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paulSEO999  Liu bei is not, after all, lyu3 bu4, reputation, and family support for lyu3 bu4, can abandon like dirt, because even lyu3 bu4 had wanted, family also won't support him, will only laugh and play with family. It is like at the beginning of xuzhou Chen family, and for liu bei, these things are too important, that a set of in nanyang is feasible, but it definitely won't work in jingzhou, even if is not a copy, to a large extent, liu bei is still maintained the respect and focus on family, but this is planted.

Zhang yun zhang opened his mouth, complexion a change, face become pale, incredible looking kuai yue way: "he... You...... ""For... Why?" This is a thorn in CAI MAO's heart."Return host, GUI shuang country experienced a coup a year ago, the country is very chaotic, so called emissary, I am afraid is not the imperial court sent." "The nighthawk bowed.Why is it cheaper liu bei and not CAI MAO? Because CAI MAO was originally close to cao, he was cao cao's dark son in jingxiang. It was a good thing for cao cao that CAI MAO got jingzhou, but the possibility was not great.

At the same time, the clapboard above the ring was pulled down to reveal that the warlords were pointing down, and with a command, a row of warlords were in full swing."General, we have captured a large number of craftsmen in the cao camp and found this man. He looks like a high-ranking official of the cao army!" A school lieutenant led a group of people to come over, lu bu but clearly stipulated, if the battlefield met with craftsmen, not to kill, to capture as far as possible.

"Go down, there will be a task, the criminal law suspended, until the task is completed. Lv bu waved his hand, and the nighthawk retreated in accordance with the language."Lord, a messenger from baiji has come to see the son of heaven." Chen qun su rong way.

If it is land battles, baiji state is not afraid, they have the advantage of the terrain plus people, want to fight in, even if lv bu mobilize 100,000 troops to fight them are not afraid, but from the sea to fight is not the same.Cao cao in the palace, cao cao at the moment but in the name of his second xelloss and xun yu, by the words people seldom sell five years all over the world, but recently with the books will be sent to lu bu the kanto sale, make family feel crisis all over the world, recently there have been many influential family to come to xuchang, request to blockade the pass, cut off and the guanzhong commercial ties."Kill!" Wei yan behind, a bunch of qiang soldiers in succession roar out loud, many people will be on the body of uncomfortable armor to throw away, fierce lunge at a bunch of at a loss what to do in hanzhong sergeant.The shaft of the arrow sank into the snow, leaving nothing but its feathers humming and trembling in the snow. At once, the refugee group stopped. A man from the crowd dropped his weapon and raised his hands above his head.At the same time, in cao's camp, xia houyuan did not know that ye cheng had changed hands overnight, but at the moment was the hospitality of cao cao sent his helper.

"Well!" Martin stepped forward and bowed."Lu hussar is one of the most important princes in the world. How could he, for the sake of children, make such a fool of himself by encouraging all the officers and soldiers of the whole army to join him?" Gu shao disdains the cold hum 1.

< / p > < p > riding the general house, lu bu listened to jingxiang sent the latest information, liu bei and CAI MAO did not launch a fierce battle, let the crowd of princes more or less disappointed, but really make lu bu care is not liu bei and CAI MAO both sides, but in the recent frequent occurrence of information in the name."Perhaps exaggerated, but this man has some tricks." Lyu3 bu4 nodded as agreed with the palace, Chen Yang the intelligence in the Yang hand say with smile: "XunYue inside, not only to persuade changsha Liu Pan thoroughly to liu bei, more convincing wuling, lingling two county defections, other counties, though not to surrender, but wait to JingXiang nine county, liu bei has five county, now CAI alone xiangyang, jiangling, rot has now, if jiangdong don't begin, liu2 bei4 rise is inevitable, the person other do not say, but the speed of the ancient shu, yi cheung also."

"I have something to say, but I can say it." Lyu3 bu4 falling in to smile and look to the crown, was get lombardi died, two doctrines, which spent large jizhou, divided to lu bu and cao cao, after falling to teach but almost suicide, luckily be timely rescue, lyu3 bu4 then visit to the western regions, we sincerely invite falling for his effectiveness, grant nullify the kung fu in March, just calculate falling in to make official loyal to grant, though not confidant, but for to work around the lombardi, lyu3 bu4 but quite seriously."Be." Xia houyuan promised to follow cao cao into the hall.

The west gate and the north gate were also opened by zhang fei. When liu bei and huang zhong entered the city, they occupied the city wall.In the early morning, the city of chang 'an was a little chilly and cold. No one wanted to come out at this time. Only the figure of the city guards could be seen patrolling the city."It's no use saying anything now." Lv bu shook his head and said, "as for hanzhong, let pang tong and wei yan continue to show the banner of zhanglu to others for the time being. When we completely digest hanzhong, we will change the banner."

Even if die, in the death before also want with vigour and vitality!

"Lord hui, there is no other face holy." Tiger guard leader bow way."General, the city has put out the smoke!" Within the camp, a deputy general came to zhang liao's side, bow way.The magnificent broad sea one zheng, immediately nod a way: "Lord Lord trust, this kind of goods, use not three match!"

