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paulSEO999  D twisted his head, looked at the fainted Ma Tie, body of the kill more concentrated a few minutes, but he held back, a wave of his hand, gritted his teeth and said: "withdraw!"

Chapter thirty xiongnu south"This is ~" pungent smell pervaded the gate, but more soldiers in the other side did not continue to attack, began to roar up the ladder.All smell speech can not help but silence, reason all understand, but it is difficult to sound quite some righteous role with the lyu3 bu4 forget righteousness."Master, what happened?" Freeze see cao cao's face is wrong, hurriedly asked.

"The patriarch laughed." Giffin smiled and shook his head. "People always get old," he said."Impudent!" An angry hum, middle-aged scribes behind, a general more out, hand a heavy sword by horse speed, inadvertently since scouts flashed by, cold light suddenly appeared, accompanied by a spray of blood column, lost his head of the corpse before rushed two steps, weak soft fall in front of the middle-aged scribes.

Do you despise me?

"Oh?" Yang Wang-cheng was so upset that he didn't want to see any visitors, but he admired the Chinese culture in his heart and didn't want to neglect them either. He took a look at the posters, and suddenly a glimmer of divine light flashed through his eyes. He looked at the girl and said, "Daughter, we are saved!""I don't know if it's because I know people by sight, but I didn't mean to do it that day, and I unexpectedly dug up a general for our army!" Looking at Wei Yan, Lyu3 bu4 laughed and said: "Xinfeng World War I, although not the key to this war, but the ability of Wen Chang is to let the general eye-opener."

Lyu3 bu4 nodded and asked people to send CAI wenji away. He turned to Han De and said, "Are those Huns moving?""Han Sui old dog, also don't bring the head!" D a gun will be three qiang fling away, flushed back, red eyes fell on Korea hence, all over the body more furious, suddenly sent out a thunderous roar, sit down like a whirlwind toward this side.Zhong yao, with such an expression, pretended to be at a loss and said, "what is it?""No!" Candidate although not very heart, but finally not a straw bag, shook his head and said: "If so, the enemy into the virtual reality, directly hit up? Tell the men to be careful, in case the enemy to attack again, if only drums and gongs harassment, then don't pay attention to, if the other side to attack, then bow and arrow back to the enemy, don't have to go to war, early tomorrow morning, withdrawing troops ten miles!""Kill!" No need to seibel do more command, behind the army quickly formed an attack posture, with a heavy pace, toward jun not urgent not slow pressure in the past.

"Yes." RiLe promised 1, is about to leave, suddenly hurried to a person outside the door."Though it is far away, it must be put to death!"

"It's hard to believe, but it's true." Xun yu wry smile way: "Lyu3 bu4 every next city, Will drop will kill all, he divided his forces into parts to guard the city, And among the surrendering troops, select the more prestigious as generals, In this way, Although it was a surrender, But because these generals are lyu3 bu4 personally promoted, Loyalty is higher, the resistance of the army has been eliminated, can quickly form the battle, and Lien Chan Lien Chan, the qiang also more believe in lyu3 bu4, west cool is different from the central plains, strong folkways, and after the war, lyu3 bu4 every place, then open warehouse put grain, pacify the people, make lyu3 bu4 quickly have the support of the people in the west cool area. "A sink in the heart, didn't expect jun unexpectedly will appear here, he finally know zhang both a district magistrate, why will have such courage and spirit, the cavalry, is his spirit, maybe there are more behind!

"Master, hanoi satrap miu shang and a bunch of officials want to take advantage of the chaos to escape, has been taken, please master." Chen Xing waved his hand, including Miu Shang, all were pressed to kneel on the ground.A large number of herdsmen hurriedly took off the bow and arrow, quickly assembled, melodious trumpet sound spread far in the vast grasslands, hundreds of herdsmen looked nervously at the distant horizon, slowly raised a red flag, the flying flag in the wind agitated, gradually become apparent.

Wei yan sit horses suddenly frenzy, a trace of vibration from the ground, this vibration is not from the city, but..."What's the matter with you?" Korea hence suddenly stood up, have a bad feeling."Little general!" Pound wry smile, now that the fighter is dead, continue to entangle, will only make their own army into the plight of the enemy.

No answer, or simply don't bother to answer, the han colluded with the huns invaded han jiangshan, in the eyes of the han people is extremely sinful, but in the eyes of these grassland tribes, but there is no such difference, the moon people are attached to the han, instead, with the huns have a feud, the so-called collusion nature can't stand.

