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paulSEO999  "I wait for mat river to explore a horse, general deng xian, we are yan general's people, beg general help!" < / p > < p > two scouts to see deng xian, hurriedly for help, obviously before the help of guanzhong soldiers scared not light.

...However, liu zhang's drawing of the tiger did not turn out to be an anti-type dog, which failed to win the hearts of the people. Instead, he hated the old and noble family in shu, which resulted in the loss of the hearts of the people, and finally led to the end of betrayal."The end is near." Zhang ren stepped forward and respectfully said.But the opponent for the life of contempt let guan yu this and others feel some despair, what are these hu people thinking?

"Honestly, I have heard a lot of things about chengdu, not only about it, but also about it." Pang tong smiled."The new commander is lv meng?" Zhuge liang suddenly frowned.

"Ha ha, general deng was worried." Wei yan looked at the soldiers behind his eyes and smiled proudly and said, "each of my guanzhong soldiers has undergone rigorous training. They just march continuously, just as well."

Liu at swaney DHS frown, at this time, should have to advise to by him, but without his permission, swaney had directly, this made him look a bit not good-looking, but also helpless, according to status, according to seniority, swaney than< / p > < p > as lv meng shouted, around the jiangdong soldiers no longer surrounded to kill Chen, but began to Chen to the nearby ship capsize, once fell into the water, the head of the flood dragon on the ground may only become the phoenix fell into the water.

How also have never thought, will because a liu DHS completely out of control, at the moment, even if he beheaded liu DHS, also hard to restore morale, although zhang ren to milan will be same good inheritance reputation for chilling and discontent, but for his betrayal, it is not possible, fealty, stupid, but milan have the grace of a promotion, zhang ren never"But it is." Little Joe shook his head, aggrieved."Do it! Then, without waiting for zhang ren's reaction, someone held a wooden stick with a piece of rope in front of him and caught zhang ren's limbs. Then several soldiers pulled him downTwo was the shot sleeve crossbow, the two have a nighthawk who tiger who shot into the corner, then into a battlefield, each hand holding a dagger, in the crowd, but like walk freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, with somewhat heroic spirit in the enchanting posture, every action is quite elegant, dagger swing, is without mercy, blood stained with skirt, like in the land of the dead blossom a bright datura flower general.

"Huh?" Wei yan looks along the direction that the other party points out, see the end of the road in the distance however, discover a few figure stealthily look toward this side, wei yan hurriedly takes out li li mirror, look toward that side, see dress, it is jing zhou army."Oh?" Liu zhang completely meng, vacant look toward meng da: "this words from what? When did I have an affair with his wife?"

"Who knew he was so mean?" "Little Joe grumbled as he pursed his lip.Liu zhang also follow from inside come out, smell speech facial expression can't help a black, any who be pointed at by the hand before the nose scold in the heart face also won't be easy to accept, at that time frown nu way: "betray the thief of the Lord, I ask oneself treat you not thin, calculate political strategy mistake, now yizhou already broken, why do you still peeve?"

"Be quiet, all of you! Suddenly, lv meng suddenly drunk a sound, air penetration dandan, the sound like thunder, as if lv meng's whole body strength to burst out of the general, looking at the crowd roar."Who dares dare to dare! Zhang ren pulled out his sword angrily and turned to look at the crowd.

Pang tong with method is in the eye, shake head wry smile, a title of generals in ancient times who, that's acting first, power on to the royalty, down to the common, dare to stop, all kill without forgiveness, shorts before has a title of generals in ancient times the rights and power of camp said, now anyone dare to camp ran to stop a title of generals in ancient times, the true is the evils we bring."Men may see only I master back your family land, but not see, I master in recovery of these at the same time, but also for family opened up a new trade routes, the silk road of what interests you also heard, as long as there is enough strength, are feasible, the silk road, protected by our army, the official master, if you have any family can get more preferential tax policies, unified thought, the only one, is enough to diminish lost their land cause losses to you."< / p > < p > Chen to the whereabouts, will be ford secret means to jiangdong nightingale, although no real power, but he followed Chen to the side every day, for Chen to the whereabouts, almost accurate grasp, including the summer mouth trip.

"Well!" Two soldiers yiyan two captured scouts released.

