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paulSEO999  "This is the strategy of our han people," he said. Hey hey...... "Rare ye second article, to the end can not go on, the army han embarrassed smiled and said:" the han sui under the general, in fact, in the forecast did not prepare to catch, there is a li kan is enough, who knows in the chaotic army was surrounded by your people, tomorrow also have to find a way to put him back.

"With this camp in place, if the two sides can communicate in secret, is someone to fight chang 'an, chang 'an can be assured." Jia xu smiled.This kind of person, can be regarded as a good general, let him lead an army alone, with his character, won't give lv bu what big basket, but also don't expect him to bring much surprise to the person, as a general, he lacks a kind of insight to the overall situation, not suitable to run an army alone, but if put in the rear, defend the city, may not be worse than pound."Don't say that, wen and come here, show you some good things." Lv bu stood up with a smile and beckoned zhou cang to lead a war horse to him."The sima clan, the whole door cut!" Lv bu cold hums 1, categorical way.

Five men left the city and joined the other soldiers waiting outside. This time they came out with fifty soldiers, selected from the five hundred elite soldiers trained by lu bu.< / p > < p > a large number of xiongnu warriors in liu bao's approval, excitedly hit the horse gallop, toward the gathering place of Wolf qiang fierce rush and go, they need to vent, clearly they are the strongest force in hetao, but do not know because of what reason, this period of time was very frustrated.

Hanmu er, the general of xiongnu, came with five thousand troops, which was the vanguard of xiongnu. Pound was quick to make up his mind. At the same time, he ordered four thousand soldiers and horses to leave the camp.

I wish it were a boy!Since law yan took charge of the department of justice, specific regulations were laid down in various markets, which gradually eliminated the conflicts between qiang and han people. It was rare to hear zhang complaining about the disputes between qiang and han people.

"Look at the current situation of hetao." The castellan was a man eight feet long, rough but imposing.Huns whole rout did not give up lu bu to kill, as lu bu a binge drinking, died in all four of their cases, the edge of the huns became to be slaughtered each lamb, lyu3 bu4 with force, maintaining relatively neat formation, slay and then wipe before again and again, a few days ago the scene to reappear in hetao plains, mighty army of huns was less than one 5 of the men chase after you kill yourself."Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side."Oh?" Aguri looked at kunmu and frowned. "if I knew you were cheating me, I would take your head off myself!""I have an army of horses at my side, and if wen and this go away, ma chao may not be able to care about wen and this. Besides, I have a red rabbit and a halberd. The world can kill me. Lu bu said firmly.

"How many soldiers fell in battle today?" "Asked li ru."This method is quite feasible." Chen gong thought for a moment, nodded and was about to speak when a knight came galloping from a distance.

"Don't worry, general." After shaking his head for a moment, li ru looked at zhang liao and said, "general nuo sent someone to send me to see this aguri. After meeting this man, it will be not too late."On the same day sent to one thousand army siege, Addis also know machine, the man ran, let the army closed on empty air, and she does best is to make the attack on the owl camp, battle, never is her style, but the general of the armies, hired as jingzhou is got death command, must will bring back the little wild wench, cannot but, killed on the spot.

Jingxiang, xinye.From the beginning of killing ma teng to now, it is only less than two months, but in these two months, he was like making a roller coaster, and suddenly became the ruler of the whole xiliang. He was only one step away from taking chang 'an, having guanzhong, and watching the melee among the princes of kanto.

Yang Ding kung fu is good, but it is just good, a title of generals in ancient times battalion of soldiers, every one on the army to when the hou, but these days, close to the lyu3 bu4 learned is the parent of converging attack, the practice is killing people, although only three people, but as long as cooperate proper, can break the ordinary a station troops, at the moment with Yang Ding on, followed by a knife a knife attacks, Yang Ding simply overwhelmed, in a short time is a Biao who riding a knife cut off the leg, followed by the another Biao who come forward to riding, the results of his life, the gates, also slowly open at this time.Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he is naturally hope to win the cao cao, cao cao is his own enemy, just came to this world, it almost kill by cao cao, lu bu is naturally hope that one day, can find the company on the battlefield, in the public, cao cao even beat lombardi, want to conquer the lombardi turf, also need a digestive process, but if lombardi defeat cao cao, then I'm afraid is to deal with lu bu."300 close wei, this lv bu, also overconfident some." Zhang shook his head and said, "however, lu bu has left with only 300 people. Chang 'an is not empty and should not act rashly."

In the same year, the general situation of the world gradually became clear, and the atmosphere of the war almost covered the whole northern land. This year, the life of the hu people was not easy. After several months of fighting, the land of hetao, no matter the huns or other ethnic groups, was seriously weakened.

< / p > < p > liu bao nature will not be as stupid as hamu son directly go up to provoke, lv bu here, let him do not have the interest of the fight, the first warrior of the huns are defeated in the hands of a man, this to, there is no reason to send up to be beaten face."Then let them go after them, whether they want soldiers or food. If they can't catch up, they can't blame us." Li ru smiled and said, at present, the overall situation is here, han sui is now the moss of the smoke, no matter how he has courage, but collude xiongnu people poison xiliang, xiliang reputation is completely destroyed, even if the salted fish turned back, will only be seen as foreigners."Committed to victory, wen far and pound, can, just now pound injury, poor in line, and presided over by wen far west cool, military and civilian interim west cool secretariat, meng is after fubo generals, today was sealed up for general fubo meng, assisted with ma dai wen far governance west cool, I leave eighty thousand wasteland, cool place in west counties." Lv bu will have been ready to print the tattoo to zhang liao road.