Lv zheng nodded his head with a vague understanding. Although he could not fully understand, what his father said seemed easier to understand than what the teacher said.The war did not really start, and even the allied forces of the vassal states did not appear. Neither lv bu nor cao cao exercised restraint and did not extend the war in jizhou to the whole line."Off!"

From the map view, among lyu3 bu4, jiangdong and liu bei, cao cao, is indeed one of the most easy to deal with, but Cao Caozhi although is not big, but the population is most governors, even lyu3 bu4 rest after a few years, to accept a large number of refugees entry, but the ratio of cao cao, in the population are many, is one of the biggest obstacles of lyu3 bu4 south central China, if can with sun quan, cao cao to cracking, for lyu3 bu4, attractive indeed.The first to break the pass is king?Especially in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the navy, lyu3 bu4 specially sent a craftsman in the bohai sea navy, and after have made a lot of warship design drawings, especially lyu3 bu4 keel to instill the concept of down, after a year of trial, with the first batch of keel, ships had been built the gan ning navy combat effectiveness is more better.After hearing the news, zhuge liang led Chen to xiangyang and zhang fei back to nanyang at night. At zhuge liang's suggestion, liu bei began to move the people of nanyang southward, and wan cheng was built into a military town."Hou ye was very kind and considerate." Lu xun walked beside lu bu.

Because of his status, liu ye did not hold real power under cao cao. Now he is in charge of the research and development of equipment, similar to lv bu's department of engineering."What! ?" Chen GUI wenyan face suddenly become pale, Chen deng's two sons, that is the roots of the Chen clan, now unexpectedly......

"What a pity." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and his eyes look down to the absence of Chen GUI: "han yu don't have to worry about, although the chens didn't, you're the person but is still alive, as long as you are, I can allow you to reproduce, grassland are now under my flocks and herds, very suitable for breeding, I will go there, let a person sent you believe... "

"CAI MAO children, leave! See CAI MAO, zhang fei eyes a bright, zhang eight snake spear like a black dragon in the hands of the dance up, excitedly horse rushed to CAI MAO.'yes! Cao cao nodded, not decisive battle also not line, if really eight years on ten years, such as lu bu shu to shot down, when the time comes, lyu3 bu4 was don't know what has developed into, both now catapult can also suppress the lyu3 bu4 crossbow, but in a few years, even two catapult it eliminated, cao cao's no lyu3 bu4 that the ability of bulk production equipment."Well!" Xun yu nodded, although know, even if found out, it is only a few small fish, but if you do not check, for yingchuan Chen is not easy to explain."Now the phoenix chicks have come out to help the Lord, and liu bei has been given wolong. Is it not that liu bei wants to compete with our army for the world? But I wonder where Mr. Waterglass has placed cao cao?" Chen gong smell speech, can't help laughed shook his head, this is somewhat flattering for two people, pang tong while good, a few years to get along with down, Chen gong also admitted that he is inferior to pang tong, but don't say, said lu bu, giffin good, falling in teaching have to work, changan can have today's busy, falling in the western business grant, cao cao abdomen with military strategy, not how much worse pang tong, with only a zhuge kongming, just want to talk to lu bu cooperatedwith, under the adviser, is absurd.Pang tong looked black and stared at wei yan. Wei yan, with a solemn face, stepped forward and the army, under his command, marched steadily forward, each step as if stepping on the heart of the enemy. It was not until he was less than two hundred steps away from the city wall that he stopped."Old male." Lyu3 bu4 call xiong ku4 hai, however way: "I hate this person.""Why is the general coming back now?" The gate of the garrison to see the other side's flag and armor, slightly relieved, waved, motioned to the soldiers open the gate.Planning of luoyang actually drive away five years ago when the kanto military forces has already started, lyu3 bu4 specially invited left kindness to luoyang feng shui, the past five years, luoyang did not make big changes, even dismantled many buildings, in order to later if migration, luoyang will gradually replace the political center of changan be lyu3 bu4 cannot, such as changan changan, after all, are felt in lyu3 bu4 step by step in the development, the layout of the whole city as the number of Chinese era, but the pattern is very messy.

The figure of nighthawk appears before lyu3 bu3 body, one knee ground bow way: "nighthawk dereliction of duty, let host and little advocate frighten, sin should die!"Chapter 36 a decisive battle caught off guard

Because of his status, liu ye did not hold real power under cao cao. Now he is in charge of the research and development of equipment, similar to lv bu's department of engineering."Quick, smoke out!" < / p > < p > zhao DE's face suddenly changed, ye city is a border border town, now encounter an attack, jizhou garrison general xia houyuan will not sit idly by, but the other side of this action, obviously with the intention of attracting xia houyuan to attack, from the beginning, ye city is the other side threw a bait, zhao DE naturally can not let them do."Consigliere, why don't we break into the city?" Huang zhong stood at zhuge liang's side, puzzled and asked, the gate has been opened, but this is a good opportunity, zhuge liang let huang zhong just wave the flag and cry, but not to attack the city, which makes huang zhong is very difficult to understand.



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