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paulSEO999  Security this thing, I'm afraid I look to the world, nor a vassal can give more than lyu3 bu4 here, luoyang will be prosperous in the future is already almost a consensus in people's mind, many vendors have begun in luoyang, settle down, although now the business is not good, not to mention compared with changan that prosperous business, but this is a long-term investment, lyu3 bu4 did not step in which the commercial things, in the hands grip the macro level, while for him, these things are more specialty, but now that you have is a master, in the future and could conquer the world, for the ninth, level itself is different, There's no need to stoop to this.

Compared to chang-an yu has become a famous city in the whole Eurasia, now in the luoyang is depression, many streets looking look, are almost in the building, but quite a lot people, have the western conference semifinals everywhere, as the lyu3 bu4 increasingly prosperous, the western businessmen is no ordinary sensitive sense of smell."Oh?" Zhang liao smell words, turned his head to see the past, is to see liu ye was two soldiers marched up, although some embarrassed, but face with a light calm.For a long time, lyu3 bu4 open eyes, see to all way: "everyone rest assured, which weight, I cent clear, send troops expensive frost, impossible, if that is really my kind... ""Pig's brains! Ma qiu looked at droop head over the majestic, gas not to play a place.

Chen gong nodded, which he did not deny. When he put the report together in the morning, he was shocked.Cao cao looked at the crossbows in his hands. After a long time, he raised his head and looked at xun you.

"The champion hou need not comfort, the law really can break human feelings." Zheng xuan chang sighed and said, "it may be true that I help zhou to torture him, deceiving his master and destroying his ancestor. However, it may be the misfortune of Confucianism, but it is the great fortune of the world!"

"Han general, please stop, do not offend the queen!" A few precious frost bodyguard see lv bu to come over, complexion cannot help greatly change, want to come forward, zhaoyun, ma chao, pound, north palace leaves qiqi to take a step forward, fierce imposing manner presses down, a flock of expensive frost country bodyguard is pressed to be unable to breath immediately, seeing lv bu walks before LAN zhan body, stretch out one's hand to uncover the veil of the other side."If a hundred schools of thought contend, we can make progress together. The reason is very simple. The old man is stupid. Zheng xuan took a breath.

"Shaft! Hall sword, finally died in the hands of a child, deng exhibition rage of an arrow to lv zheng.Bright knife light in the moonlight with a peng cold blood, the butler stared at the eyes of the stunned son drooping to the ground, CAI MAO indifferent looking quine home manor, the hand of the knife, blood constantly down the blade dripping, eyes flash a violent killing machine, senran way: "kill, a stay!""Things can not be violated, should make some decisions!" "Said chua coolly.Chapter 32 the coming of the enemyWhat is the people power? Not just labor and creativity, a lot of times, creativity is in the hands of the people, lyu3 bu4 &industry set up each year to private life a period of time, and then come back to study, continuously through the way to improve the livelihood of the people, to stimulate the creativity and productivity of the people, is that, with the concept of hierarchies, ladies also lyu3 bu4 and principal contradiction between family.

After more than a month of confrontation in yicheng, xiahou yuan and zhang liao fell into a period of confrontation. Xiahou yuan was not willing to storm, and zhang liao was not willing to suffer too many casualties to attack the enemy camp. Once this temporary construction offensive was launched, casualties were inevitable."Hundreds of dhi? Three Korean?" Zhong you sucked your tongue and turned to Chen qun. "long wen knows which horse this is."

The shaft of the arrow sank into the snow, leaving nothing but its feathers humming and trembling in the snow. At once, the refugee group stopped. A man from the crowd dropped his weapon and raised his hands above his head."The nightingale is only responsible for the collection and transmission of information. The voice is still beautiful, but does not take the slightest emotional fluctuations, a kind of cold to the bone feeling."Be." Xu niang hurriedly bowed and said.

"Monkey, what the President said is not without reason." Liu xie heart some depression, on the one hand, this is to seal the different surname wang rhythm, and on the other hand, he can see that cao cao this moment is really angry.Compared with this matter, the information mentioned in the paikche country matter but insignificant, a group of do not know the stick, they do not pay attention to them, dare to run out to provoke themselves, it seems that the next spring, it is necessary to let ganning continue to these sticks to make further education, let them learn to be a man.

In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.< / p > < p > tutai has been stained red with blood, lost the distance advantage of the crossbow soldiers finally failed to suppress the cao army's archers, the remaining troops in the fortifier began to retreat to both sides, with the crossbow arrow constantly contain cao army.After thinking for a while, liu ye looked at xia houyuan and said, "five years ago, I heard that jingxiang's horses were broken by lu bu's troops in luoyang with several giant crossbows.

"Hey ~" zhang yun in kuai yue side sit down, shook his head: "to tell the truth, if not lv bu to family persecution too much, I would rather go to vote lv bu.

"Er... "Lv meng looked at zhou yu, confused."Oh?" Zhang liao smell words, turned his head to see the past, is to see liu ye was two soldiers marched up, although some embarrassed, but face with a light calm.

