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paulSEO999  "I dare not." Shook his head: "just some trepidation."

"Even if he wins, jizhou will not be the place where childe stayed for a long time." Shake your head, guo tu is very clear, have the support of old family and old family of ji zhou, if in ji zhou and yuan shang dou, yuan tan is dui yuan shang, only return qingzhou, there is the foundation of yuan tan, no more help, also can hold a party.Nobody reason him, all the people took his feet running, this time, don't need to run a horse, as long as it is faster than others, that can be survived, d is called a few times in a row, but no one response, it let the jingzhou army ran faster, now finally know why seibel d to give him that kind of command, the jingzhou army, no resistance will, d even saw some people in order to survive, pull companion to her back, but hugged by his partner, two people get together, the result two people soon been turbulent and committed step into paste, a similar phenomenon happens constantly.Zhou cang, with a full face of shame, handed over his hand to lv bu and said, "the end will be careless, in the old way of sorcery, please forgive me.""Are you sure?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned, he slips, liu table can be no friendship, strictly speaking, even the sun ce, zhou yu woman be lyu3 bu4 false start, two people at the time but from xuzhou to LuJiang lyu3 bu4 uncovered more than once, say liu table, Addis had do not light in jingzhou, and ling tsao, wen was yet in his city jail, finely, lyu3 bu4 while growing in the last two years, but the world was the number of governors, also be lyu3 bu4 offended, recruit, lyu3 bu4 also thought, but also just think about it.

For the world, it is changeable, the battle of guandu unexpected result, the appearance of lyu3 bu4 for zhongyuan governors, and even family, are unexpected misfortune, also make the world turned out to be elusive, the biggest variable nature is lyu3 bu4, harmony cool barren, even lyu3 bu4 then lay the hetao, the western regions, and even the bing, for zhongyuan governors, these places together, may all and not spent on a jizhou rich, so even when lyu3 bu4 occupies a large area, in the eyes of zhongyuan leud and family, lyu3 bu4 is still just a rundown governors.

Jiang lost shook his head and said, "although the sovereign is a warrior, he can write such poems as that. Anyone can say that the sovereign is a rough man."At the same time, nanyang territory, yuyang county.

Yuan shang frowned and looked at the judge and said, "but if we don't take it now, what if all the people in qingzhou will rebel again?"CAI MAO's soldiers and horses in the snow snow quickly to mengjin direction close, the rear has been constantly fighting sound came, ma chao cavalry as expected, but at the moment has not been able to care so much.Turning head to look at cao cao, zheng for a long time, but can not think of any words to express, half a day to squeeze out a few words: "Lord, really good.No good family?Thinking of zu, pang tong suddenly reacted, yuan jia is so no, zu may not escape lu bu's hands?

On the first day of his arrival at huguan, hsiung kuo hai offered his challenge to pang, who had not yet recovered from his previous injury.< / p > < p > ma chao yong has been deep jingzhou soldiers heart, at the moment to see zhang fei and ma chao killed such a long draw, the heart hold back the mouth resentment at the moment finally have the place to vent, do not need to guan ping how to encourage, began to spontaneously for zhang fei cheer.

The winter that builds an 5 years is a winter again, in former days, every year this time, west cool, and state, you state and yong state can become serious disaster area, every year total meeting has many people freeze to death, nevertheless this year, appeared a few change however."Well!" Several pro - health hurriedly promised a sound, supporting guo jia left.

Wait, camp?Keats could not help but hear the words, lu bu has a unique charm, the more toss his soldiers, but to him more loyal, can only reluctantly retreat.

"Die, shameless boy! < / p > < p > through the gap, has seen the outside of the city to kill the army here, han rong can not help but roar, to fight pound horse dance gun."Uncle, nephew can not be in xiangyang for a long time, time will provoke the CAI MAO suspicious, but nephew would like to recommend a man to uncle, this man is a strong martial arts, archery such as god, although is old, but still have a million improper brave, if he can have his guard in the side guard, can protect uncle worry free. "Liu pan bowed.Pinon also embrace new, concubines at home sleeping of time, was suddenly broke in the Biao ride who "please" and pinon who want to stop, but in the face of evil, wish immediately swallowed them slave soldiers, they lose the courage to start, can only helplessly looking at their adult so taken by a group of evil villain.

Waved, motioned zhou cang and others to retire.

The snow was much heavier, and it was already daylight when the magnificent kelp led his troops back to luoyang, but the sky was still dim. The snow on the ground was so thick that the whole sky and earth were only white and separated by hundreds of miles.CAI MAO never believed that gao shun would stay in luoyang at such a leisurely time! In other words, the ambush is not over!!!"Shoot arrows! Li dian's long spear swung down fiercely, and a wave of arrows shot into the air again. This time, without the opponent's arrows, li dian roared and shot down ma chao's troops. It was like a roar of death, and a large number of knights fell from their horses, and ma chao also successfully rushed to the front.

