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paulSEO999  "To coerce the son of heaven to order princes? I didn't think these fools would do that." Lyu3 bu4 nod, he also thought of this possibility.

"What a beautiful eagle! Dostie is urging soldiers set up camp, suddenly swept to LaoYing by gliding in the sky, can not help but praise, is impressive, but see the eagle disease flapping, is a hold up tent xiongnu soldiers feel different, subconsciously twist a head, but see a white shadow flash across in front of him, followed by a sore left eye, and then a nerve is a terrible moment from the eyes of the frame to spread to the whole body.It's not worth it. After all, no matter how tough 500 people are, they can't beat 5,000 elite.Last life although doing business, but lu buke did not prepare to build a business empire plan, to business rich country, to industry strong country.

As to lu bu, to be honest, pang tong know not too much, is limited by the age of information transfer and governors regime behind virtually formed information blockade, perception of lyu3 bu4, also in xuzhou and spring this year from the year before the great migration and came to changan, and han sui, cao cao, marten and struggle between the xiongnu.

"How many men did he take?" Burn when the old king has not spoken, the side of the aguly is not the face of the mouth.

"Who shot the arrow? ?" Han sui, liang xing complexion qi qi a change, liang xing immediately scold way."Miss! The Lord has promised to make you a general when he returns." Zhou cang said with a wry smile.

Seeing pang tong, whose face was suppressed and flushed, lu bu said, "public Taiwan and wen are worried about Mr. Pang's talent, I will not put you, but also know that you refuse to work for me, since you helped ling qi before, now you can continue to help, he is yours. Then he nodded to lv lingqi.Lu bu behind, zhou cang point from a rocket, shooting toward the sky.Lyu3 bu4 wrinkly frown, this kind of war method, actually have some kind of embryonic form of special operation, this girl in this respect, actually have some kind of talent really.So han sui had to go. As for where to go...Take a step back to say, even if a guli was cheated, han sui did not secretly take refuge with lu bu, but the current situation, such as lu bu back, han sui can hold off lu bu also said, at this time, burn when Lao wang nature is more reluctant to take their fate to bet with han sui.

"Where is the Lord?" Jia xu took a look at the five hundred soldiers in the hot sun, and nodded his head. Although he was just standing there, the momentum had come out. Five hundred people stood together, giving people a kind of unshakable feeling in the face of mountains."All protect back before, also hope juyan king can wait patiently, I will protect the safety of the king. Zhaoyun indifferent way.

"Cao cao if win, hold still, cao cao if lose, then send troops yuan shao, never let yuan shao take advantage of the situation unify the central plains!" Lyu3 bu4 Yang Yang neck, categorically way.The person of a flock of old and noble family kowtow hurriedly to say thanks, lv bu this time is to knock their backbone thoroughly.

Listened along the way, these days in slope fell to around the war in the camp, although expectations to the side of the war will be very bitter, but also have never thought would come to this, lyu3 bu4 stay. B, d, ma dai, from the north palace, zhang embroidery, and holds the sea, is improper in Athens, even such a team, relying on the right place, eventually to this degree, some lyu3 bu4 higher than expected."Please, general, let me fight!" Ma chao three hands way.

Looked a little waste, this way, after all, forces spread logistics natural also can aggravate the burden, but in fact is weakened lyu3 bu4 point station troops, the station troops, as long as there is a breach of, is the end of the collapse, as cao cao, only to give up large quantities of mark, will force contraction, emptying, spin the other side of the supply lines, with space for a time, eventually.However burn when Lao wang know the return of a guli is pleasantly surprised, yesterday heard that a guli was captured by the han army, burned when Lao wang but heartache, but a guli his most trusted general, did not expect, a guli unexpectedly came back, after getting the news, hurriedly let people will be a guli."Go to father." As if under what important decision, lu lingqi went straight to the door, behind her, dozens of female soldiers silently followed.

The old hound looked anxiously at the old master who had slipped down and dragged him up. Unfortunately, he was too old to be dragged at all. He turned his head and took a look at the approaching horses.

People did not increase, but the momentum is strong, in the giffin plan, this step, it takes a month's time, in this way to reverse the hetao peoples attitude toward the huns, to establish a new pattern, although the two have not, but as long as this step a success, Qin Hu is bad to say, but the Wolf qiang qiang and zero will beg for an alliance to lu bu.", to prepare for a fresh start, and it can't let any strangers know, father will make a training course for you, took the western regions, don't go to the occupation of the city, we are now, western regions also have no a power to go to the elite, you follow my method to train a group of spies, or call, at the same time, many western intelligence collection, short for a year, long is three years, our army will burn the western regions, then, is to validate your results."

