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paulSEO999  While he was talking, he had already bypassed guan yu and fled to the side. His horse was as good as his horse. Once he pulled away, they couldn't catch up with him.

'dead woman! Zhang fei anger snort, zhang ba snake spear with a strange roar toward lu lingqi poke past.A continuous crossbow quickly loaded, with lv bu a command, aimed at the face rushed over the tiger and leopard ride.

The next morning, lu bu summoned Chen gong, li ru and jia xu."Ow, ow, ow!"

"Oh?" Lv bu surprised of see toward jia xu: "article and say just as well."

"Zhang liao children, too hateful! In jixian county, han rong sighed heavily when he saw the report of casualties. In these two days alone, more than 5,000 people were buried in zhang liao's camp."Bury it somewhere, and remember to dispose of it cleanly." Zhang he was indifferent.

The stirring dust and broken wood chips make jingzhou army such as the momentum of the rainbow a discharge, the pace of progress is not stopped for it, it is also at this moment in the camp suddenly think of countless jingzhou soldiers scalp tingling voice.Others while disorderly escape, but these have not important, red hare walked out of the army of lyu3 bu4 twist a head, and looked at the soldiers, sink a track: "kill me, I have a reason to hate your, but from this moment on, such as, is I lyu3 bu4, even hate, is also my brothers in arms, the dead already, one won't pursue now pick up your weapon, put on standby, no escape, the available feats of kill!"Think carefully, I am afraid judge match wait for a person not to have not been aware of, just be afraid they have the same concern as oneself, general trend already became, perhaps say blunder already became, right now even knew the truth, also have to hold back in the heart, even still keep conscience to help liu shi conceal the truth!"Well!" Outside the door came a dull sound."What's the matter?" CAI MAO frowned, dissatisfied with the look at home.

"Well." Gao shun turned his head and went straight away. The voice came from afar: "all go to rest. Tomorrow will start.The high dry pain close your eyes, in the army of flight with the roll, involuntarily escaped from the barracks, embarrassed to flee.

"What's the matter?" CAI MAO frowned, dissatisfied with the look at home.After a look at zhaoyun, gao shun stood up and said, "a few people have a hard time in the boat. Let's rest for a night.

"General ho! Guan hai was a little ashamed that he man had followed his brother and later voted with him.Like past the advocate of human rights in the society, but lyu3 bu4 happened relationship of woman, if is fine, can form a company, it was his comparison of the results in this respect, most of which are used to vent, people walk up, will naturally have a high quality woman in his life, maybe someone is moving the true feelings, but he didn't dare to move, identify these things took a very long time.

For lu bu the tetrarch, night owl battalion of the girls is a love-hate relationship, more than two months of training, they lost in a heavy weight, after the equipment, to feel your body seems to be more lighter than before, even two zhangs high walls, and they can use claws like civet cat climbed up, and lu bu never in owl camp for the night, also let the girl feel lyu3 bu4 to their respect, want to know, whether Li Shuxiang or its her girl, night owl looks nice girl but there are many in the camp, but lu bu had never been outside of the training, for they have any demand of cockiness."Faster than I can see! Zhang he just stood there, hurriedly took over the letter, glance at it, but gradually became ugly."No, Sir! The old man snorted angrily."So, if he doesn't approve of us, he won't get our approval, so why should he care to make enemies of the world?" This old man is see fully, after all, no matter how lv bu does, will not get the scholar's recognition, that is better than the other way around, why to incourt the noble family? Official business is, say, lv bu walked today this one step, on certain level, also be old and noble family force.

At the beginning of the conquest of ye cheng, lu bu left the city with a 60,000-strong army. Although he was a slave, the battle was too tragic.

Lu xun and companion look at each other wry smile, did not expect lv bu's command of the city is so horrible, they just come in how long, be discovered by the other side.The chaos of slave soldiers is cavalry, at this time is also a war of their own, after the siege, will soon be flooded to the cao army annihilation.< / p > < p > ferry, gao shun looked at a piece of the body from the river, most have frozen to death, these people have yuan jun, also have his subordinates, the snow gradually under the big, the snow after this, is afraid to call a truce, tanma to report, guo yuan has led the rest of the soldiers back to the direction of zhongyang, want to leave a way out for gao gan?

"The Lord knows that today, just the military salaries and salaries, the salaries of officials at all levels of these basic expenses, the Treasury every year will be 300 million yuan, in addition to equipment renovation, repair, the maintenance of the families of soldiers and soldiers, down to a year, our army now administered five states need nearly a billion yuan. "Chen gong lamented."Let them roam freely in the barracks and have someone take care of them to keep them safe." Lv bu nodded, and did not respond to his son's eager eyes."Pack up and go back to your house with me. That's your home." Lu bu's rough hand is hovering, and his tone doesn't leave much room for refutation.

