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paulSEO999  "So, no wonder you dare to shake my crossbow array, but I don't know how long the teng shield can support?" Wei Yanwen nodded, but it will make flag waving, continue to maintain the JianCu shooting, began to reach at the same time, three rows troops continue to mobilize the bearing, the front of the striker after arrow shot empty cartridge, quickly retreat, the rear striker followed by continue to shoot, form continuous JianCu suppression, and yan yan also begin to close formation, coming up to.

'I'm afraid so! Nodded, the leader turned his head to see a look behind the soldiers, hoarse voice as if from the wind blowing over the general: "spread out, pay attention to the warning!""Horse ready, I want to go back to langzhong immediately!" A surly smile waved his hand to the steward, not himself"Let me go! The bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter bitterWith lv meng's cold cry, the surrounding jiangdong warships began to advance from all sides.

"If my husband is not stingy, my sister should really worry about your future." Big Joe laughs sadly, if lyu3 bu4 really don't have any reaction, it proves that the coach in the eyes of lyu3 bu4, remains a plaything, now the whole jstars moved to changan, lyu3 bu4 gasp to survive, if they are sisters lost favour, that, for jstars is a huge blow, even lu bu not to deal with jstars, also won't take care of, the sense of smell keen jstars politicians would never pass the blow.Chapter 89 rehabilitation

Not waiting for liu zhang response, with two guards rushed out to meet liu

Natural guess by now, zhuge liang, lu bu strategy runs counter with their expected, was first set in the shu, and then, originally thought of cao cao, lu bu will chose although some injustice, but rather some schadenfreude, but when lyu3 bu4 pressure above the pressure in jingzhou in full, that this kind of feeling, is not so wonderful, watching the map, zhuge liang can even feel, lyu3 bu4 pressed against liu bei's survival space in step by step."Enemy, when will you marry me into the house? Province of now so furtive, see you one side, still want to seek an excuse with that mix person." A slight gasp, like a steady thunder, pierced the ears of every one

"Liu zhang! In the end, liu's complexion gradually grew ferocious as he stared at the empty room, and a low, shrill growl echoed through the room: "your majesty insulted my minister's wife. Bad king! Yizhou deserves to perish!""What happened? Method is to see to the shorts, shake head a way: "rest assured, I have been flying pigeon in the master, please Biao ride the gauls who come to van, this mess up in the shu, then even if these people unexpectedly, also let them go to luoyang alarm, priority, is chengdu, speed stability, although milan to behave in such a way, but the concept of land equalization policy has been spread out, I need to lower taxes, these people, master there will give them a proper answer, but the answer will not too fast, there are some things, drag drag, also do not have a thing!""Help me? A frown creased his brow"Two generals, calm down!" Deng xian looked at the side of the anxious, hurriedly forward, trying to prevent the battle may break out at any time."Husband ~" a beautiful woman with a lazy style to liu d * * * d

Then frowning, he said, "then how could you be sure it was your dog"Pardon, captain! In the nighthawk indifferent gaze, a nighthawk wei splash on his knees to the ground, the body as kang sifter general not to shiver.

"Uh ~""Well." Two qiao hurriedly bow a salute, clever of retreat.

Zhong you shook his head and said, "there is no doubt that someone deliberately took the body of liu bijun away to provoke a dispute between the two families. The Lord is right.

"Well!" < / p > < p > wei wen, promised a sound, with people driving a few boats in the past, a few jiangdong soldiers carefully turned on the building ship."Well!"

"Wait, he can't go! I've been waiting... < / p > < p > people see liu zhang was so taken away, and did not care about their meaning, how this line, a scholar with ding want to stop liu zhang frame.

"This...... What a commander!" Many of them fell to their knees and stared blankly at the direction of the camp. Many of them began to cry bitterly. Some of them also called for revenge on zhou yu."How about these other trails?" Wei yan couldn't help but wonder, not to want to take the path, but have a guard, if someone bypass the path to their rear, it can be broken.Although there was dissatisfaction in liu's loyalists, the general situation was settled, and pang tong and fa were rapidly beginning to deploy their forces.

Under the dim light of the sky, liu bei with guan yu walked outside the camp, looking at the distance of the yi que pass, the gate up and down, there are sporadic flames in the burning, guanzhong those western regions will be piled up on the head of the corpse down, from jingzhou soldiers to collect the corpse.However, it was difficult even to see liu zhang, the steward of such a small person how to see liu zhang, half an hour later, the guards can not stand the steward's soft grind, will be liu zhang"There's no need to worry about it. I've got a way to get it back." Lv bu looked at jia xu and they both laughed.

