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paulSEO999  "Death row!

Governors officially blood on the second day, Liu Beizheng ready to say goodbye to cao cao, to preside over the fault off the war in Iraq, a drag often voice sounded in the calm of nahshon, rushed in a war, one knee tunnel: "master, tiger prison newspaper, lyu3 bu4 seibel, under ten thousand armies out of the city, as I xingyang nahshon, xiahou general already assembled troops, ready to fight.""Is he guan yu?" Pound lift Trinidad mirror, is to see the flag, a red face a green nylon cap, and a war shoulder green shirt, wears the chain mail, awe-inspiring in the surface such as the weight of jujube military commanders ShuaiQi, eyes a bright, immediately laughs at a way: "don't want that guan yu was so timid, and since he didn't dare to move forward, the men, forward!"Cao cao nodded, lu bu delayed the retreat of the two troops to luoyang, I am afraid that when cao cao could not support from the rear, xu chang took advantage of the virtual, if really let lu bu succeed, let alone break the tiger prison, even let cao cao break luoyang is useless.< / p > < p > method is very happy, finally even coax with fear will zhang song delimited to his side, although with zhang song said a face do not care, but only the law is clear in his heart, really want to find a zhang song in shu so smart, ambitious and have a certain status and influence of the helper is really not an easy thing.

"Good, that tell your general, stay after a wick sweet, again make war." Cao cao sneer, have cheap how can not take, since gao shun is so arrogant.Actually is the ideal object of cao cao, except that shu for cao cao, is the enclaves, he can only in the rest of the two choices, as to lu bu, from the beginning, zhangsong haven't thought of that idea, he acknowledges that lyu3 bu4 do well, but lu bu, tapping radically cut off family control of the world, no matter how brilliant, family life and death are pinched in the hands of lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 can a word on the life and death.

Take it for granted!

Soldiers quickly lined a title of generals in ancient times camp, five people in a row, will be in the hands of the bolt to launch out, it is a pity, because did not prepare in advance, so each person only a crossbow box, after shooting, to begin to melee battle, unfortunately, jingzhou army was not as strong as I thought, after see city it was dead in the ground, a large number of jingzhou army began to flee."When it comes to military strategy, it is not a commander's opponent." Zhuge liang is positive color way.

In the prefecture, with the departure of ford, malang came out of a side hall.Rear, quickly rushed up to a sword and shield and spear hand fill the vacant position, before such a scene in the wall, each place has been played out jun outlaw impact at all costs, even though to see that the other party is in the limits of their own was not willing to give up easily, but if you see, seibel nor is there any way to tiger fastened shut can never lost, he can only with the enemy hard shake, fortunately, high comfortable have sufficient strength, but if continue so consumption, lighting must be his first, cao cao is also saw this, only costs in this nearly in life change life style, The advantage of the crossbow of guanzhong army was greatly reduced under the opponent's deadly fighting method, and the effect was more effective than liu bei's test of not getting angry."Kongming." Zhang fei picks curtain to come in, frowning way."The four sovereigns have formed an alliance secretly under the joint arrangement of cao cao and liu bei. Although there is no definite information, both liu bei and cao cao are actively consolidating their forces." "The nighthawk bowed."Liu bei! In cao cao's account, the anger in his chest could not be repressed at last, so he clapped his hands on the table. Liu bei had thrown out such a wang Yin, which almost destroyed cao cao.

"It is true that the secret decree originally gave wang Yin to liu jingsheng, but liu jingsheng was already dead at that time. The duke was also a relative of the han family, so it was reasonable to give it to the duke." Ma liang puzzled to look at zhuge liang, he felt zhuge liang some too careful.Because ye county also did not have many garrison troops, cao cao withdrew, liu bei also withdrew, which also made fu DE helpless to seek help.

"I will go to answer, a wick incense, and then to capture alive cao gong. "Said the knight, turning his horse's head and galloping away.After shield car, crossbows were carried out, by three hundred bed behind shield car change forward, it is a long arrow falls, many JianCu nailed on the shield car directly, the shield also has a flap over the car, to protect the soldiers, sharp JianCu wasn't able to break through the defense shield car, array just to rally after jun before issued a burst of cheers.

"An old carcase, do not accuse me of wronging you. If you beg for mercy now, I will spare your life!" Sun yi turned over and mounted the horse, pointing a long gun at huang zhong."Guangyuan." Liu bei did not answer, but to the side of shi guangyuan motioned.

Zhou yu picked up a long spear from the ground, turned around and thrust it into zhang fei's throat. He did not pay any attention to the spear coming towards him."I'll go, commander." Lv meng took zhou yu by the hand and said in a deep voice, "there is no lv meng and no commander in jiangdong!""Ah, kongming, how did you come out?" Zhang fei looked at his fist, hey hey dry smile back, surprised to see zhuge liang.