"Wen long this war played well, to wipe out jun, this war, also should be over." Lyu3 bu4 nodded and laughed. "Go to the city.""The Fufeng area is sparsely populated. Since the end of this month, our army has recruited troops all over the county, and only 3,000 new recruits have been recruited. Moreover, they have not been trained, and it is even difficult to get out of the city to fight." Xu Sheng said with a wry smile."Elder clan, there are two Han people outside. They say that they are friends of the elders, and they have sent them to pay homage to them." A warrior came in and handed a copy of bamboo paper to Yang Wang.

"Oh?" Giffin's eye flashed, look at Yang Wangdao: "if brother Yang can trust me, may as well tell each other, or can help some."Although lyu3 bu4 is now a threat, but in fact, there are luoyang and hanoi the two buffer zone, zhong yao believe, whether lombardi or cao cao, this time will not ignore lyu3 bu4, when the two sides to determine the northern hegemony, want to tidy up lyu3 bu4, afraid it will be difficult."The war is coming, you and follow me to YuanMen watch, see what these huns have!"

Say that finish, also don't wait for the people to respond, straight away with the people left, as for a group of white water qiang warriors recruited around, such as a group of haoshuai Yang wang tidy up the mess."Well, when do you leave?" Liu Meng echoed."Less than two thousand cavalry, big break hou twenty thousand troops, also array chop hou, master I is day will also." Chen Xingwen speech, can not help but sigh a way, the rest of the general is also excited."Father, I..." Tears twinkled in the maiden's eyes as she tried to say something, only to be interrupted by a hurried footstep."Add in the slightly wounded brothers, and there are 1,087 who can fight." Lieutenant hesitated, looked at Gao Shundao: "general, let's withdraw, hold up to now, it is not easy, master also won't blame us."

Looked at a pair of gradually converging eyes, lyu3 bu4 loudly way: "because you with a waste of general, will be the soul of the armed forces, a soldier bear, will bear a nest, that's the truth, look at your general, just doing what?" After their defeat, they were begging to surrender to the enemy! I lyu3 bu4 vertical and horizontal world, will be countless famous, but today, or the first time I met a city of generals begging to the enemy scene, they let me see long. ""Find a place to bury the dead brother's body, and when we call back, bury them well." Lyu3 bu4 stood up, sink a track: "take all the horses, let go of the captured west cool army, as for hay...""Master, in front of is Montenegro white water, white water is the flow of the jinghe river, all the year round, and very fast, is also won't freeze in winter, white water qiang also hence the name." Giffin on horseback to lyu3 bu4 side, pointing to the front of the mountain road.

"The general would like to set up a branch in the academy, for medical, if Mr Will promise to stay in the academy to teach, the general is willing to offer a cup of blood. Lyu3 bu4 smiled."Monsieur is a wise man." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and said: "I believe in his family life and between Ma Han, sir will make a clear choice."

"I don't know where the general is going to start?" King Moon's face flashed a flickering look."Wen Hou spoke heavily, but the grass-roots came here with something to ask." Hua tuo eyes burning fell on lyu3 bu4, that kind of feeling, let lyu3 bu4 suddenly everywhere."Monseigneur, there is a troop ahead, look at the banner, is seibel troops!" Is drinking by the river, a scout suddenly ran back, bitter to zhong yao way.Ice-cold arrows torn muscles, deprived of a fresh life, the crisis of death finally let those like a headless fly general west cool army awake a lot, fear forced to both sides.Cheng Gongying laughed aloud and said, "It's just death. Just a thief. I'm going to meet you tonight. Kill you!""Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, hurriedly promised 1, with people downtown, to collect straw."What the hell is going on?" D eyebrows a wrinkle, sink a voice asked.A cold arrow quietly shot, relentless shot through the throat of the scouts behind, the scouts body struggled twice, feeble from the horse.

"I don't know in the eyes of general guan, is the importance of false name, or brother's righteousness important?" Coppage smiled."Throw it out." Lyu3 bu4 frowned, waved.

"Naturally."As the first potential general since Lyu3 bu4 out of the next Pi, Xu Sheng's talent is no worse than Blanc's, Following lyu3 bu4 into the thousands of miles, whether it is insight or vision or war, nature is not comparable to the past, pound, although fierce, but in the force does not occupy an absolute advantage, opponent and has the advantage of strong city, for maoling is also helpless, he can't like d crazy attack, both sides deadlocked, can only wait for the results of the locust tree."Oh?" D heart a move, hua tuo is now half an official in lyu3 bu4, since it is his guest, must be lyu3 bu4 under the people.



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