"Cloud long nothing good, the city's situation, I have heard, can't blame you." < / p > < p > liu bei sighed, in addition to guan yu this one horse, the other soldiers who attacked the city wall were driven down, guan yu shangcheng is the earliest, but has been fighting until mingjin retreat, guan yu really tried."It is absurd. Zhou yu broke the alliance without permission and attacked our army. It is only his own fault. ?" Chen said, "if you attack jiangxia without any reason today, you will be laughed at all over the world.""Look! General liu is back From a distance, the soldiers who guarded the camp could see that no one was with them, and that they were coming at a gallop, horses whipped and dusty

Although the complexion is still calm, but at the moment looking at all sides is almost one side of the battle, except to wait for death, Chen to do nothing.Wei operations, has several sentries rush out immediately, fast, like a running horse, although each other scouts after see exposed the whereabouts is quickly retreat, the gap between the two sides have a lot of, but the side of the scouts or to shorten the gap quickly, in less than a wick sweet, several of the scouts have come back with two sentries, infected with the blood of looked at each other, obviously has some fight, let swaney can't help but marvel at in the heart of clay under lyu3 bu4 tough.

"This...... It's a mistake!" Meng da shook his head in embarrassment, and was just about to explain that pang tong, wei yan, fa zheng and others had arrived, and fa zheng had cast a glance at the waiter"Son of a bitch, how dare you!" Zhang ren shouted angrily."They're all dead, but they're still warm. They must have just died." The deputy head came to the tiger guard head side, said quietly."Yes, general zhang, you today's kindness, under no teeth unforgettable, but general a talent, not because of me and waste." Liu zhang at the moment to get lu bu amnesty, although no longer a side of the prince, but retained the title, more can enter luoyang as an official, although there will certainly be no real power, but this result, for him a defeated prince, has been valuable, follow together to persuade up."Ford? "I also have this idea, but how to use it, but it should be carefully considered, but I think that the piece of wang seal should be taken back, one shu, is also the time to seal the king, and can also give liu bei and cao cao between some blocking! What do you think of wen he?"

Deng xian frowned at the pain and saw the pain"But an old soldier has such skills." Wei yan complexion is a su, looking at the other side of the horse and soldier to stop, the corners of the mouth pick up a smile: "over there teach me to look at the famous general of shu, after all how!""Rebellious?" Meng da smiled and shook his head, eyes, with a few minutes let liu zhang very uncomfortable look.

"Commander, mission complete. Retreat?" "Asked a nighthawk guard, bending forward."No way, if the fleet travel at this time, the jiangdong water army will not wait for an opportunity to move, now our army's food, can not afford to toss. Zhuge liang heard the news, also can not help but a bitter smile, zhou yu's death, the chai sang camp of the jiangdong water army can not find trouble recently, although no major battle, but jiangxia, jiangling boat, mo said the official warships, is the ship of ordinary people as long as a little closer may be attacked or captured.

"Unfortunately, zhang ren refused to surrender. Otherwise, he would have achieved twice the result with half the effort." Secretariat office in chengdu, pang called people negotiate protection, wei yan's some sighs, he worked with zhang as before in Jia sprouting, who fight are not under the wei especially depends on the terrain in the shu, can even be an edge on wei, wei is quite a headache, were it not for pang tong, France is maneuver, this time against the LangZhong camp people, even if chengdu messed up, as long as zhang ren in LangZhong, wei has the possibility to break LangZhong within short time."Well." Liu bei nodded, as lu bu will be a steady stream of western countries to pull when cannon fodder, meat shield, the hope of the yi que pass has not been big.Is liu zhang really stupid? Don't stupid, otherwise liu five son, how is also not the smallest milan to accept the profit, in fact, it is also by family, shorts as milan confidant, used to refer to the books of past years, the profit land of abundance, almost every year, good but from milan to take the profit, tax has not grown each year, or even to take 11 years, pay tax even not issued each year."I see." Ford shook his head. "who am I... I can hardly remember myself. We have no name but only a code name. I am night huangwei, and the general can call me dead."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""General liu is eating the meat that my guan zhong points out, the mouth still wants to scold my guan zhong usurper, think general liu also is a person of noble origin, should know lian shameless 2 words how to write just rightness." Pang tong smiled.

Jianan thirteen September third, jingzhou heavy rain."Why not? Bearer, give me general zhang tied up, wait for me to break through chengdu, hand blade liu zhang dog thief of day, again to general apology, when the time comes, want to kill to cut, as you please!" There was a groan of cold, and at once some of the guards and generals who were in the army rushed at him, thinking

When normal troops were attacked by the enemy, they would inevitably lose their heads or lose their morale. But in the eyes of these barbarians, there was no such emotion at all."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.



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