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paulSEO999  Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head handsome account.

In a word, but in the heart of xu togeher sounded a thunder, xu togeher murmured: "yes, the world is big, governors everywhere, is there no room for me?"It's a simple trick to get a snake out of a hole, taking full advantage of the arrogance of the Kifu tribe, You know, the Kifu tribe is surrounded by small and medium-sized tribes that cling to the Kifu tribe, If add up, the whole population of the begging fu tribe, at least there are hundreds of thousands, begging fu tribe although army together, but around these small and medium-sized tribes as dependants, had no chance to rescue, that is to say, this battle does not last long, it is in those reinforcements arrived when they have gone.Since lyu3 bu4 swept hetao, momentum after day, in order to guard against lyu3 bu4 go north south invasion bing, zhang he asked lombardi, garrison wild goose gate, to guard against lyu3 bu4 from hetao south buckle, at the same time Gao Gan led guo yuan to succeed zhang he, station troops in shangdang county, guard against zhang liao, seibel.

This time, accompanied by not only five thousand cavalry, there are five thousand horses, this time, with cavalry is no different.Falling in to grant to see d has ordered people to get out of the chong cheng wood, then to attack, a move in the heart, ordered people to recruit zhang he way: "can order the men at the same time put arrows, don't have to deliberately aim at the enemy, all arrows, will be able to make the enemy cause casualties, dare not despise our army."

Similar words, also spread to the ears of TaBaJi powder, lyu3 bu4 earlier arrangement although hurried, but these strategies, this is lyu3 bu4 think of a few possibilities, and then let the sentence suddenly to spread, no matter which one may be confirmed, this possibility of guessing out before will be implemented quickly.

Night battle, for lyu3 bu4, has been a routine, cold dark eyes, looking at the distant camp of bright lights, like a staring at the prey of the wolf lurking quietly in the dark, occasionally xianbei knight accidentally close, will also be shot by the archer in the dark.D let ma dai retreat from defeat, he came to find giffin, bowed down and said: "strategist, is chase?"

"Eldest brother, can't hesitate any longer, this battle, must fight, otherwise those who depend on our tribe, will chill!" Steps take root in a submerged channel."What do you want, sisters?" When pang tong turned around, the smug expression on his face finally stiffened on his face, looking at the gathered night owl camp woman, astringent laughed."Chen Hsing, be careful!" Wei Yanyuan see coss cold arrow, and Chen Xing at the moment is defenseless, complexion is not changed, hurriedly remind, at the same time took off a strong bow to coss an arrow."Patriarch, I heard that Mo Ba tribe was occupied by the huns two days ago, is it not good to do so?" The maid, like an octopus, is wrapped around the man, letting him nibble at his white breast, laughing wildly....

"Each leader, stationed outside the city, not will make, can't step into the city!" Lyu3 bu4 turned and dismounted, to pound and other humanitarian: "a title of generals in ancient times camp with me into the city!""What 's the trouble? Do it!" Lyu3 bu4 in mind bored hum a way, at this time to know why the cost of recovery success almost as much as the cost of training Chen Gong once, but also can't care so much, while in the heart ordered, while twisting his head to say to all: "Make a stretcher for me, will old male back to camp."

"When is that into xianbei?" Uighur when a blank face."Master, really don't care?" Sentence tu and upright when some don't want to look at the tribe hurriedly arranged defense of the huns, after all, is a force they gathered in the past half a month, just throw it away, too bad.

"I have a feeling that this meeting was no accident." Looked at the direction of the woman to leave, just that brief eye contact, let lyu3 bu4 feel some of the woman is not simple, simple woman also won't have that kind of look.As xianbei king's court, a long time ago, once did the huns king's court, the terrain is very dangerous, easy to keep difficult to attack.

"Master, luoyang urgent report!" Is a banquet, a small school hurried in, will give a letter to cao cao.Chapter 36 stirring up strife"Temuzhen? Remains of the Huns?" Qifu tribal leaders looked at the ashes and charred corpses, eyes flashed a touch of cold death: "go, first back to the tribe, report this to the patriarch, the next day, we wash the huns!"

"Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp.

Cao cao is worried about the rations at the moment, if he can't get out of the hay, he can only freeze the poisonous scheme, but don't know how good, at the beginning in RuNa, don't eat, just look at the men eat those things, he was nauseous want to vomit, even so sick for a period of time, is really a test of the bottom line."Master, big ah!" Xu togeher smugly took out the letter from his arms, dedicated to lombardi.Just about to make up his mind, When he rode up against them, The knight came to the gates, And not afraid of the other's crossbow aim, Go straight to the gate, "I am general Liao Hua of champion Hou, Lombardi rebellious, lost minister, more support self-respect, don't respect the right, my master in a letter to the crusade not minister, this want to attack, but read the sword together, the dead, master is bing, don't want to hometown dead, special orders I advise the defenders of the city early fall, avoid fighting, master has promised, never move the people of the city! Bing brothers, open into surrender! "

Cao Cao looked at it, frightened and then said with a wry smile, "Why is it so hard for Zi Yuan? Please teach me how to break the enemy!"What happened this time? Cao cao puzzled at all: "lyu3 bu4 into bing?""Bang-bang-bang ~" a pick up He Yi's corpse, XiongKuoHai rushed to the gate, the hands of the copper rod of varying degrees knocked at the gate, this is a title of generals in ancient times camp special way of transmitting information.

