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paulSEO999  "Breathe a breath, liu bei is calm a few, looking at zhang fei, also feel tone some heavy, liu bei some can't bear to say:" yi DE, this matter concerns the general situation of the world, must not disorderly.

"At the end of the will... Led life!" At this moment, zhang he heart very contradictory, but still agreed lombardi's request, he didn't want to get involved in the whirlpool, but as the lamere sitton, die, the entire hebei military commanders, zhang he tabled and high has gradually replaced the old lamere sitton, if ford, time the still falling, zhang he means to them, as a neutral, but now, ford is dead, falling in grant captured, lost the two big support, zhang he want to stay neutral is impossible, at least, lombardi command he is anyway also can't disobey."But jiang dong and liu biao had a bad relationship. It was difficult to cross the river." Lu lingqi frowned.Zhang he also wanted to, but he knew better that under such circumstances he was doomed to his own death. His momentum had been taken away and he was no match for the mighty sea."Is there any news from the other side?" Qing, to take have no suspense, lyu3 bu4 switch to HuGuan mind, as long as HuGuan give up, no matter can't stopped zhang he, this battle, all is complete, as for further annexation of deep and remote states spent and jizhou, lyu3 bu4 power temporarily haven't so tough, Carthage, although after the defeat of the battle of guandu, but the details remain, with bing, already is the limit of lyu3 bu4, now want to take you state, instead will sink into the war, didn't see cao cao after the invasion of YangWu, then stop, then don't want to hard touch with Carthage, and secondly is the rear of the cao cao is not enough to support his continue to play, play again, Cao cao's power was afraid that he would disintegrate first.

All the soldiers and horses of lv budai were barbarians from different ethnic groups. They were galloping like a group of wild animals who were staring at their prey.Who is the most eager to read the world?

"I believe that general gan is by no means evil. If he wants to harm me, he can directly tell huang zu or CAI MAO our position. Why come here in person?" Lu lingqi shook her head and smiled, and looked at her with zhaoyun.

The next morning, when zhang liao, for transfers-will prepares to siege, but see a month to shut the gates of jixian suddenly was open, a veteran with a tiger wu huan cavalry surge, standing at the gate, was to young guns to the front two ranks, bright sound drink a way: "I spent is jizhou hanyoung, which is zhang liao, also don't come up to bring death?"No, the family has the best resources, reading, for them is a habit, a quality but not desire.

"Damn it! Pound several conflicts, but can not put the mobility of the cavalry to use, but under the constant oppression of han rong, gradually surrounded, not from roaring, but also of no help.Judge match wait for a person to smell speech, the face can not help but appear a blush., so to speak, on the trend of heaven and earth, lyu3 bu4 completely inverse squares of heaven, should be punished by heaven, but lu bu body according to the fate of the people of heaven, again also could not control the heart, but if lyu3 bu4 at this time did not have the national insulation, like the left Keats says, will be heaven, finally, I'm afraid to die well.Chapter 20 potential"Mr. Yuan chang, I heard that guo yuan died in the west river is the son of yuan chang, yuan chang also had a cry, let yuan chang go, also can let yuan shao more attention. Zhong you is indeed the most suitable person for the time being."Why are you crying, you brute?" Yard, suddenly sounded a shrill some mean voice, the people can not help but smell the speech a zheng, this is not xu you? What brought you here?

'stop it! Zhaoyun see a state greatly startled, in the hand of the hao longan Yang, then want to stop, but by the bayonet cleave to a big knife."My sister taught me." CAI MAO felt his head was about to be stuffed into his chest.

Han DE looked at gu shao and said quietly, "it is the emissary of jiang dong. I will send someone to send you to the etiquette department. If you have any questions, you can communicate there.Liu bei nodded his head slightly and said, "if the commander is willing, I will withdraw the troops first. If brother jingsheng blames it on you, how about bei alone?"

"Bao ~" in CAI MAO indignant occasion, a soldier came in, bow way: "the commander, general wang wei has led the troops to withdraw to the direction of mengjin."Well!" Cao cao silently nodded his head and then looked at guo jia with concern. "fengxiao is not feeling well. Go to rest first.

Days in the busy in the fast past, although at present, under the rule of lu bu yongliang and youji four and a half state people still do not get rid of poverty, after all, the equal-field system has just been implemented, want to take effect, at least to wait for this year's food received, but at least there is a look forward to.Xu chu was so angry that he took a sledgehammer in his hand and held it up by fire."Come on." After a glance at the direction of cao's departure, lu bu knew that he had missed his chance to kill cao cao. If cao cao died, the battle would be defeated, but lu bu's plan to take jizhou was ruined.

Looking at lv bu, zuo ci seemed to find a piece of treasure. In the stunned eyes of the crowd, zuo ci said, "it is rare, shun the adult and turn into an immortal. Since the general has this grand ambition, why should he stick to the worldly wealth and fortune?