"Need not the Lord be informed?" Zhang looks at Chen gong.'call, miss! Four female soldiers were shocked by pang tong's words and immediately showed their happiness. Before pang tong had any reaction, two female soldiers, one left and one right, pulled pang tong's skirt and ran out.The mou son inside give a hint of a sinister opportunity thoroughly, these han people are ready apparently, the best position first one step grabbed past, no matter where he builds camp, on the Angle, can be in disadvantageous position.

< / p > < p > ten days later, in lv bu's wenwu for lv bu xi liner things and up and down the celebration, yuan shao received han meng and the head of the division horse defense, the rare celadon was mercilessly fell on the ground to smash."Well, if it's inconvenient, stop." See zhaoyun eyes flash a touch of pain, lu lingqi waved a way.With the withdrawal of liu bao, more and more huns choose to break through.Barracks, the distance is training the foot soldiers holds sea suddenly heard the sound of the scream, the air was a change, twist a head and looked at the fire in the air passed, eyes flashing a bit, suddenly look back, look at the audience of five hundred soldiers, harsh voice way: "wearing a helmet with armour, pick up your weapons, war!""This is... An order to ride an hussar?" Hand was immediately a change, it is to a title of generals in ancient times the lyu3 bu4 private production, a title of generals in ancient times to the existence of lu bu, and only a few of sealing the general of a general and the chang 'an sentinels and know that it doesn't make any sense in front of ordinary people, but for the man who knows the gold MEDALS, a title of generals in ancient times makes a anyone see that such as lu bu, must be unconditional.

Pang tong's complexion was somewhat black, and he said, "without him, we should avoid the real problem."Ling lyu3 bu4 nodded: "it has to do, but the western land, beyond the waiting, and it is the thing of xianbei inside, let them play, ling yee's side, I'll command far more to support, now I wait for the energy, and unable to stretch to the western regions, then let the girl go to rush yourself, right now, should incorporate the hetao, occupied hetao, though xianbei change, I have everything, camp herald a title of generals in ancient times, go out tomorrow and must win hetao as soon as possible!"This Wolf qiang is also deserved, even lv bu side have been sent out of the news of the huns, Wolf qiang was unprepared to be killed by the huns.

Last year's world war I, lu bu played a brilliant maneuver, the powerful xiongnu life lost the hegemony of hetao, lu bu's name also became the taboo of hetao land, no one thought, he unexpectedly came back at this juncture."Young lady, the Lord said, you of these soldiers, can follow in, but forbid to run disorderly, otherwise enter the restricted area by mistake, will be killed on the spot." With a broad grin, he waved at the group of women and said, "don't blame general Ben for not reminding you."

Lu lingqi rolled her eyes and looked at zhou cang, saying, "uncle zhou, it's getting late, and you are tired all the way. It's better to rest for a night, even if you have to go, it's not too late to go on the road tomorrow.""Yin wei, you take our people, cooperate with all protect adults, destroy the city xianbei people. Juyan king to see their own escort command way.Although the huns did not know why the han people would let them go so kindly, their desire for survival had completely covered up their personal will, and a large number of huns rushed towards the camp like a flood burst the dike."The duke intends to build a new department of justice on the basis of the existing one, which is specially responsible for the implementation of the law. It is thought that zhong li will soon be promoted and put in an important position. He will no longer have to be subordinate to me." Jia xu said with a smile, "originally, chang 'an academy was going to open a law course only to learn zhongli's talent. When it could open a course, it would be delayed for several years."Born a general, the body meets the turbulent times, with unique skills, in addition to the gender is not suitable, lu lingqi has all the prerequisites for the general, as those who want to be able to show their talent, she now urgently want a stage to prove their own."Lord, in the last days of his life, will he be able to avenge his family?" On horseback, ma chao looked at the distance, vacant way.There was a short crack in the air, and nine hundred arrows broke through the air.This group of female soldiers, there are more than 10 from the general house maid picked out, but more is taking every month lyu3 ling3 qi4 give oneself of month offer a little saved.

Wave wave, let the magnificent sea don't start, really start hands, ten pang tong have to explain here.Hew out at that moment that was lu bu living three ji, his arm was not lyu3 bu4 cut, but by the force of tear at living to tear it down, the feeling of pain in the moments after linger-sometimes constantly, then disappear, Korea fierce the whole people kneel on the floor, the pupils gradually and the blood welled out like a fountain from the wound, will be his world gradually far away.

"Dead!" Lyu3 bu4 stare in anger, such as HongLei, party day painting ji the squeal of the roaring wave rise, with a lead, like a black whirlwind, tu the warriors is not close, feel a burst of mind absentminded, the heavy side day painting ji dance between the surprises voice, as if there is a breathtaking magic, let a person mind between boredom, unconsciously, by the other party took his head.Chapter 46 achievement



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