According to the news that came before, lyu3 bu4 only little also want a period of time ability to dozen, this just how long, be informed however the gate has broken, the defense of the gate is false?"Yes." Lyu3 bu4 affirmation of nod way."Such a small matter, he Lao zhang general start, here, is to bring a strong general, he will be a tube general. Cheng yu smiled at zhang yan, behind him, a height of eight feet, broad waist round strong man came forward, to zhang yan arch hands.This young general was named Chen dao, a man from runan, who was a general that liu bei served as the emperor's uncle and was conquered by yu xuchang.This is not impossible, and the merger and recall of the Montenegro army, nearly two million people, lu bu really can not afford to give up, that is almost lu bu now under the rule of a third of the total population, the population was not as good as yuan shao and cao cao, suddenly cut off a third of their own population, that also don't play.

Lyu3 bu4 eyes slightly a ritual4, others listen to perhaps just think the old Taoist priest full of nonsense, butZuoci shu beard way: "seven kill, greedy Wolf, broken army, samsung are the main fight, should not be the same era, but the champion hou gathered together samsung, to kill the Wolf life, more life crime ziwei, now the champion hou is trying to occupy ziwei, afraid of a good end."The party hasn't won yet, so it's too early to celebrate." Lyu3 bu4 put to wave a hand, smile way: "notice gao general, let his quick dispatch troops march to occupy on the party!"If the two armies opposed each other, the soldiers would have begun to break down. But at the moment, the two sides were locked in a city, and even if the escaped soldiers met each other, they would still fight each other.

Two people smell speech, nod a promise, that day noon, lv bu with li ru, jia xu and the hussars ride camp light from Jane, rushed to the state, and chang 'an interior, lu bu left the news did not reveal to the outside, lu bu still sit in chang 'an, to frighten qiang rong.Soon, the five thousand slaves abandoned their horses and marched into battle by hsiung kuo hai himself, and launched a fierce attack against a tutai. Cao cao and yuan shao sent their troops to resist.

During the war, the department of justice could be said to be under the control of one person, with great power, but it was also easy to be taboo. After all, with the continuous growth of lv bu, the people who followed lv bu were also on the rise, and large families had begun to take shape, and the existence of the department of justice naturally hindered the growth of these families."Oh?" Zheng xuan's eyes lit up and looked at lv bu, saying, "the poem is magnificent and vigorous. If we talk about the imposing manner in contemporary times, there is no one on the right. Lao fu also wants to see the champion hou caixue.""Be!" Li Shuxiang a cursed after the chests are accumulated for a month finally dissipates a lot, but some uneasy, he opens the mouth to scold master, but get answer after lyu3 bu4, face the look of surprise and said "yes", then ran to the side without saying a word, one hundred pushups difficult for ordinary people, but after a month the devil training, together with all kinds of meat, herbal tonic and lyu3 bu4 secretly help strengthen once fitness, the women of the one hundred and eight women had been real, tyrannosaurus, one hundred pushups, something.After lv bu's death, in addition to zhou cang, pang tong and jiang lost both showed strange looks on their faces. For the first time, I saw someone talking to soldiers like this. Isn't this encouraging the soldiers to give up?The vast sea to touch the city, almost by the soldiers guarding the city as the enemy to shoot, the weather, even if liu weijun really touch over may not be able to find."The Lord should hire again. Why should I be asked to intervene in the affairs of the works department? It doesn't make sense!" Pang tong glanced at Chen gong and whispered to xu shu, "isn't the Lord talking about division of labor? What are we?""Husband, if I follow you, will liu xuande be discontented?" Lu lingqi frowned at the zhaoyun, for liu xuande, as lu bu's daughter, and did not have much affection."Let yuan laugh straight." Lv bu waved his hand, ignored pang tong's complaint, turned his head and looked down at the youth, smiling.

Lv lingqi wants to speak, but was zhaoyun a pull, but see zhaoyun to gao shun slightly bow way: "thank you general teachings, cloud remember.Xiahou dun appeared in xu chu's side, to help him block lv bu a blow, xu huang took advantage of the situation to come forward, in the hand of the big axe batch head cut to lv bu, lv bu will halberd drag, halberd branchlets hang xiahou dun's gun, a pick up, to meet xu huang's big axe.

"The matter can't violate, think another way." Zhaoyun nodded. Huang zu was surrounded by secret whistles. They had no way to dive in.Life is saved back, but the morale of the yuan jun has plummeted, and holds the daily running of a firm called war, beside a pound from cruising, these two people, a cowboy, another is wise, single is a pound, let zhang he feels particularly difficult, today to a sea holds a strange power and skills, high strength, to perfect collocation, zhang he also only high sitting idle, closed camp out.A young man who follow behind him smell yan complexion greatly change, hurriedly jump off the horse, pull him back, startled way: "bo yan, you don't want to die?"



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