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paulSEO999  "Peng ~"

Lv meng did not know why zhou yu was so excited, but he was also very happy. It was the first time he had seen zhou yu smiling since the war had lasted so long."Lunch, Sir... "One girl said."Lu bu is hungry Wolf is true, but cao cao and liu bei are not good, if the defeat is good, they need this alliance to fight together against lu bu, but if the victory, I am afraid I jiangdong children even return to jiangdong no chance. Zhou yu looked at lu xun road."You don't say, I don't say, who knows, quickly say!" Zhang fei some impatient way.

"Be careful! Shield hand shield!"On the river, as if suddenly placed in the endless nothingness, in addition to the boat row across the river produced the sound, the river, as silent as death.

Sun quan asked liu bei to make way for jiang xia's defense, so as to facilitate the transit of jiang dong's troops and horses. However, liu bei thought that jiang dong could go directly to nanyang through the river, along the back of the han river.

The whole camp was filled with a deep sense of sadness. Cao cao, accompanied by gao LAN and xia houyuan, made his rounds of the camp. Everywhere, he could hear the soldiers' low cries and plaintive cries.With pound's command, the whole phalanx began to advance, slowly but surely.

To say that this is not engaged in the small officer, liu zhang side of the senior book, can directly express their views to liu zhang, but from beginning to end, liu zhang for zhang song's many Suggestions are ignored, virtual, this is the most let zhang song uncomfortable."When it comes to mind, I can't compare with you. When I look at the whole world, there are few who can compare with you." Zhou yu looked at zhuge liang with a spear in his hand, but his voice began to weaken.All the people then remembered, ling bao alsoChapter 71 the undercurrent east of the riverCao cao had thought of using gao shun will not speak to alienate the relationship between lu bu and gao shun, but tried several times did not respond, now lu bu is not as good as in those days to cheat, failed to alienate gao shun, but will be placed in the side of lu bu cao was pulled out, let cao cao lost the eye.< / p > < p > sun jing frowns at huang zhong, although the character of sun yi is a little irritable, but a suit of ability can not be weak, not in the sun, although before some slight enemy suspect, but was so a foot to kick upside down fly up, how old strength?

"Lord." Gao shun's face rarely shows a bit of a smile."What's the use of waiting for our soldiers?" Wei yan said with a black face.

"Naturally." "Said several soldiers bitterly.Originally, shi one just came to see the scene, and the position was quite safe, the other side shot a wave of crossbow arrow, and then hang up, and still led a taxi was directly nailed to death, which let the state envoy group heart kind of beep dog feeling.

Chapter 57 eagle's eye

< / p > < p > yi quanguo, sun jing with sun yi and a few close guard, gape at guan yu was so driven sheep general away, sun yi swallowed mouth water, see sun jingdao: "uncle, just what is that jar?""Find someone to copy ford." Lv bu took a glance at fu DE and said, "with these things, go to liu bei and wait for an opportunity to lurk in liu bei's side. Remember, it is just lurk, and there is no need to do anything. When needed, someone will inform you."Secret weapon? A crossbow?" Lu bu pointed at his finger and bounced off the wooden spear that lu zheng had pricked. It seems that zhuge liang had also made a crossbow and was very famous, but he didn't know how powerful it was.

"Enough! Liu zhang nu drank a sound, took a deep breath and looked at wang. "I have my own reason," he said. "you don't need to ask."

< / p > < p > cao soldiers heard, one by one began to get ready to give gao shun a fierce look."How do I know?" Wei yan frowned and said, "however, the shu road is difficult to travel, and the power of our crossbows is difficult to play a role. I have sent someone to inquire in the dark these days. ""Men, let me kill you!" Zhou An pull out the sword, and yell 1, while the other has not yet completely the village before the door closed, and all killed in the chariot in jingzhou forces under 13 kill caught off guard, Zhou An according to zhou yu, sends out the sound of the one-sided sent in all directions, for a moment, as if all sides are the enemy, messed up the whole camp, Zhou An with five hundred soldiers, rampage, hukou garrison forces of the weak of this terrible, soon be found tuen LiangSuo Zhou An in.

Only less than ten days, nearly six family be shorts raid, a large number of possessions, fields became milan private things, and taxation of the people are not real ascension, and therefore, no big deal, the people are not willing to go to impeach family, but family in order to avoid trouble, improve the benefits of a lot of people, people get affordable, gravitated toward family instead."The second master is at ease." The family will bow, put away the letter, and retire with a fist.Zhou an looked at zhou yu, his throat shook, but could not speak, finally turned into a suppressed roar, spread across the river......

"Stop!" Pang tong hurriedly interrupted wei yan's chatter and said, "I only ask you, if you send troops at this time, how much assurance do you have that you can win zhang ren?""Young master this time, it seems to embrace death?" Zhou an looked at zhou yu and frowned, saying, "young master is still young. Have you ever thought about how they could survive without young master?"Sun yi, however, with nothing wrong, picked himself up, took the long gun handed to him, pointed it at huang zhong, and said sharply, "old carcase, don't tell me I cheated you, can you dare to compare weapons with me?""But there are so many beacon towers along the river. Even if zhou yu were to attack us, we would know in advance. Zhang fei dissatisfied look at zhuge liang way."In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed.

Chapter 66 the human heart"Thunk ~" "bang ~""Kongming, is it too urgent?" Zhou mu fu, liu bei frowned at zhuge liang.

"General, these barbarians are... "Back to the tiger prison, xu sheng puzzled to look at gao shun."Two hundred and fifty! Replied the ensign, bowing.

Out of the city is more than a dozen people, at the moment is a group of women in a twinkling of an eye to chainattacker killed seven or eight, and then in the separate astonished eyes, this group of women not only didn't, but the fierce rushed up to, someone want to resist, but see this group of women a counterspells the wrist and hand more than I do not know when a dagger, quickly cut off each other's throat, and then quickly back off.< / p > < p > guan yu with a massive horse and horse to stop in pound camp six hundred steps away, make pound a face of puzzled, this guan yu why so timid, but do not know guan yu yesterday saw the power of the broken crossbow, naturally dare not let the army too forward."Kill!""Thank you, Lord." Wang tired bowed after a salute, turned his head also did not return to leave, he is to see, this yizhou, sooner or later to be destroyed by liu zhang himself."Zhang fei! ?" < / p > < p > zhou an pointed the sword to zhang fei, a cold look, for the liu bei under the leadership of the first two of the fierce, jiangdong soldiers naturally heard, only today to see, can feel the other side came from the violent sense of oppression.Sun quan asked liu bei to make way for jiang xia's defense, so as to facilitate the transit of jiang dong's troops and horses. However, liu bei thought that jiang dong could go directly to nanyang through the river, along the back of the han river.A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered."You want to fight! Pang tong rolled his eyes and sneered.

'father! In the crowd, a young man rushed out, a hand wang tired, exclaimed.A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered.

Several of the bed crossbows were completely paralyzed by the continuous blows from the broken crossbows, while the ballista had advanced to the front of the wall of shields and smashed through it.'no! Without waiting for cao cao to speak, xun you shook his head and said, "gan ning's navy still refuses to withdraw luoyang's zhaoyun and ma chao's army. I'm afraid they will wait for our army's rear to be empty."But even so, if our army wanted to cross the river summer, directly hit the mouth of the lake, liu bei could not be without prevention." Lv meng had been following zhou yu for so long and had learned a lot. Of course, he knew what zhou yu meant.



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