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paulSEO999  Do not despise this law, Not a law can be perfectly implemented, different places, different customs, people's ideas are different, just like the governance of the place, in addition to the law, but also scruple to human feelings, human relations here is not to say what contacts, but local conditions and customs, these things, always adapt to local conditions, but can not deviate too much.

Cao Cao put his hand on the table, unfolded the waiter's first bamboo paper, carefully looked down, for a long time, only a sigh: "At the beginning is really not even the slightest opportunity to give me ah, hundreds of troops, but also the vanguard!"Chapter 32 ZuoXianWang"Here!" Martial arts hurriedly bow to promise 1, watched Liang Xing leave, looked around the disorderly corpse, not secretly, hurriedly ordered people to clean up the corpse, at the same time to reinforce the defense."Humble?" Han sui face gradually gloomy down, looking at the direction of liu meng left, cold hum a track: "as long as we can let these conference semifinals to help us consume the spirit of lyu3 bu4, is the soft language to ask? To clean up lyu3 bu4, it's their turn! Let them rampant for a few days!"

"You'll be waiting outside the city." Marten sink a track."Master, it seems to attack burn when the old camp, just d off, the real purpose, always is us!" Cheng Gongying looked at Li Kan solemnly: "D with how many people?"

"Arrows!" Henderson snorted, Surrounded by the han army quickly will be in the hands of the arrow cluster toward the huns poured down, These unarmed huns where to resist, or in the dense arrow rain, pushed, fell into the dug pit, or directly by the relentless arrow rain devoured life, even if occasionally someone can break through the han people's arrow rain, was already waiting outside the moon people without hesitation to kill.

"Yes." Lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a porch, Is some amazing feeling, at first sight of the woman, is also good, but definitely not to the sable cicada that the level of the city, but there is a unique charm, belongs to that kind of first look unremarkable, but the more you look at the more flavor of the woman, more importantly, a pair of eyes with some elegance and sadness in the cold, there is more of a book fragrance."Just now our forces, to defend..." Marotta hesitated, he naturally understand lyu3 bu4 worry, but now, with more than one hundred thousand people, there are the huns south, only with the fifty thousand people, how to prevent live.

Ma dai under the guidance of a west cool down, found the camp of the tuen food, with the army will hay trench to move out, mighty toward the jing, leaving only a abandoned camp full of corpses.Two thousand huns were blankly back to their camp, haven't wait for them to figure out what these han people really want to do, camp suddenly lit up around the fire, quickly spread to the center."Tell cao cao, I want to levy the post of general west, holding section of the guanzhong, west cool, with the power to open the house, should be appointed by officials, all by the general, the court can't interfere.""Your excellency, cross the river quickly, and we'll block the thieves!" Army hou pull zhong yao way, although the river is not deep, but if the whole army ran past, I'm afraid the opposite enemy will not be so leisurely, they will rushed up in the first time, will kill jun in the river, that way, I'm afraid even zhong yao can't cross the river."My master has been in the bank of white water, just to show sincerity, let the next to send thanks." Giffin smiled.

Fuping, seibel camp."Well, WenHou don't worry about my white water qiang to its disadvantage?" Yang wang then wondered.

"Kill ~" Wei Yan raised his sword, looked up to the sky sent out a violent roar, lost the impact of the cavalry, even less than infantry.On the towers, Zhang is a face of black line looking at without warning with people into the city of He Yi, Just left a stupid guy, Now came in a two-fooled, change a head normal point of generals, how much will hesitate, think about whether there will be fraud, before zhang both let people open the gates, but also hope that if lyu3 bu4 army really kill, cheat him in an empty city, who wants to come to a two-fooled, see the gates open, rushed in without hesitation.

He is so confused sleep sorted daughter, history of celebrities forever CAI wenji?"That's good." Guan Yu look at coppage, for a long time, sighed and said: "Gongming purpose, I already know, but loyal minister do not serve the two masters, afraid to let the public understand a trip."

"Back to the city!" D nodded, stormed, also just consume troops, or after consulting with Mr Li, to do the deliberations."Draw the snake out of the cave, and bring out the military forces of the king's court of the huns! Otherwise, with the sturdiness of the beautiful city of millet, there is no siege weapon, I can't let the cavalry rushed up the wall!" Lyu3 bu4 smiled coldly and said coldly, "If Mei Ji Cheng wants to help Chicken Luzhai, this is the only way to go. Let people dig the horse pit at once. We will destroy the main force of the Xiongnu court here in World War I!""Wei Yan."

Engaged in smell speech, also bad say again, can only nod: "subordinate this to do."

Do you despise me?"Whoosh! Whoosh!""By the way, strategist, less general he..." Pound looked at marotta, opened his mouth, but marotta stopped.