"Ji chang, you go to summon yu chang, I have a letter for him to deliver on my behalf."As soon as the hundreds of generals came down, the hundred thousand troops were basically under the control of pang tong.In the distance, the sound of mingjin came from liu bei's camp. Pound frowned and looked around, but saw that the jingzhou soldiers who had attacked the city wall by other ways had been repelled.On the way, many generals who had received the news also came, including a dozen who had previously acted against the soldiers. They only saw the pale complexion of liu's face, and no one came forward to talk to him"Why not? Bearer, give me general zhang tied up, wait for me to break through chengdu, hand blade liu zhang dog thief of day, again to general apology, when the time comes, want to kill to cut, as you please!" There was a groan of cold, and at once some of the guards and generals who were in the army rushed at him, thinking

There yan yan is also ordered the attack, but the military forces scattered, with a law is similar to the bag of spread, though this will cause the strength of the fragmented, but strong GongJin crossbow has long been known in guanzhong plain, such disposal, can effectively reduce the bow and arrow, and this seems to be loose, but hidden dangers, if the other party the opportunity to attack, it will show behind the dense formation, then both sides eventually encircle, completely in each other's bag inside, make melee, let the other side of the strong GongJin crossbow outlived its usefulness."Brother, truce?" Guan yu looked at liu bei in surprise.Kneeling down on the ground, liu suddenly raised his head and began to laugh. In the laughter, with a sense of desolation, in the stunned eyes of the public, liu zhang was severely knocked three times: "Lord, at the end of the false letter of slander, resulting in the loss of shu, ashamed of the Lord, there is no face to live in the world, only to die to thank heaven

"General monda." There was no sign of madame chang or of madame chang in the room. But when they saw meng da, a man and a woman stood up and embraced each other"Thank you, general." Liu zhang nodded, in fact, there is nothing to pack up, before the collection of wealth he can not take away, also only greeted the family wife, then to the road.

Looking at the meeting hall, one eye view nose, nose view heart of the courtier, liu zhang feel gas do not play a place to: "talk! Why are there rebels Ah? What has become of your usual sagacity?"'monda? Zhang ren smell speech, eyes move, this meng da's wind comment is not very good.Wei Yanwen said, nodding silently, tough road in the shu, even have a map, without knowing the terrain of led, can get lost carelessly, actually have been to chengdu from LangZhong, wei yan had a similar experience, in the heart also not lucky method is using that way scored milan, otherwise, the single from hanzhong way to chengdu, if storm, light is called road I'm afraid I have to spend a year or two, let alone a while to get half of the profit of it."General, what is this?" Deng xian looked at wei yan with a startled face."If I don't let them go, how will yan yan know I'm coming?" Wei yan smiled slightly and looked at deng xian, saying, "is there any place nearby that can be put to good use?""If I recruit zhang ren, I have a plan." Fa was sitting by pang tong's side, thinking for a moment, and suddenly smiled."The governor is dead, I am more heartache than you, the governor not only to me, lv meng this life, is the governor saved, I want more than any of you, for the governor revenge!" Lv meng took a deep breath, look at the crowd, and say: "but the state-owned national law, the home has rules, invasion is great, you said, did I say that lv meng is not, this matter, only the master can decide, I'll tell the tetrarch, everyone wishes as to whether to revenge, how to revenge, estimates that by master, now, we have to do, this is for burial, allowed him to grave!""If I recruit zhang ren, I have a plan." Fa was sitting by pang tong's side, thinking for a moment, and suddenly smiled."General meng da, it is general liu who must go to see the Lord." A spy house bodyguard some grievance to look at meng da.

"Has been seen pressure in the barracks, although the man is foolish loyalty, but also can be regarded as a man, weekdays we are good, if not liu zhang no way, I also do not want to be difficult with him, also hope Mr. Mo to blame. Deng xian smiled sadly.A group of people silently withdrew from the council chamber, leaving liu zhang alone in his seat, watching the temple without god.

The emotion of hatred was suppressed by lv meng, but the seed of hatred has been rooted in the heart of every jiangdong soldier, including lv meng.Bolt power can only at this point, however, jingzhou army raging from the wood of the murderous look all animal came out of it, under the cover of the top with the blood of the arrows and splash, high-altitude rushed to the gate, has broken the siege of ladder with a name on the continuous climbing and honor, keep a low moan, as if could rupture at any time, dozens of zhangs chengguan is front all wide, numerous jingzhou soldiers surge, with thick murderous breath washed up on the city, with ChengTou military forces fighting in the conference semifinals.Yan yan is a star in the shu, and liu yan shu, has been moving shu, ask yourself whether art of martial arts, not how much inferior to the central plains the star, but have no chance to prove themselves struggling, zhuge liang shu this time, I thought there will be a battle, unfortunately, the chengdu incident, did not even the master, to fight, there would be no meaning, so he chose to zhuge liang.



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