"My father thinks highly of the emperor's uncle. Before he came here, he had made a special request that when he saw him this time, he must worship his son and nephew." "Liu bowed.

< / p > < p > every time looking at the hall silent, not a word or support the family decision of zhang song, liu zhang is some inexplicable oppression, especially zhang song this period of time, obviously in the family over the status has improved a lot.It was definitely not fire oil. Fire oil, although it was also on fire, was definitely not so violent. It was almost on fire, and dozens of crossbows including soldiers operating behind them were swallowed in an instant.At the beginning of February, cao cao, in the name of the son of heaven and lu bu's disobedience, changed the law of the han family without permission. From the eight generations of lu bu's ancestor to dong zhuo, lu bu once killed his master in several ways and suppressed his family in the north. He listed dozens of crimes against lu bu and ordered all the princes of the world to punish lu bu.

However, liu bei's defense against jiangdong was not delayed because of the war in the central plains. Not only did Chen's jiangxia troops not move, but in the area along the river, a beacon tower was set up every ten miles.Chapter 66 the human heart"Build another tiger prison with this camp!" Xun you shen voice way.

Give up?"Oh?" Cao cao, watching the wood joke, the top is like a turtle, under the turtle is four sticks to support the wooden shell, also install the wooden wheel at the bottom of the stick, can reduce the financial burden on March, at the same time in the wood shell is set with a crossbow machine, is the earliest the guanzhong used against cavalry crossbows, through a square hole leads to the front, below the crossbow machine, is a partial stake, throughout the wood shell, front is sharpening, although is not sharp, but should it be used to hit the door, do not need too sharp.With a muffled sound, strong foot soldiers use up the power of the body, the bowstring, buckle on machine enclosed, another foot soldiers will be a five feet JianCu quickly build upon the bowstring, this new although unlike ares crossbow crossbows machine to be time consuming, but it is very time-consuming, general even a layer upon layer selected lux, most can only seven times."Which soldier is it?" Liu bei wen speech, frown a way.

"This is the seal of the king." Liu bei raised the ribbon and looked at the crowd and said.When I send someone back to chengdu to ask the Lord, there will be a misunderstanding. Zhang xx hereby promises that he will give you an account from the Lord. However, you cannot continue to lead the troops in the last few days." Zhang ren looked at the crowd. Whether it was true or not, this matter must be suppressed. Fortunately, it was only fifteen."Unlucky! < / p > < p > the vast sea will stop in the gate of the wooden beast to drag in, the gate will be closed again, the distance, liu bei began to sing gold, row after row of wooden beast protection soldiers began to retreat, the vast sea although want to go up to rush to kill, but there is a military command in the body he must not break, can only take people on the wall to restore.

The principle is not hard to guess!

"Then why work for him? With his skill, no matter where he goes, he will not wait for him." Zhou an voice, repressed an unspeakable anger."You...... Cheat me!!!!!!!" Zhang song complexion one change, glower law is.After soothing the crowd and ordering them to be put in custody, zhang rencai looked at liu and deng xian with a serious face and said in a quiet voice, "you have received a letter recently explaining this"General, look." "What's that?"The beacon tower can only be used in sunny days. Have you noticed any abnormal weather in the last few days?" Zhuge liang asked in reply.Chapter 75 gives the true meaning of policy"Don't forget that liu bei and liu zhang belong to the same family. If you can betray liu zhang today, who knows if you will betray liu bei someday?" Fazheng shook his head, some pity to see zhang song, sometimes, intelligence and wisdom is really not the same thing, zhang song outstanding ability, have a photographic memory can, but the idea, sometimes too naive."That depends on the sky." Zhou yu looked at the sky, his eyes shining with excitement.

Sure enough, cao cao called on all the princes of the world to attack lv bu together, and his opportunity appeared. Liu bei led his troops to the north, but jingzhou still had enough troops to watch jiangdong."Build another tiger prison with this camp!" Xun you shen voice way.

"Arrogant? The young general raised his head and looked at huang zhong, who was behind liu bei. He sneered, "even if I am poor, I will not use this old soldier. If there is no one around, duke xuande can ask his brother for help.Clever soldiers immediately picked up their shields and began to block the arrows of gao shunjun. Sure enough, though the shields were wooden, they were so strong that even gao shun's single-shot crossbows could not penetrate them.'no! Without waiting for cao cao to speak, xun you shook his head and said, "gan ning's navy still refuses to withdraw luoyang's zhaoyun and ma chao's army. I'm afraid they will wait for our army's rear to be empty.



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