Zhong you, xun you and other advisors gasped when they thought of these things. If the equal-land system was lu bu's weapon against the noble family, then these three characters were his weapon for attacking the noble family, and by doing so, he was moving the foundation of the noble family!"What's the difference?" "Lu lingqi asked."Jingxiang family? Lv bu looked back at li ru and thought for a while.

"Wen yuan, is this the first snow this year?" Looking at the camp was wrapped in a layer of silver scenery, lv bu some loss mumbles, last year at this time he is doing? This year's time seems very short, but also seems very long, happened too many things, many to a year ago memory has begun to blur."Captured camp, attack!" Feeling the pressure on the shield suddenly dropped a lot in a moment, gao shun took a deep breath and shouted.Back to chang 'an, is not a whim of the decision."More than that." Cao cao pointed to the camp and the distance between the yecheng way: "a stand, the camp can show bemis heights overlooking mutual care, if our camp, the yecheng soldiers attacked our posterior mark out of town, if the siege, the military forces clash of nahshon, make our fore and aft, and difficult to serve skill grew first?"'no! Sima lang smell speech complexion greatly change, hurriedly wave a hand way: "two general pass five pass to kill six generals, cao army officers and men have a lot of anger to two general, the Lord can teach uncle to general follow me to mengjin, can guarantee carefree."

"Surrender! Zhang yan looked at guan hai, shen said: "with the great sages, why bitter internecine.""Yes, what great ambition! Guo jia sighed: "this man is somewhat similar to wang mang, but more terrible than wang mang, he has absolute control over the north, and the department of justice as a pawn, can put their every political order in place, wang mang can not do things, but he...... Ahem ~"

"Bao ~" at that moment, a soldier came running, knelt down on the ground, and said to yuan shang: "Lord, a large number of troops have been found outside the city, heading for ye cheng.The magnificent sea see the other side urge, in the heart that doubt naturally increase, ride horse outside the gate hovering, see toward the other side way: "I and cao ren general also calculate to have several face of reason, can call cao ren general out answer?" He was reckless, but from a green background he was not bad at babbling.

"Seemingly lyu3 bu4 didn't get any benefit, also have sinned against family, for no reason, but in fact, has shaken the foundations of the family, not the land, family how to employ his tenants, and the people have the fields, and also no need to rely on family strong, and lu bu in it, no doubt is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tax burden is not reduced, but he has got the support of the people." Guo jiashen said."The Lord is a bastard!Chapter 35 the ministry of work"Undetected." Marty shook his head."Your husband is going to battle again?" Erao cicada eyes flash a touch of loss, before, also had similar words, and then before long, lv bu went to battle, as a woman, natural hope his man can have more time to accompany in his side, even if what all do not do.Country shook his head, not by words, in his view, when cao cao is a heart full after lyu3 bu4, but had lyu3 bu4 less people, five hundred on mobility, as long as the huainan, cao cao also true can't take lyu3 bu4, sip after he drank to Cao Caodao: "master, still want to talk to Carthage and as soon as possible, otherwise, the late may through changes."Looking at zhang he's determined expression, lv bu nodded silently, without any further advice, but slowly raised his hand in the skySince these family giants secretly lyu3 bu4 difficult for him, then don't blame lyu3 bu4 dirt on them, as long as the way to open, lyu3 bu4 can also take this opportunity to gain a foothold, step by step from the hearts and minds, establish a government's credibility, and weaken the family influence on hearts, will people skip family, in their own hands, as long as the set up, the next step, you can begin to accept family, lyu3 bu4 credibility established at that time, even a family can only be lyu3 bu4 circles."Lord, the end is near!" In the crowd, a military officer hurried forward.

Xu Ding's death, in fact, no matter for cao cao, or other counsellors, it is not important, but the death of the freeze, but they do make cao cao heartache, as one of cao cao's four main under freeze while at the four main, often plays and the identity of the ignoble, but freeze is poison, but to be faithful to the cao cao is not two, but also really helps cao cao out several times, cao cao, however, also have never thought, the battle of guandu war, all over, but in a taihang mountain, fold himself a seek the Lord!"Why is he here? "Cao cao was surprised.

"Rumble ~" at this time, the distance again teng up a smoke and dust, li zhao look, complexion greatly changed, but saw a large number of cavalry galloping to see ma chao face number change, finally a gritted teeth, harsh voice way: "retreat!"What about me, general?" Seeing all the men were sent out, but he was left behind. He couldn't wait to ask, "the Lord asked me to capture several jingzhou generals alive.""Miss, here or huangzu defense area, please miss hurry to ship, under the escort miss jiangdong." Gan ning a fist way.



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