow from chang 'an, and it was hard to get.A vigorous purge lasted three months before it subsided.

"Shi yuan, yuan zhi, this zhuge ge kong Ming also from sima hui door, with er etc. Also calculate classmate, you 2 people this person familiar not?" Lv bu looked at pang tong and xu shu.Fu finished hearing a sneer, want to force support straight up, but was four tiger guards dead on the ground, can not move a hair.

In cao cao's terrorist assassination attempt, and finally in the seamless cooperation with government and family for the first time, after three months of cleaning is suppressed completely, three months of brewing and fermentation, however, even if cao cao would stop, also inevitably spread to jiangdong, JingXiang and shu, the influence of the terrorist assassination is not eliminated.Seem to think of what, xiahou yuan suddenly turned his head, looking at zhang liao camp over there, constantly flying pigeons let xiahou yuan mind flash a light.Lv bu looked back, looking at the eyes of this old man with a sinister face, no answer.

"Kill!" One of the soldiers gave a cold cry. The sword thrust into zang ba's body stirred it vigorously and pushed zang ba's body forward.

The two brothers of xiahou are the rare generals under cao cao's account. Only two generals, one was fighting with zhang liao under lv bu in jizhou and the other was stationed in yingchuan. They all had important tasks in their lives."General rao life, I wish to surrender!" Seeing the situation in the city gradually clear, many of the soldiers have knelt down to wei yan surrender."Huh?" Cao cao wen yan, a cold look at kong rong, kong rong a positive attitude, happy not afraid to look at cao cao.

"No thanks." Lv bu sat up straight and looked at Yang fu: "yi shan, today I was in the ground but see you, you side of the two young people, is it jiangdong emissary?""Well!" Horse tie excitedly embrace fist promise 1, this be his first time alone lead an army.In Athens?

, zhuge liang some helpless, but also have to admit that this is the most effective strengthen liu2 bei4 status, four big family has become the past, those who follow liu bei's small and medium-sized family although not assigned to the CAI kuai two fields some disturbing, but in fact, liu bei didn't also to their fields, in the situation of jingzhou changes, these small and medium-sized family still belongs to the benefit of one party, but the heart, always not easily meet, zhuge liang is not opposed to liu bei so gradually expand their control, but not it is at this time, because pacify JingXiang, just the first step, zhuge liang plans next, Annexation of shu zhong is zhuge liang plan, to lay the most critical step of liu bei's overlord, only to take shu zhong, and then to be able to compete with lv bu, this is zhuge liang has always advocated the principle, but also at present liu bei's center of gravity, and this, need liu bei under the rule of one mind!"Good!" "Zhang liao lang said."Lord hanyu would not have thought that Chen deng had the power to hang us?" Chen gong looks at Chen GUI and laughs dismissively.< / p > < p > next found that chang 'an city was running to fill the Confucian scholars, no matter where he went, can see the figure of the Confucian active, but under, lv bu can only take his wife to return to the house.

"Quick, smoke out!" < / p > < p > zhao DE's face suddenly changed, ye city is a border border town, now encounter an attack, jizhou garrison general xia houyuan will not sit idly by, but the other side of this action, obviously with the intention of attracting xia houyuan to attack, from the beginning, ye city is the other side threw a bait, zhao DE naturally can not let them do."Ridiculous. How do you know those assassins were sent by my Lord?" Zhang liao sneered."Good, good ~ make up to make go slowly, need not anxious." The stranger bowed to the door.

As a disciple of the swordsman wang yue, shi had been specially hired by cao cao to instruct his son in swordsmanship. Shi had his own glory. Seven years ago, he fought as a general under cao cao in the battle of guandu."Master, childe, not good! A servant girl blundered in.

Although angry, both yu ban and the general of cao's army knew that zhaoyun and gan ning's weapons had blocked the front and rear gates of the camp and cut off the back road. Cao's army was basically sitting on a rat in a hole."What about Mr. Ziyang?" Came to special workshop outside, xh some anxious inquired, today is the last day of the January deadline, but he can't wait, after the reaction is abnormal, such as thirty thousand troops here, don't attack, is playing out, waiting for someone to attack, and clearly the other party didn't mean too much positive showdown with him, also not siege, xh don't think zhang liao ran so bored with their waste a hay, there, I'm afraid I have a plot, in order to prevent the other party in the upstream reservoir, xh also has set up a team, before and after containment."Commander." Lv meng strides into big account, to zhou yu one arch hand way.Zhaoyun result connect crossbow, also not close look, raise hand quickly buckle motive square, chain 3 arrows shoot, that cao will see zhaoyun did not pursue, haven't had time rejoice, feel after heart a cool, follow closely eyebrow a pain, 3 sharp arrows respectively shot his back heart, throat and eyebrow, whole person straightened from horse back to fall down.Yet, the short buzz Zhao De standing on the wall, see his astonishment for parting scene, three thousand soldiers seem as if they are invisible sickle wheat, piece of fall, the ray irradiation region outside, don't see how many people are put darkness falls down arrow, and take the lead in general direct shot into a hedgehog, the back of the soldiers with a genial smile that turned and ran, the wall suddenly appeared a laceration, staring out after a while not turning a centaur, the shrill cries and screams of only lasted less than a quarter of an hour's time, will disappear completely, leaving only the ground corpses and almost covered by JianCu ground.Yang ang stepped forward and bowed: "master, although the enemy crossbow fierce, our army is not the enemy, there are ten thousand troops in the city, will be willing to lead eight thousand troops out of the city to fight, will destroy it!"Lu xun and gu shao looked at this scene with great interest, lu bu feng Wolf guxu, the world is singing, there are countless versions of the folk in the spread, now it seems that the story is more interesting than those versions of the folk spread.Zang ba's ability is absolutely not bad, but now he died in the hands of a few soldiers, now it sounds, is also very sad, as for the forbidden surrender, is also an unexpected joy.

But it is the response of jiangdong intriguing, after cao cao pulled out xiajou dun, lu jiang began to move to the jiangxia area, with zhou yu combined troops against the jiangxia posture, for what happened in the north, and did not cause jiangdong alert, still pay attention to jingzhou area.Under the same sky, but the wuan has been spread by the war, the cold JianCu like migratory locusts would wreak havoc across the sky fell on the wall over and over again, even if has a shield protection from time to time there are still a cold JianCu breakthrough the defense shield, from time to time someone fall on the ground, blood have converged on the wall of corridor, makes the ground was muddy.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Han yu. I know that yuan long is young and full of energy. He won't be upset about some things. "Lu felt Chen GUI's head and sighed.These things, nature is responsible for tax government to talk about, lyu3 bu4 not constant, as long as not against the interests of lu bu, not against the interests of the whole lyu3 bu4 forces, lyu3 bu4 such deals are welcome, it represents more than he was a rich at the same time, can also be through the means of business spreads tentacles to jiangdong boundary.



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