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paulSEO999  Cao Peng smell speech, look a hermit, naive scratching his head: "Who would have thought that Wei Yan but lyu3 bu4 under a member of the unknown generals, unexpectedly have such ability."

One from the arrow bag out of an arrow, in front of the armed forces soldiers, the arrow broken, and then turned the horse's head, snapped: "withdraw!"Huh! Only TuGe, when the king they come back, must pay the price of these bastards.Road to step by step, lyu3 bu4 know what they are now the most critical is to do, so in consultation with marotta, also just talk about improving the treatment of craftsmen to ji hair craftsmen work enthusiasm, as for improving the status of craftsmen, lyu3 bu4 is impossible to mention to anyone until the time is ripe.Xu togeher picked up eyebrows, Slightly glanced at ford, bowed down and said: "master can send someone to placate lyu3 bu4, send some money, at the same time, in order to guard against lyu3 bu4, send a general station troops in the area of the upper party, if lyu3 bu4 wolf ambition, want to take advantage of the rebellion, then attack, if can be safe, after we calm down cao cao, the military forces can also as a pioneer!"

"The strategist didn't say? Twelve white water qiang, since not one, there are disputes is inevitable." Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head to look at giffin: "since the strategist took the initiative to offer me white water qiang, I don't think there will be no clue."The rear of the west cool army was blocked by the fire ahead, unable to get close to the wall, in front of the blazing fire crowded into a ball.

"No retreat!" Seibel cold su's face, without an expression, For a long time, looked around with desperate eyes, seibel look slightly slow, sink a track: "we reached the limit, west cool army also to the edge of collapse, if we retreat at this time, will let originally in the edge of collapse of the west cool army regeneration, you rest assured, master there, want to have news, perhaps, is this a day or two."

"Our original plan is basically sound enough. Since ancient times, migrants have been guided and suppressed. In the final analysis, we have been guided and deterred by the army. So far, the results have been quite good." Lyu3 bu4 natural impossibility before the idea directly said, said nothing, that is not their own face."Master thoughtful, Xu admired." Giffin heartily sighed, Since being caught by lyu3 bu4, Giffin most admire is not lyu3 bu4 war level, Is not the crown of the world's force, but lyu3 bu4 unique opinions on many things, these opinions sometimes seem deviant, but its roots, but not away from the road, humanity, many problems, are directed at the heart of the people, to the point, giffin is really curious, lyu3 bu4 mind how can there be so many fantastic ideas.

"Zuoxian king of the huns, his tribe is less than 50 miles from the city of millet." Bone Wu Ma want to also don't want to answer, this time ZuoXian king department is also the main force, of course, the loss of nature is the biggest."The general has a remarkable appearance. He must be a strong man!" Yang Wang hurriedly diverted the topic: "Wen He brother now, where high on?""Where are you goe, bandits?" At this point, lyu3 bu4 has deeply into the array, lyu3 bu4 natural don't recognize the call kitchen spring, just ran to the direction of the handsome flag, trapped in a siege, but not afraid, party day painting ji refers to east to west, red hare feet, like a whirlwind galloping past, leaving a body, straight to the direction of the handsome flag to kill."General, is jun!" Chen xing horse, excited way.Late at night, Zuo Xianwang old camp, lyu3 bu4 with the army like a ghost appeared outside the old camp, looking at still lit the torch, in fact, has become a dead camp of the huns old camp, turned his head to look at CAI wenji, but see CAI wenji expression calm, and did not blame lyu3 bu4 cruel killing.

A few steps to Hua Tuo front, d some excited way: "Sir, how is the iron brother?""General, even if d retreat in jing, but Korea hence will not stop here, give d a chance to come back, if d a defeat, Korea hence in the west cool prestige will rise, under its eighty thousand west cool, if it occupies the west cool, will inevitably pose a major threat to our army, even if we send troops to attack, I'm afraid our army is difficult to resist." Xu sheng stood beside seibel, looking at the map sink a track.

North palace from a distance, looking around many broken qiang fighters, angrily raised his hand zaoyang slimming growled: "broken qiang erlang, die!""Then I 'll give you a ride!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although cao peng offensive more fierce, but wei yan has found that the rhythm of the other party has been disrupted, the moment again rise up, and cao peng war together.

"Yes." Giffin bitter way, even though he is full of economic fiber, at the moment was lyu3 bu4 knife rest on the neck, also can only choose to compromise.

