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paulSEO999  "Let me see." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, his face floundering, just right to show a touch of heart look, good step by the root of the capture.

At this moment, step root is not ready to continue to wait, the huns tribe of men have died, if he did not show, to temuzhen now show ability, the grassland, want to take him more people."I hate to say this, but even if my old friends ask me, it will last for a year." Cao cao narrowed his eyes slightly and pressed down the unpleasant color, smiling.Zhang he against lyu3 bu4, Lyu3 bu4 since early to bing, How can not to wild goose door to do the investigation, plus lyu3 bu4 was born bing, for zhang liao station troops, already felt clearly, d army is almost light ride straight to mayi, want to kill zhang he a surprise, but zhang he acted cautiously, last night has begun to lay out the defense, d helplessly, can only send ma dai, drowning, waiting for the opportunity to bring zhang he out."Monsieur, look there!" Xu togeher with only a dozen people, nature dare not rely on cao camp too close, can only wait and see from a distance, at this moment, a pro-Wei suddenly pointed to the entrance of cao camp in the distance.

Fortunately, Daxi new army wiped out, although the battle lost heavily, but the western xianbei is gone, as long as he returned to the king's court, culture for a period of time, regrouped, the prairie, is his own, he will be worthy of the name xianbei khan."What's going on?" A few xiongnu leaders left the tribe rushed out of the camp, frowning pulled the fleeing xiongnu soldiers.

Yong Liang yesterday sent lyu3 bu4 a piece of good news, Also calculate to lyu3 bu4 some comfort, Whether Yongzhou or Xiliang, It's been a bumper year, Especially in yongzhou, not only good weather, but also in lyu3 bu4 quietly gradually improve the status and treatment of craftsmen, under the stimulus of the economy, made a lot of good things, JingZhao area people's farming tools have been refurbished, there are cattle and sheep plundered from the grasslands, but also through various incentive policies to the people, as for the results.

Outside the city, when they heard the sound of fighting, lyu3 bu4, pound, ma dai, ma tie's face instantly changed, lyu3 bu4 sword eyebrow a Yang, sink a track: "pound, attack!""No hurry, wait." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, now is not the best time, close, also just to better observe the situation in the camp.

"Our soldiers, mostly good at riding and not good siege, meng up how to prepare siege?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at d, said with a smile, after revenge, d body seems to have more changes, less fierce hostility, but more spirit, this spirit, lyu3 bu4 don't want to let him easily fold away, but need to hone, the war, is the best opportunity.Step root twenty thousand people but five big tribes, lyu3 bu4 can? That is not twenty thousand to more than ten thousand, what's more, kui head can't give twenty thousand military forces to lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 understanding of kui head, the goods can give ten thousand has been good, so calculate up, like looking for death.Lyu3 bu4 army appeared here, that doesn't represent the wild goose gate has fallen? Although know lyu3 bu4 fierce, but zhang he how to say is hebei province, more in the hands of thirty thousand troops, how long is this?"Xie master don't kill the grace!" Falling in grant sigh, nodded to match, is thanks to his plea for help, but in the heart is difficult to calm, lombardi has now in the aura of northern hegemony, excessive expansion, no children, complacency in the long run, is so big inheritance, also difficult to preserve, be careful to stick to, but lombardi has not listened to bad advice at the moment.Subconsciously all the people began to alert, vigilant look at the han army, however, these people did not immediately attack, but in the gate word by word, leaving a central passageway, it seems to be to meet someone, but certainly, not to meet them, because

"If you put these things aside, how does Sze-yuan feel about Wen Hou?" Zhaoyun shook his head, these things, he can't understand, although zhaoyun is also a strong background, but has not risen to the level of a scholar, for this kind of thing can't be understood."Don't think about it, don't you really want to rely on your more than three hundred people, rebuild the huns? That is impossible, to join the king's court, by the power of the king's court, you can get what you want, right, beauty."

"Xie master don't kill the grace!" Falling in grant sigh, nodded to match, is thanks to his plea for help, but in the heart is difficult to calm, lombardi has now in the aura of northern hegemony, excessive expansion, no children, complacency in the long run, is so big inheritance, also difficult to preserve, be careful to stick to, but lombardi has not listened to bad advice at the moment.

Stephen was first attacked by Uncle Aquin, Seriously wounded, After that, a series of battles, albeit for a short time, But it drives the flow of blood inside the body, The blood on the waist has not stopped for a moment, at this moment a head rushed out of the tribe YuanMen, mind a loose moment, the mind is also a dizziness, perception and body reaction in this moment into hysteresis, coincided with Kirby can shoot an arrow, although the heart gave birth to warning signs, but unable to avoid, a pain in the back of the heart, the cold arrow cluster has penetrated his heart.

"Slurp ~" Murong stabbed through the horse's abdomen with a cruel knife, in Kirby can scream, the knife point into his chest, TaBaJi powder followed by a knife cut, cut off Kirby can's head.But see horseshoe sound, a member of the general riding a horse has rushed to the front of the male broad sea, bowstring even tremble, several follow zhang he rushed out of the general echoed, the speed of the arrow cluster almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, zhang he saw the heart, which also dare to fight again, hurriedly dial the horse head back to the city, life closed the gate.Lyu3 bu4 with giffin came to the barracks of XiongKuoHai, I saw a surgeon sweating to help XiongKuoHai clean up the wound, lyu3 bu4 looked over, but see XiongKuoHai chest has obvious ups and downs, slightly relieved, after a group of people to XiongKuoHai deal with the wound, will the surgeon call: "how is his injury?"