Pang tong turned pale and said, "it's impossible. What can jia wen and the old man do to plot against me?"Highly profitable business, Chen gong is now both hands.Soon, the five thousand slaves abandoned their horses and marched into battle by hsiung kuo hai himself, and launched a fierce attack against a tutai. Cao cao and yuan shao sent their troops to resist.

Liu table under the original is a powerful force in the elder sister, abruptly commit suicide, since liu watch body for open ZhouMu, but afraid to touch a woman, except her whole jingzhou secretariat office, I don't know how many officials were secretly in her hand, if the theory of rights, I'm afraid he has dodged the jingzhou viceroy water-forces all three points, because the elder sister in, CAI home can become JingXiang faint between four family, sometimes, CAI actually think, if the elder sister is a man, his accomplishments, not necessarily how much worse than liu table.Sitting in the yagun with his head shaking, pang tong felt rather muddled along these days. Regardless of his family background, lu bu treated him well, at least better than doing idle work without getting paid.Fear does not mean, of course, willing to be slaves, and living in cattle are less, so they resist, riots, they even cioffi repeatedly offering up a butcher's knife, nor will their bones that passion for freedom to destroy, and this time, lyu3 bu4 gives them the opportunity, one out of slavery, as han Chinese.

"Gong da, send a letter to ban, our troops in the east of the river to withdraw." Looking at xunyou, cao cao said in a deep voice, "remember, take as many people as you can, never take as little as you can."But zilong did not have any nostalgia, even willing to disappoint my young lady a infatuated, abandoned the official to vote, I feel, this friendship, never mixed with any utilitarian heart, such sentiments, also make me shame. Yang fu took a deep breath and looked at liu bei and said, "although I don't know why zilong broke with the emperor, I met the general zilong on that day, but the young lady was seriously injured."CAI MAO asked himself not that ability, if morale is still in, he can rely on the number of advantages, to fight, but at the moment successive defeat, jingzhou soldiers have no morale at all, since unable to turn the tide, CAI MAO at the moment can only escape."If you want five generals, the cost will double!" It seems that the stimulation is not enough, Yang fu said with a smile: "of course, if you want to move five generals, such as Rome, such a big country, also rarely spend this money, a year has been good.Once every two years, let alone once a year, the money in the central plains would be enough to raise an army of ten thousand men.

Lyu3 bu4 under high officials don't generally low, and this in the whole world is an open secret, just the two Trinidad mirror, should spend henton such a senior year salary, it's expensive, but it is even more magical efficacy, tracing the cause and gu shao are jiangdong aristocracy, immediately see this little Trinidad mirror because of the ability.Wu dang is wudang to get their own han name, after all, into the han nationality, with the previous name others heard that he is a foreign nationality, plus wu, wu harmonics, they will change their name to wu dang.A woman, a once for big han jiangshan, horse freely and freely outside the barrier, countless times in distress the woman that try to turn the tide of the tide, the man of 3 famous and famous world cannot allow her however, not hesitate even cruel hand, zhaoyun is how eyesight, before liu bei's idea how can deceive him?

There were slaves lying in disorder all around. Even now, the survivors still have a look of fear in their eyes, fear of death and love for life.However, guo tu was anxious and said, "you should take into consideration the brotherhood, but the three childe may not be as generous as the three childe. At that time, the three childe will only punish the first one, and it is not necessary to kill the three childe."

The vast sea to touch the city, almost by the soldiers guarding the city as the enemy to shoot, the weather, even if liu weijun really touch over may not be able to find."Some little things invented by the ministry of work are called thousand-li mirrors, which are not cheap. The lenses in the middle are made of coloured glaze, so don't break them. Yang fu shook his head.'no! Zhang he's words clearly showed a sense of death."Congratulations to the host, through its own unremitting efforts, your archery and riding, break through the shackles of success reach ten steps successfully, because you meet at the same time two great spirit level talent (ji god, arrows), three personal skills and achieve perfect state, automatic trigger special advanced talent, you ji, arrow god talent will be cancelled, for the only special gift - the ares (the talent every era has uniqueness), stimulate the special skills - god of war, ares, mental properties, agility, strength, attribute, a week physical properties automatically reduce the second star, around the enemy will be affected by the ares of wei, morale drop, Meanwhile, morale of our soldiers is automatically raised to the highest!""Since it is under the proposal, naturally from the next to negotiate with it, will make the Lord get meng jin." Sima lang arch way.At the moment, the 3,000 vanguard troops accelerated their march, all the way to yecheng, gradually separated from the main force.

"Kacha ~""He can't run, and he can't run." Seibel laughs, the current political although be lyu3 bu4 isolated, but the strength of itself is quite strong, not like falling in to zhang he, teach to be trapped in a city, hotshot has the condition, to take two county, even without a lombardi support, also is a small emperor, thirty thousand troops, political completely self-sufficient, and ran, if that can really become a lone.

This is not the kind of idle Lord, this injury, in the bed was forced to stay for more than ten days, only feel uncomfortable, can not wait to breathe fresh air.The implication is that your brother has no strings in his head.Western regions need a at least in the internal affairs of the number of less than pang tong talent to manage, but this level of talent, lu bu's hands on three, let who go?



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