"General, when our troops arrived in Niyang, Niyang has been occupied by the enemy." Zhang horizontal bitter way: "The other side is full of five thousand people, we fought with it, eventually lost, can only lead the troops back."Don't underestimate the name, Lyu3 bu4 now occupy three auxiliary, "if a name is not right and a word is not right, Now the han dynasty tiger die wei still in, the royal family still held an orthodox position in the minds of most people, Especially lyu3 bu4 now under the people are in nanyang, hanoi, the people of the royalty, deep-rooted recognition, self-led and the official canonization of the court, for a party vassal, there is an essential difference, this is an important chess piece to contain lyu3 bu4, even if lost zhong yao, cao cao is unlikely to be willing to give the official position to lyu3 bu4."Monseigneur, there is still something to do at home, and one of them has left." Say that finish, the head of the Fang family also did not return with his two guards left.

As for lyu3 bu4, just arrived in changan, and now the west cool there is not peaceful, Korea hence killed marten, occupied the west cool, lyu3 bu4 I'm afraid is a headache against Korea hence, it is impossible to draw energy to run here to make waves, instead of the jiangdong bully most let cao cao headache."Here!" Jun hou and most general officer also don't have an idea at the moment, can only listen to zhong yao, a line of people at the moment, toward the west."Linjing direction, what's the latest development?" Ji county, satrap mansion, Korea hence some tired kneeling behind the table, looking at Li Kan, eyes flashed a touch of micro-inscrutable disgust.

"Chief!" A huns warrior rushed in from the outside, not very good-looking.Seibel nodded: "before master five hundred ride broken city, with this method, hanoi military forces have been zhong yao evacuated, huai county garrison emptiness, to seal the city is not difficult.""Besieged Huai County." Zhou Cang said.

Pound smell speech can not help but silence, though, but continue to play like this, can not support for long."Well, two generals and with me." Wei Yanshou a lead, let a new one thousand soldiers, with He Yi He Man brother into handsome account."No." Riller shook his head. "Our men have been probing lately, but Lyu3 bu4 seems to have vanished from thin air, and there is no sign of him."Hanyang, ji county.

"Big Brother!" Ma dai hurriedly ordered the soldiers to close down, on horseback to d, worried looked as if into a crazy d."No chicken, no dog!""Boys and girls, today, we want to let these moon people know we big xiongnu majesty, is not allowed to make light, since dare to kill us xiongnu, will be good to be killed consciousness, give me, kill all their men, steal their women and wealth!" Santa in the war immediately, eyes flashed a greed, the moon people occupied the beautiful and rich moon lake, over the years, but accumulated a lot of wealth.

"But there is no news of the huai li, whether to wait for the news from the army of the west is not too late to decide." The general hurriedly way."Planning is needed, in villages and towns, In addition to the corresponding managers, Choose some brave men to keep the peace, The men who led these valiant men had to be chosen differently, The number of persons should also be strictly limited according to the total population, and liaise with the military, These people, in the future can be directly used as county soldiers, county soldiers directly, This will not exclude the people, but also enhance the sense of security and belonging of the population, If something like Gong Du happens again, we can also deal with it. The relative framework must stand up and have rights, but we must also impose restrictions. However, the problem is not too big for the time being. They are all villagers, and their hands cannot be extended to other places. The most important thing is to strictly limit the fighting. "

..."At the end of the day!" Zhang liao eyes flashed a touch of refined light, step forward.North palace from smell speech face flashed a touch of shame, anger, zaoyang slimming tear air, in an instant has appeared in front of lyu3 bu4.Hot feeling came from the cheek, zhang both touched a hand, wet, into the eyes scarlet, if the arrow cluster half a minute, at the moment zhang is afraid is already a corpse, immediately became pale, subconsciously back two steps, will just stir up a little morale drain clean.Liang Xing sitting on horseback, looking at the direction of the far fu ping, with a little excitement on his face, d has potential poor force alone, as long as he will occupy the north county, d will be completely reduced to a lone army, most importantly, after the war, Korea hence greatly increased, he liang Xing will become the north county satrap, is also a member of the frontier officials.If really lost, hetao and guanzhong connection will be completely broken, even the guanzhong can save is a problem, but such a blank check, if it works, can let yourself save a lot of things."Wen Hou-yung-wu is unparalleled in the world, and he is invincible."

"De understands." Ezra pound sighed, d rate army on the day, break the pioneer of the huns, but then regardless of the sounding of the village, rate the pursuit of the huns remnants, the result of the ambush, five thousand soldiers, less than one thousand people back alive, was marotta army to heavy responsibility for eighty boards, and cut off the military power."It 's time to go!" Lyu3 bu4 thoughtfully nodded, the huns, must be to ask for help, the day before yesterday evening a battle, lyu3 bu4 believe, the huns have been afraid, now can think of, I'm afraid only to recall the invasion of the west cool people.

"Tyrannical." The sable cicada chastised scold, but the body is soft a few minutes."Crunch ~" Chen Xing face showed a touch of cold, suddenly bow and arrow, to shoot zhong yao an arrow, since can't capture, also can't let him go back to help cao cao to attack.The next morning, seibel summoned xu sheng, chen xing and size general officer in huaili city.



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