"Khan, general, please, save our tribe!" To report to the huns for help soldiers knelt on the ground, squeaky pleaded.Looked at the direction of mayi, lyu3 bu4 with all returned to the camp, a title of generals in ancient times camp after the wounded settled down, will be a sad face of He Man called: "What happened? Why the old male to stop marching?"Pipe hai go very simply, after saying goodbye to giffin, then ride alone, left the millet, in addition to giffin and d a few core characters, no one knows pipe hai leave.The weather has changed, Daxi new never have the heart to send troops directly against, but east of xianbei king's court he has been planning for a long time, since qian man was excluded from the position of khan's successor because of his young, he has begun to plan this day, now qian man has grown up, daxi new never ready to take the name of qian man, the king's court annexation, become a new khan.Lyu3 bu4 expression has always been cold, waved, The accompanying medical officer hurriedly came forward to take medicine for d, Lyu3 bu4 sat on the handsome chair, Shen Sheng said, "Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you survive a hundred battles, understand the enemy's situation, and make clear the merits and demerits of the enemy and ourselves. This is what the general should consider at the first moment. It will be the soul of the armed forces. Your wrong decision may have killed thousands or even tens of thousands of soldiers under your command. I can spare you today, but who will pacify the brains of the dead soldiers?"

The moment no longer hesitate, with a few home will light car line, to cast cao camp.But you can't do that, Stephen had broken into a trap that had been laid beforehand, Even without a hundred thousand dollars, Sixty or seventy thousand certainly gathered together, without any preparation, defeat is inevitable, however, the five big tribes, after all, is five tribes rather than one, these military forces can't always together, plus just beat step root main force, is the least wary, lyu3 bu4 is best at fighting, is this unprepared battle."Tomorrow will leave, lu girl there …" Mention Addis, zhao yun only feel throat a infarction, finally bitter way: "hope scholar yuan treat me goodbye, forgive cloud without saying goodbye."

"Yes." A group of people saw temuzhen angry, hurriedly out of the king's tent.Ma Tie since came, then d?

"Don't bring it up again." Cao Cao shook his head, His favorite is such loyal and courageous people as Guan Yu, The more loyal and courageous guan yu performance, cao cao is more like, if this time, liu bei died also just, guan yu will naturally become cao cao's subordinates, but the goods are just like immortal cockroaches, vitality, cao cao several times design, want to let lombardi kill liu bei, but all died of nothing, by liu bei to resolve, let cao cao is very depressed.At one point, Liang Xing suddenly felt the pressure around a lot less, followed by a rapid sound of horseshoes, a clear voice like thunder rang in his ear: "Liang Xing dog thief, but also recognize me Ma Tie!"Lin Rong, Lyu3 bu4 office, and did not know the exact progress of the battle of Guandu, But also have similar means of lyu3 bu4 is also sensed the change of heaven and earth, From linrong government office out, look to the sky, but see the south gas transport chaos, lombardi gas transport is still huge, but has been scattered, on the contrary is a little farther gas transport has ascended to heaven dragon, lyu3 bu4 all over the gas transport also automatically generated response, pseudo dragon gas constantly conveyed a dangerous signal to lyu3 bu4.In all, From the beginning of this year, the invasion of hetao, half a year has passed, lyu3 bu4 didn't seem to have stopped, now return to hetao, catch up with the end of the guandu war, calculate up, for lyu3 bu4, this is good news, he still has a chance in the war, but also means, this year I'm afraid I have to spend in the barracks.Xu togeher is very clever, but in terms of emotional intelligence, really some anxious, at this time smell speech, a sense of confidante came into being, sigh: "togeher can't choose the Lord, bow down lombardi, but do not listen to the words, not from, see me like grass mustard, this special abandon to vote for old friends, is willing to give included."Ice-cold arrow cluster shot through the watchtower has drowsy soldiers throat, lyu3 bu4 chosen, it is patrol soldiers spaced the largest period of time, a line of people close and did not cause alarm, upright when with people, quickly moved according to the stake, turned YuanMen, quietly YuanMen open."I don't think I need to say much about the tribe. Everybody has seen it." Take a deep breath, lyu3 bu4 in the huns loudly said: "yesterday, the begging fu tribe has been uprooted by us, but our tribe, also finished."

Lyu3 bu4 looked up, she chucked out a scream, the sky, the eagle happy and sent out a crow, like an arrow general wings a shock, flying in the direction of lyu3 bu4, near lyu3 bu4 in the moment, a flapping wings, with a huge air flow blown lyu3 bu4 need to spread.Giffin on this, not evaluation, yan liang wenchou is a long time ago to follow lombardi general, countless battles, if there is no skill, giffin is unbelievable.

"I hate to say this, but even if my old friends ask me, it will last for a year." Cao cao narrowed his eyes slightly and pressed down the unpleasant color, smiling."Since our army is not good at siege, will the zhang he military forces led out of the wild goose gate, wipe out the enemy in the wild!" Ma Chao-lang sounded: "Showing weakness, Ma Dai or Ma Tie led the army to drown in battle, cheat defeat back, led the enemy out of the city, and then set up a heavy army and wipe it out!"Although he is a general, But Wei was not too happy, General, do is the work of civil servants, especially after learning that lyu3 bu4 dominate hetao, grassland, rushed out of the big reputation, wei always some regret, letter valley is very important, also really need general guarding, wei is not don't understand, just general should have horizontal knife immediately, take merit in the battlefield, how much let wei some buried lyu3 bu4.



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