"Elder brother, it's not good to kill and drop! And shouldn't I be chasing down the old thief of Han Sui at this moment?" Ma dai sit horse seems to can't stand d body sent out of the murderous atmosphere, can't help back two steps, ma dai bitter way.Freeze sneered, "But when it comes to threats, Sun Ce is a hundred times taller than him. Since then, Jiang Dong has had no worries! It is indeed a blessing!"Marotta did not speak, Lyu3 bu4 news, just to improve morale, but who knows, even if Korea hence without the huns, but these days the main attack has been the huns and burn block qiang people, Korea hence the loss is actually not big, they can think of this problem, Korea hence how can't expect, I'm afraid the next, is the battle really fierce.

"Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~""What?" Han Sui frowned slightly: "Do you know what it is?"Looking at CAI wenji, lyu3 bu4 heart a move, smiled and said: "is CAI everyone, you and I yesterday so wrong, also calculate some fate, I don't know zhao ji can be willing to do the general's woman?""Where are you goe, horse boy?" Larocca triumphant laugh, silver gun flashed in his hand, will rushed up the cavalry one by one to kill."No." Riller shook his head. "Our men have been probing lately, but Lyu3 bu4 seems to have vanished from thin air, and there is no sign of him."

Lyu3 bu4 camp from horse pit and an arrow, looking at the huns approaching, lyu3 bu4 eyes murderous, party day painting ji slowly held high in the setting sun, reflecting the light of the demon."Back to the tetrarch, recently this period of time, but there is no action in JingJing, just constantly strengthen the wall, firm walls and clear fields." Li kan hurriedly back."Master, it doesn't matter?" Zhou Cang came to lyu3 bu4, frown, giffin, after all, is lyu3 bu4 forced to get, if the evil intention, secretly united white water qiang scheming, really can't clean up.

Lyu3 bu4 looked at the giffin, smiled and said, "Mr. Mild."Looking at cao cao, xun yu hesitated for a moment, then handed it over to cao cao, saying, "master, although this matter has been decided, but still need master to go to the palace, tell your majesty about it."

Lyu3 bu4 smell speech nodded, it will be recorded in the heart, as for how to operate, also have to measure on the battlefield, the present to the white water qiang all hao Shuai farewell, with military forces mighty YuanMen, and have been waiting in the north palace of white water, cioffi and eight thousand broken qiang converge, toward wu.At this point, a small school rushed into the account, loudly way: "general, changan urgent!""Master, please say." Wei yan face a su, sink a track."That's great!" Ezra pound heavily waved his arm, excited way: "as long as the huns go, pound here but fifty thousand men, as long as seibel, zhang liao two generals north, and our formation of bemis, make Korea hence can't give attention to both ends, to master back to the day, the battle will be won!"D military forces gallop overnight after all is now sleepy, after a moment of stalemate, gradually showing signs of decline, only d, rushed to the left in the crowd right tu, past, blood filled."Hum!" Liang Xingleng snorted, looking in the direction of d loudly way: "marching to war, how can such as that no man? D, if you want to revenge for your family, then to attack the camp, liang waiting here, if not this ability, or get back as soon as possible."This idea, It is natural to be hungry before you know it, The sable cicada, one of the four greatest beauties of all time, with Jo on his side, coupled with the influence of the information explosion of previous generations, Although it is undeniable that at the moment of Yang Xi dressing up, softly with a bit of heroic face, let lyu3 bu4 have a momentary desire to conquer, but still far from let him boiling feeling, nature more unable to realize that these have been living in the mountains, with the beast of the qiang people young man at the moment that surprised the feeling of heaven and man.

"To be honest?" Lyu3 bu4 will look at giffin, his heart has a plan to settle the qiang people, lyu3 bu4 also believe that if the plan is implemented in place, will speed up the qiang people into the han people, 100 years later, the guanzhong land without qiang han, just giffin said honesty, obviously not this."I have consulted with the general west of the matter." Yang Wang-shen said, "After the establishment of Heishui City, I will assume the post of county magistrate. In addition, the posts of county commandant, county cheng, and tax official will be filled by the chiefs of the various nationalities. My family will no longer fight for them. In addition, there are also 12 townships under Heishan County, each with three elders and a stingy husband, all elected by various nationalities. What do you think?"

Far away, looking at jun suddenly beast still fighting, seibel frowned, ordered: "archer, let go of the arrow!"Liang Xing looks micro-herald, around the eyes let him feel some sting, after all, killing young and old, in the army is not without, just usually disgusting.When you think about it, these things don't seem to have much to do with you, but they do have something to do with you, but what if they do? I have never followed the course of history, if according to history or deduction into the city, I appeared in this time and space of the day, should have been hanged on the White Gate.



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