Chapter 51 Grassland decisive battle (I)

A group of naked beggars embarrassed to follow beggar goyang, blew up the horn of the collection, for half an hour, Hu Tianhu ground in the huns tribe beggar talent XiXilala gathered for a day."Monseigneur, look, it's wolf smoke!" Just then, a close guard exclaimed at the distance: "It's the Black Wolf tribe."

A quarter of an hour later, is preparing to close YuanMen he cadre soldiers suddenly felt the ground unprovoked tremor, startled looked up, but saw the distant hills, suddenly fight out a tiger cavalry, a piece of black with a pentium momentum toward this side.However, most of the time, there are many factors that determine the outcome of the war. The beggars had already fought a battle yesterday. Although the victory was very smooth, it consumed physical strength and horsepower.Back to jizhou?

Some want to find the enemy for begging fugoyang revenge, more is not fighting, want to leave this nightmare place quickly, there are people panic, rushed into the horse array, broken legs, fell from the horse, a large number of people began to scatter around.The sable cicada, Addis, seibel, zhang liao, Chen Gong and blanc, these are the people he had just crossed over, has been following himself to the present, the in the mind, is really will these people as their closest person, has become a part of life.At this moment, kui head suddenly found, so big king's court, in addition to step root and temuzhen, oneself unexpectedly no one available!In Kirbner's original plan, the original step down from the root of the drop soldiers to stay in the coalition without taking away, is afraid that these drop soldiers resist the battle with the king court soldiers, stay here, slowly assimilate them, after their final hope of defeating the king court, these problems will no longer exist."Don't worry, we won't move your three hundred people, and we'll send you three thousand people as your part. As for these women, they belong to you. We won't ask you what you want to do, and we'll give them a piece of land near the King's Court."

"Western xianbei!" Lyu3 bu4 sink a voice: "If I am Daxin, the king court internal chaos, will not sit by to miss this opportunity, please khan to strengthen the west side of the king court defense, Daxin never come, if Daxin never really come, never rashly dispatch troops, after I integrate the five big tribes, then assemble heavy troops, and Daxin fight to the death!"Night battle, for lyu3 bu4, has been a routine, cold dark eyes, looking at the distant camp of bright lights, like a staring at the prey of the wolf lurking quietly in the dark, occasionally xianbei knight accidentally close, will also be shot by the archer in the dark.Xiongnu tribe, now with sites, more suitable for the tribe's status quo, numbness or cold-blooded, but compared to the central plains of women, grassland women are undoubtedly strong, when lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women have begun to collect buried corpses, and did not imagine crying.

Such remarks, but also received support from many people, But such voices, Just stop in the south of the middle court, in the north, for this kind of speech, if someone dare to say, even if you are a famous man, will attract scorn, not in the north, don't know hu, no pain, how can you know those living in the north of the han people accumulated hatred for the conference semifinals over the years, in the north, for lyu3 bu4, only a voice, kill well! What's a quarter of a million? Even lyu3 bu4 kill all xianbei people, people will only clap."Yes, it is because you know in xianbei king's court is not reused, they dare to insurrection." The way a woman is proud.

Halfway through the trip, before they could get close to the camp, a group of men suddenly appeared in the slant and surrounded the group. The first small school, with a cold face, looked at Hsu Yau and others. "Who are you waiting for in the barracks? How dare you break in?"Lyu3 bu4 smell speech dazed, but really didn't think about it, only feel in the chest can't vent, just carved this poem, smell speech at the moment, thought about it, service road: "Call out the plug!"Zhang gu carefully looked at lyu3 bu4 one eye, and looked at a title of generals in ancient times is only one hundred people camp, although it looks elite, but the number is too small, turned to look at wang yong, but see wang yong also make eyes at him.Lyu3 bu4 poetry itself did not bring much praise, seven quatrains at this time has not yet arisen, plus lyu3 bu4's identity as a military commander, scholar in the poem itself has not much praise, but the content of this poem, but let countless people, especially those born in the north, this feeling is particularly strong.At the same time zhang he also found a point, these people are face dishes, as if they have not eaten for a long time."When is that into xianbei?" Uighur when a blank face."D, do you want to?" Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, look at d.On the wall, Zhang he dialed the arrow cluster, looking at the archer who appeared behind them, These units are more than one notch better than the charging units, And the army said clearly, more importantly, these people don't care about the death of the soldiers ahead, just to the city head pouring arrows rain, let the army in front of their archers wanton blow, fell, a hebei soldiers shot an arrow, haven't had time to take another arrow, a broken and empty bolt directly through his chest.

"Hum!" Qifu goyang cold hum 1, quietly with the men left, step behind the root of the arrogant laughter is very harsh, but he can't turn back, he is afraid of cannot help but fight with the king's court here, the Qifu tribe is really over."Roar ~" a famous xianbei soldiers after the initial panic, began to frenzied to the people around the counter-attack, for a while, the whole tribe filled with fierce fighting sound.

Chapter fifteen general inevitably die on the array"Your Majesty, I beg your pardon." Lan Zhan regained that dignified look, holding Qui-head, soft voice way.



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