"Swish ~""This does not matter beforehand, knowable that river east emissary this to chang 'an, what on earth be?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, this matter oneself beyond one's reach, and can't measure factor too much, this woman ranjan other ability have no, but the ability that lie face not change color is to practice come out.As zhang liao's words fell, the trumpeter began to blow his horn and watched with satisfaction as xia houyuan, who was charging towards the camp, frowned and looked up, only to see that someone had taken down the flag of cao jun and raised it on behalf of lv bu.

"Oh ~" lv bu stood up and looked at Chen GUI, who knew nothing about life and death. She shook her head with a dull interest: "drag it out and feed the dog."The target location is getting closer and closer, even if shi a has tried not to daydream, but as the target location is getting closer and closer, some thoughts inevitably emerge in his mind.Chapter 40 hebei provinceChapter 27 the arrival of reinforcements

Chen qun's eyes flashed a look of appreciation. No one knew whether the nightingale was beautiful or not, because no one had seen her true face. However, it was the most admirable thing, regardless of state affairs."Be!" Immediately a number of tiger guards rushed up, will be dead on the ground."Does Buddhism have buddhist rules?" Lv bu surprised saw hu seng one eye, the vision gradually cold down: "so can ignore the court's decree? Who gave you the courage?"

"Boyan." Lyu3 bu4 meet, also not embarrassed, this age, this kind of matter although calculate not honor for the man, but also nobody can moral censure him because of this what, wave a hand way: "here is not zhao DE dian, need not much ceremony, live of can return habit?"As wei command, army began to grow, at all levels of distribution, under the command of the will quickly even in the hands of a crossbow point to both sides, this time, march in order to reduce weight, each with a crossbow, a quiver, in the field of defense crossbow did not take, but only in this way, also is enough, the range of the two hundred steps, enough to make any enemies to despair.

"Subordinates know, of course, but... Zhao bantou distressed took a look at this group of bald gourd, heart full of malice, wry smile way: "this help hu monk insisted on protecting that murderer, even at the cost of stick block, I...... No match.""The report ~""General, why don't we take men and attack the camp by the end of the night?" "Clanged the lieutenant.The paper along the water, and saw a large crowd of people gathered at a distance, beating each other, the qiang people energetic, cruel like the tiger, the number although lee, but will come around people, together with the mediation of soldiers are playing flustered, one of the eight feet tall, surface such as the heavy jujube man is particularly fierce, with his bare hands, but played more than a dozen officers and soldiers can't close.Zheng Xiaotong mood is bad recently, grandfather had just died, although oneself and make up, what he said can remember grandpa died, ju-men unfortunately, all the sadness, but this is not true to say, in that case may have been he, but as zheng xuan posterity, this time was he out, caught in the middle, it is no good to man."That's what ryo meant." Zhuge liang stood up and said with a smile, if choose a person, guan yu nature is best, however huang zhong can let zhang fei suffer a loss in wrestling, to some extent, also can press zhang fei, and zhang fei's recklessness sometimes can have the effect that expect is less than.Under the same sky, but the wuan has been spread by the war, the cold JianCu like migratory locusts would wreak havoc across the sky fell on the wall over and over again, even if has a shield protection from time to time there are still a cold JianCu breakthrough the defense shield, from time to time someone fall on the ground, blood have converged on the wall of corridor, makes the ground was muddy.Early in the morning, morning breeze blowing the clouds float across the sky, sun lazy popping, lyu3 bu4 clock has will he wake up, beside the sable cicada is still in a deep sleep, slightly took the corner of his mouth, attractive amorous feelings, with one side of the little like octopus arms, lyu3 bu4 smiled, body muscle slightly moved a few times, from the body of the entanglement of easily, and not let two people sick, little after losing goals, turned in on, hold the sable cicada.

At the beginning, lyu3 bu4 in chang 'an economy unceasing prosperity, and succeeded in the way of economic control will be the western region more than a dozen countries together take over, then proposed to infiltrate the central plains in the same way, finally with bloodless way to unify the central plains.Xun yu heard his silence. In fact, even after lu bu occupied chang 'an, except guo jia, who really cared about the xiao tiger? Not only cao cao was wrong, but most people were wrong. It was because of people's contempt that lyu3 bu did not encounter great obstacles in the early stage of development, so that today's trouble.

"Good." Stammering nodded, and rode out.Compared to chang-an yu has become a famous city in the whole Eurasia, now in the luoyang is depression, many streets looking look, are almost in the building, but quite a lot people, have the western conference semifinals everywhere, as the lyu3 bu4 increasingly prosperous, the western businessmen is no ordinary sensitive sense of smell.If you look carefully, you will find the history of the steps is very light, heel no step will fall to the ground, but go up, but smooth, very focused his eyes, as if to do something very sacred things, said to history loy, so walking is also a kind of practice, can let his status before the energy consumption of the light, always stay in top condition, because he will face, is that claims to be the world's strongest man, so he is going to take all the fencing, converge on this sword.



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