"No." Jia ding shook his head and said with a happy face, "your wife is about to give birth. Madam da qiao sent me to inform the Lord, but the subordinates did not know where the Lord was. They wanted to ask the general for help.Up to now, han sui's men will die of the fall of the fall, now the only remaining, only one liang xing, fall, it is only a matter of time.Thinking of the bleak prospect, han sui sat in the hall of the government office and sighed, feeling the coolness of the night breeze. Han sui stood up suddenly with a cool look in his eyes."The Lord at the end." Liao hua with the sore wound all over the body, to lv bu hand salute.

When approaching the east gate, faint, see a horse toward this line, the first will have some familiar, but at the moment can not care a lot of, xuan flower big axe fell to drag on the ground, with first-class water spray, harsh voice, han fierce roar: "get out of my way!"This place hasn't been this messy in a long time."I have an army of horses at my side, and if wen and this go away, ma chao may not be able to care about wen and this. Besides, I have a red rabbit and a halberd. The world can kill me. Lu bu said firmly."Different? Jia xu looked at the horse, but it was a very common horse in xiliang. To say something different, jia xu walked around the horse and looked at the saddle on the back of the horse. Is that he learned five cars, chest hidden strategy, this new appearance of things only with the eyes to see, but not to see a reason.Jia xu could see this clearly, so music stood behind the scenes to give advice for lv bu, and therefore, he was deeply respected by lv bu, which even Chen gong, who had followed lv bu for the longest time, could not do.

Rhubarb crossbow is produced during the period of the western han dynasty crossbow machine, dedicated to the cavalry infantry restraint, but the process requirement is very complex, and need to use power is very big also, philistia, lyu3 bu4 artisan camp there day and night, until now, also only make best rhubarb crossbow, this is in preparation for the next year to enter the hetao, unexpectedly is used here in advance.Chapter 63 binding people"What kind of hero are you when you cheat?" Wenpin bellowed.

"Lao xiong, you are old now. It's time to find a wife." After drinking a bowl of sobriety soup, lyu3 bu4 sobriety a lot, didn't hurry to enter bridal chamber, but sit on the stone mound in the courtyard, with the magnificent sea have a build not a build of chat up home.Shook his head, castellan some disappointment, at present hetao situation has been trapped by liu bao, unless the tu, first zero, Wolf qiang immediately stop, otherwise, the huns is through the crisis.

"Don't you dare! The ugly young man can not say words, the bodyguard can not do, a knife to draw, waiting for lu lingqi nu way.Yuan shao's advisors, after the defeat of the attack on chang 'an last year, from the very beginning, they opposed the war, tian feng, zu su, xu you, guo tu, feng ji, etc., and basically reached a consensus on this matter, but yuan shao was thrown by lu bu, in the mind how much will not be happy."Crack-da-~" suddenly came a cold touch on his face. Lv bu frowned at the water stain on his hand and looked at it."Good!" Cao cao did not think that yuan shao at this time will be out of such a move faint move, the students will force lv bu to his opposite, so, if you can attack yuan shao with lv bu, the pressure will be reduced a lot.A group of women standing twittering discussion to the children in the future will be like who more, lyu3 bu4 and sable cicada are people actually longfeng, lu bu is not a world a handsome boy, but is also the masculine handsome type, as for the sable cicada, can be become famous in the history of Chinese one of four big beautiful women, naturally don't need to say more, according to the genetics, where the children will be less than two life.'fifty is enough! Lv bu looked at the front, began to advance the xiongnu cavalry, waved: "start."Cooperate with the brace, zhang liao constantly persuading was lost with the army, with left, also make the battlefield chaos, local resistance in the case of the leaderless, there is not a sufficient to suppress, to force convincing people to come forward, there is no meaning, a dogfight down, three thousand, zhang liao behead enemy prisoners but with the help of li kan, fully received more than thirteen thousand prisoners, no matter how Korea hence now hated li comparable to, but, after all, is one of the important general Korea hence under acquainted with many army generals, these connections are not can kill with a short time.

Before, is he still hasn't come into this world, then he is a senior director, step by step, from the bottom of the employee came up to the sort of, forge ahead is a good thing, but put all the energy of graces, is not a good thing, he is twenty years old, not only for women, is the best time, for men is also holding the fantasy era.< / p > < p > sima prevent, want to run away, but was he yi step forward, one foot on the ground, the hands of the iron bar down a poke, in sima prevent the sad shriek, the students will be his limbs broken.

No general, however formidable, could have been defeated in a battle with his own strength, and the battle would not have been so easy had it not been for the fact that the main body had been beaten by the hussars."Lv bu, lv fengxian?" Pang tong continue to stick his neck, and this is not really don't back, lyu3 bu4 is too high, even if he is just sitting in a chair, pang tong are hard up (lyu3 bu4 ten feet tall, with the measurement unit of han dynasty to calculate words, is two meters in front, low than yao Ming, so the classmate don't understand is wrong, here a post, but there is no 3 m)."Stop! Liao hua's eyes were cold and she stepped forward and shouted.



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